Standing On The Edge of a Precipice

After yesterdays 'Daily Horoscopes' psychic predictions post, I figured I should do a follow up.    I really expected today's Horoscope to completely discredit yesterdays and prove the Stars in my Zodiac are orbiting in a whacked voodoo world.

But NOoooo...the premature and patience issues continue with an added measure of extremeness...Yikes!

September 28, 2014...AquariusYou are standing on the edge of a precipice now, yet must hold your ground for the time being.  You may have significant facts you want to share, but you can't tell anyone the whole story yet.  If you reveal your plan prematurely, others will realize that you haven't done all your homework.

Really!!! Me, 'OverDoSue', not doing ALL of my homework!!!  And to top it off I can't tell anyone!  I am beginning to think someone is sticking pins and needles in my 'Pretty Gal Pincushion'.

It goes on to say....Your current assumption might be missing a crucial piece of information and you must be patient until you have figured out the entire puzzle.  Keep looking, your closer to the solution than you think.

Keep looking!!!  Are you kidding me!!!  If I look for anymore puzzles to solve my 4R Buckets will have to be replaced with Barrels. 

Okay, Google Horoscope...
I will Keep Quiet and Keep Looking. 
For these last THREE Days of September!
After that, I'm telling everyone about the FINISHED projects ready for
First Saturday at The Chicken Farm Art Center on October 4th.
By the way...what happened to the 'Inspirational Person' that was suppose
 to show up yesterday?
I bet she is an Aquarian, and is
Standing on the edge of a Precipice, too!


Wendy said...

I think YOU'RE the inspirational person that showed up in yourself.

Sue McPeak said...

Ah Ha! I didn't think of that! Now I will stop waiting for someone else to inspire me. I am my own worst enemy in that regard. I am easily inspired and easily distracted.


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