Droppin' Names on Pink Saturday

It's the last Saturday in April and my last chance for this month to Post for Pink Saturday!
So, I thought by being a 'Name Dropper'....ie VERA...all the Pinkies on the Pinky Linky would
Click on over to see my Pink Rose Signed Vera Scarf.

Looks like it worked!!! You are here!!! Thanks for coming!!!
The Vera Scarf was BAIT!!!!

Yep, it's a trick I learned from Beverly at How Sweet The Sound!!!
Dangle a 'Pretty Pink Thingie' in front of Pink Lovin' Gals
and they are Hooked on Pink Saturday forever.

What I really got Ya'll here for is Behind the Scarf....on the other side of the Window!!!

It's Rosie and Cardie's RoseBush Birthin'Nest!

Rosie has been spending most of her days and nights sitting on the Three eggs. 

It's nice to receive Pink Roses on Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday!


The RedRoseBush Birthin'Nest

"Spring Break is Over, Texas Gal!"
That's what Rosie and Cardie were telling me yesterday as I did a
 PhotoShoot of their RedRoseBush Birthin'Nest.

When last we visited I mentioned that I had discovered their nest in the Red Rose Bush,
and had not been able to catch them in or around the nest from my
 Hiding Place between the clothes hanging on the clothesline.

I'm happy to report that I'm no longer 'The Clothesline Stalker'.
My new StakeOut is a clear view of the nest from my Sewing Room Window!

From my vantage point sitting on top of the dresser with my camera hidden between the curtains,
I have a fantastic view of Rosie as she flies in and out checking her nest.

"I know you are watchin', Texas Gal....I'll be callin' my Main Man to watch You"!!!!!

Less than TwoChirps later, Cardie was perched on the White RoseBush right next to
RedBush Birthin'Nest, and almost on the window sill.
What a lucky PhotoShoot....of course I'd removed the window screen, had the window open
and was hidding behind the curtains with just the camera lens sticking out!

Here's Rosie Checking on her Nest!
(26 seconds long)

I have some video of her sitting on the nest, but it's a bit like watching paint dry!

HiHoney and I are planning ahead for the Hatchin' with a guard fence around the RedRoseBush.
Rosie took a Nestin'Break to check it out. 
 I think she approved...as she doesn't
 Fly the Nest when I open the curtains and the window now!
Ya'll come back for the next installment of
Rosie and Cardies RedRoseBush Birthin'Nest!


Nestin' In Texas with Redheads, Dovey, Lovey and FlipFlop Flamingo!!!

Have you ever seen a Cardinal Couples Nest and eggs?
Look what Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal have built in The Red Rose Bush!

I haven't been able to catch them in or near the nest even though I have been
Stalking them by hiding in the Clothesline. 

FYI on Cardinal Nesting:~The female builds the nest while the male keeps a close eye on her and the surrounding territory for predators and other males. The female will be the only one incubating the eggs.
~The males duty during this time is to feed her on the nest and protect their territory from intruders.
~Once the young hatch, both will feed them. Two broods each season are attempted.
~The nest is made up of twigs, bark strips, vines leaves, rootlets, paper, and lined with vines, grass and hair.
~You can find the nest placed in dense shrubbery or among branches of small trees. Generally 1-15 feet above ground.
~Laying 2-5 eggs that are buff-white with dark marks. The female incubates the eggs for 12- 13 days and the young leave the nest in 9-11 days after hatching.

I'll be keeping you posted on Mr. and Mrs. Redhead Cardinal's activities
and the birthing of the Red RoseBush Babies who I've named
Meeny Miney and Mo!

Remember the Lovey Dovey Weddin' that was held last month here at the Birdie B&B?
Well, Dovey and Lovey must have had quite a Honeymoon and wasted no time
 settin' up housekeeping and nest building in the Palm Tree. 
Lovey never moved a feather while I took her picture and Dovey kept watch on the Fence.

I'm going to have to get on the ladder to get a shot of their nest!  

 One thing for sure is that both Couples have been way to busy to be messin' with the Garden!
Aren't the Tomato Bushes lookin' good? 
The Geraniums look good enough to eat...but I won't be eating them!
We will be eating Green Onions here in a week or so.
I don't think the Birds will mess with them either.

Speaking of Birds...I got a Pink Flamingo today!

Yep, it flew in all the way from Florida wearing FlipFlops!
And brought this Texas Gal some cool FlipFlop Stickers, a FlipFlop Candle and Notepad.
And that's not all...The neatest Envirosax that folds up into a small packet.
As you can see by the note, I am the Winner of
Beachy GiveAway which celebrated her 50 Followers Mark!
Be sure and stop by Ames' Blog.  She's a Fellow Collector and a Talented Writer.


SpringTime GetAway in Texas

The Texas Wildflowers are sparse this year due to the drought across the State. 
The Bluebonnets are not quite as blue and not near as thick or tall as this time last year.

The Indian Paint Brush is not nearly as red and even more sparse than the Bluebonnets!

Lake Brownwood...is DRY...at least this part of the lake where I spent the weekend.

We walked a mile across what was once the lake bottom before finding the lake.

It was my first time to 'Walk on where Water' once was!

The Dry Lake made for a fun Photo Shoot and a special adventure for 'The Shell Seekers'.

And back at the Camp, the Annual Gals Weekend Retreat at Lake Brownwood was a FunTime with
LifeLong Friends from my High School Graduating Class of 1965!

When you need a break...some time with Special Friends and a GetAway Place makes
Spring Time in Texas a great place to be.


I've Been Thinking...

...about alot of things!

like...why do I have Bloggin' Spring Fever?

...and like...maybe I'll take a little Spring Fever BlogginBreak!

I know it's a bit of a Surprise!

I think January February and March wore me out!

I may just need an Attitude Adjustment!
Good Grief...can you believe all the Blogger Mess!!!
Where's my Edit Pencil?


Z is for Zoom Zoom Zoom

Zoom is defined as making a low pitched buzzing or humming sound.
Appropriate for my  subject...Garfield....who's a low pitched purrrrrrrrer!
Zoom is also defined in photographic terms as being able to change the focal length of a zoom lens
so as to change the apparent distance of the object being viewed!
So here's Garfield in ZoomX3 Focal Lengths...




My Camera is a Nikon Coolpix L100 with 15X Zoom...#1.  I call her NeatONikon. 
 She has a menu selection of auto shooting modes from closeup to action shots to wide angle.
The Zoom Lens is built right in and has Auto Focus...EZ and User Friendly!
Much of my Zoom Zoom Zoom is done in Editing.  I Edit in Windows 7 Live Photo Gallery and Paint.
My 'Dream Super NeatONikon' is shown in Group #2. 
 The lenses are detatachable, and as you can see there are just a few Zoom lenses from which to choose.

Now for a Few More Zoom Zoom Zoom Photos




What a Fun Fun Fun Time it's been going through the Alphabet with

I've saved all my ABC's in my Blogger Pages Notebook

Starting with
Finishing with
Z is for Zoom Zoom Zoom

Thank-you Miz Matlock for all the A+'s and the Positive Comments!
Thank-you to All of Ya'll for your Visits and Comments!
It's been so much fun and so educational being Classmates!


I Am A Vintage FashionIsta

"Phaleeeeze, tell me this is not the only thing available in straw bonnets!
Let's go look at Shoes and Bags!

Now this is better...but still....not quite what I'm lookin' for.
My feet hurt just lookin' at those high heels and my
BigToe Bunyon will definately NOT fit.
I do like the Crochet Bag and Gloves, and the Two Piece Outfits...perfect!

Just look at this BONNET...gorgeous!

I think I must be a Throwback Vintage FashionIsta!


Spring in The Hill Country of Texas

Spring has Sprung even earlier in The Hill Country of Texas!
Yep, and I have been braggin' about how Texas Mother Nature was all Favorin' us West Texans with my
Prize Roses and Flocks of Birds at the Birdie B&B...not to mention Early Gardening!

Not only are the Bluebonnets popping up, but I wish you would just look at
 The Yellow Rose of Texas in FULL BLOOM!

Now Ya'll know where I've been since last Friday...April 1st! 
I bet you were wondering why I didn't have a big ole'
April Fools Shennanigan goin' on here on CollectInTexas Gal!

I was on the Bridge and Banks of the Guadalupe in New Braunfels with my Mom and Sisters!

Howdy Ya'll...from my Sisters!

Here's a few shots from my NB PhotoShoot!