The RedRoseBush Birthin'Nest

"Spring Break is Over, Texas Gal!"
That's what Rosie and Cardie were telling me yesterday as I did a
 PhotoShoot of their RedRoseBush Birthin'Nest.

When last we visited I mentioned that I had discovered their nest in the Red Rose Bush,
and had not been able to catch them in or around the nest from my
 Hiding Place between the clothes hanging on the clothesline.

I'm happy to report that I'm no longer 'The Clothesline Stalker'.
My new StakeOut is a clear view of the nest from my Sewing Room Window!

From my vantage point sitting on top of the dresser with my camera hidden between the curtains,
I have a fantastic view of Rosie as she flies in and out checking her nest.

"I know you are watchin', Texas Gal....I'll be callin' my Main Man to watch You"!!!!!

Less than TwoChirps later, Cardie was perched on the White RoseBush right next to
RedBush Birthin'Nest, and almost on the window sill.
What a lucky PhotoShoot....of course I'd removed the window screen, had the window open
and was hidding behind the curtains with just the camera lens sticking out!

Here's Rosie Checking on her Nest!
(26 seconds long)

I have some video of her sitting on the nest, but it's a bit like watching paint dry!

HiHoney and I are planning ahead for the Hatchin' with a guard fence around the RedRoseBush.
Rosie took a Nestin'Break to check it out. 
 I think she approved...as she doesn't
 Fly the Nest when I open the curtains and the window now!
Ya'll come back for the next installment of
Rosie and Cardies RedRoseBush Birthin'Nest!


  1. Great pics Sue, don't fall out the window! Isn't it amazing that they make the nest in the rose bushes:@)

  2. OH Wow!!!! those are such amazing photos,,, you got such wonderful shots of them....


  3. Isn't that neat! We had a Cardinal nest in an old Gardenia bush many years ago. Got to watch them hatch and grow from the window too. It is sooooh neat!~Ames

  4. This is so much fun to follow. Great photos.

  5. Sue, these photos are amazing. It seems you found the perfect stake out location.

    I hope you enjoyed your Spring break.

  6. Just stopping by to pray that you and yours are okay with the bad weather there.

  7. Beautiful pictures - Daddy has an appropriately fierce look on his face!

  8. Hi Sue, I have been in California for the past week and it is good to be home. A good friend got married and I loved being there. We have been friends 50 plus years. Love was in the air. She is 71 years old and she married her childhood sweetheart.

    I am so impressed with your beautiful photo story of the nesting for some baby birds. The nest is a great find and the momma and poppa birds are beautiful. I am looking forward to the big birth event. This is a very special documentary in action. You are an awesome blogger Sue. I mean it!!!

    Happy bird watching my friend.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  9. I love this! I saw my first Mrs. Cardinal when I was in Arizona visiting my mom and dad. Mr. Cardinal did not appear. I can't wait to see the babies!

  10. This is awesome!! I was wondering how you got so close to the nest. I took some pics of some chickadee fledglings (SP?) and their mom and dad the other day.
    Great post! I loved it.


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