P&P's From Texas Wildflower Fabric Stash

The wildflowers are blooming throughout Texas and in my Home Studio's Wildflower Fabric Stash!  This is a coveted stash!  Texas wildflower fabrics are hard to come by and when you find them...they are pricey...usually because they are top quality fabrics.  So, when I dig into my stash, I make the most of it...specific projects and use every little scrap.  Here's what's bloomin' in my Home Studio for Sue's Fiber& Fabric Studio.
Pillow Cases


Too Busy Minding My Own Business...Sorry AtoZ!

I find myself yo-yoing around about AtoZ.  One spin of the yoyo...I'm IN!!!  Next fling, I'm walkin' the dog...if only I ever could get that yoyo skill...but no, I'm actually walking the dog and thinking..."I can't do AtoZ this April.  I'll be doing good to 'Mind My Own Business' much less AtoZ's Listless List!"  Soooo, as of right this very minute and every minute after...I'm OUT!
I'm Too Busy Minding MY OWN Business!
Minding My Own Easter Bunnies Business!


AtoZ 2017...Nothin' to Somethin'

Should I decide to participate in the AtoZ Challenge this year, I have the Letter A covered.  As far as the rest of the alphabet...IDK...I don't know...and that is my dilemma.  After five years of writing about my Ancestors (AtoZ My Family Tree), Quilting (AtoZ The Lone Star Quilting Bee), Old Photo Collection (AtoZ Fiction From Forgotten Fotos),  Myself (Growing Up In The 1950's-60's), and Everything Else (AtoZ Art To Zippers)....for the sixth year...I got nothin'!!!
Unless...'Flying by the Seat of My Pants'...counts!
OH!!! I think I have an idea for Letter B!
Minding My Own Business!
OH!!!...I think I've found a Theme!


Lost My Hippity Hoppity Mind

Is it true what they say about 'Bunnies'...they multiply faster than a speeding ticket?  I started over a month ago making bunnies for Family 2nd Saturday at The Chicken Farm Art Center.  At Sue's Fiber&Fabric Studio the kids activity is going to be 'Stuff A Bunny'.  Kids will get a flat stitched bunny...like the one under the machine...with an opening for stuffing.  I'll stitch up the opening and they will bow their bunny and attach a hanger. 
Cute as they are and as much fun as they will be for the kids....I think I've lost my hippity hoppity mind!  I already have a basket full ready to stuff...thinking I was good to go!  Ah NO...I found out today that basketful will not make the hunt when the hoard of kids come hopping down the Bunny Trail to Sue's Bunny Stuffing.  Seems last Family 2nd Saturday...which I missed...was a huge success and everyone that came can hardly wait for Bunny Hop! 
Yikes...makin' more bunnies...I may jump down a rabbit hole!

Saint Patrick's Day...I'm Irish...Who Knew!

In years past...on Saint Patrick's Day...I wore green so as NOT to get pinched
...and because I like green.
This year, it's a different story!
My DNA says I am 29% Irish!
Alas! I can find NO typical Irish surnames in my Family Tree!
Hmmmm....A trip to Ireland...on my Bucket List!
Happy Saint Patrick's Day, Ya'll!!!


Pinned OnLine Quilt Story

Are you a quilter?  No, but my grandmother was. She had one of those frames that dropped from the ceiling. I remember playing under the quilt while she and friends would sit around the frame and stitch. 
My question of 'Are you a quilter?' to folks who visit my shop is often answered with the 'Grandmother's Quilt Frame' story.  Funny thing is...the stories almost always are shared by the men who patiently wait while their wives browse and shop.  I bet their grandmothers are smiling in heaven!  I know I smile when my grandchildren reminisce about times spent with me in my sewing room or talk about their favorite quilt. 
I've come to realize that every quilt has a story whether it was made yesterday or many yesterdays ago.  Stories of yesterday's quilts may not have a history story to tell yet, but still their maker made choices in fabrics, design, size and more often than not...a specific reason for creating a quilt.  Many yesterdays ago quilts easily have a story to tell without first hand knowledge, a label or a grandchild's memory.
Take for instance, the quilt pinned on line.  Forgive the pun that brings yesterdays old school Show and Tell in to todays technology.  I couldn't resist, and besides, I'm thinking the 'Old School Clothespin On Line' was the inspiration for the 'Online Pin'terst'...wish I had thought of it! 
This is the 'Lajitas Quilt Shop' where I purchased the quilt top 'Pinned OnLine'.  Although it was many yesterdays ago, I remember it well, and the story told by the quilt shop proprietor.

Lajitas, Texas, is an unlikely place for a quilt shop with it's desert location on the border of Texas and Mexico.  Just across the border on the other side of the Rio Grande lies a small village accessed only by crossing the river...usually in an aluminum boat rigorously paddled...depending on whether the Rio Grande is roaring or slow running.

I digress...the quilt top story...armed with donated treadle sewing machines, fabric, scissors and basic sewing supplies a group of Texas women crossed the Rio Grande to teach the village girls and women the art of quilting.  Yes, you got it...no electricity...therefore, the treadle machines.  The resulting quilt tops were a boon to the economy for the village and a binding tie..no quilt pun intended...between women of two close but separate countries.

'It Takes A Village'
Quilted and Pinned
CollectInTexas Gal


Second First Saturday for SFFS at The Chicken Farm Art Center

 Sue's Fiber&Fabric Studio is READY for it's Second First Saturday at The Chicken Farm Art Center!  Yesterday..Friday March 3rd...was 'Gettin' Er Ready' day, and believe me I was 'Shakin' My Shamrocks'...after all, I AM 29% Irish!  The other 71% Mutt was tail waggin' to keep up with all the 'GREEN Goin' On'.  How bout it...Lads and Lassie's...wanna a tour?

Well, come on in!!!!
The studio is a whopping 16x16 ft. space, and even though a Wee Bit small compared to my last shop, it sure beats my former space at The Chicken Farm....a 10x10 Pink Tent!  Just steps inside the door your first view is the center of the room cutting table with the 'Make An Apron' display.  On the left is the Clutter Counter...cause I'm a Clutter Bug and want You to buy my 'Clutter Stuff'.  Oh, and behind the counter you will want a closer look at my 'Funky Chicken Row by Row Quilt'.  I'll get that picture for you later.  Right now, please turn to your left and face the back wall....
Whoa!  It's my Irish Apronistas...Modella and Maneykin..'Wearin' O' the Green'!  Oops, looks like Maneykin's slip is showing.  To her right is the display of Rag Rugs, Baskets, Microwave Bowl Warmers and Thread Clutter...baskets full...need some thread!  Now, please step back to the cutting table and check out the Apron Fabric and the front window corner...
About the 'Make An Apron' display...I'm still pushing patterns and kitchen fabrics for folks to make their own...that POST...HERE.  Of course...if you want a custom made apron...I'm your Lassie!  And...you can choose other fabrics from  'The Fabric Wall'...there on your right!  Oh, and there's more fabrics here....
TaDa!!!  How about a closeup of some of my favorite fabrics...can't believe I'm parting with it!
Thank-you so much for coming through my door!


Texas Independence Day

Texas Independence Day!
On March 2, 1836, Texas declared it's independence from Mexico and became
The Republic of Texas.
Fifty-four delegates of the Convention of 1836 began meeting on March 1 at the village of Washington-on-the-Brazos, located today between present-day Houston and Austin. Each of the settlements of Texas were represented by delegates elected one month earlier. The convention elected Richard Ellis president of the convention, and Herbert S. Kimble secretary.  
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