Stacked & Spun Punkins & Shucks!

Spinning Pumpkins and Corn along with a few other Veggies makes this Fall Wall Quilt one of my choices for Fall Decorating.
Stack N Whack was a popular pattern for quilters at the Turn of The Century,
21st Century...that is.

Fun to be able to say that in our life time, isn't it?

If you're a quilter, you probably have several of these,'A Surprise Everytime' a block is finished, Stack N Whack Quilts in your Collection.

Drawn before the 'Turn of the Century'...21st...that is,
in Graphite and Prisma Pencils,
Indian Corn, hangs on the wall next to my 'Just After the Turn'
Computer and Desk.
I cross my fingers every day that it will hold out at least through this Fall Ya'll.

PS...Magic Stack-n-Whack took the quilt world by storm in 1998. A second book, Stack-n-Whackier, came out in 2001. Both by Bethany S. Reynolds. I just found her new Web Page, and at quick glance, it looks like Bethany is Groovin in the 21st Century with some more Whackiest Yet Designs. I'd better go look....I may need to update my Whacky-ness-Self.
PPS...See a couple more of my Stack-n-Whack Quilts HERE and HERE


Groovy Gals In The 60's...Pink Saturday #3

Retro's the Rage Today! Pink Retro is Groovy, Man!
Oh! My Pink Pedal Pushers, who are these Pink Retro People, anyway?
That's the question I asked FiFi DuBois.
The second question I asked FiFi was
"Is that your real name?"

Welcome to The House of FiFi DuBois.
"Where The Lava Lamp is Always On".
And where this Girl Raised in Texas in the 1960's, found her Mother's Pink Lamp, the Standing Pink Ashtray that stood by her Daddy's 'Not Pink Chair, and more Pink Retro Ceramics.

Actually, our 1960's Floral Couch and matching end tables were there, too.
I wonder if my Mother would like to have them back?
Probably not!
I'm amazed at the Retro Craze today.

FiFi says the Retro Crowd are the Twenty and Thirty Something's.

Well, all I gotta say about that is..."Been There Done That".
Although as I look back on my own 1960's Memories,
I'm beginning to appreciate that Era more.

FiFi is her real Nickname and her Very Retro Shop features
Mid-Century-Vintage Furniture
Retro-Themed Clothing, Gifts & Accessories
123 S. Chadbourne.....San Angelo, Texas

M I C...K E Y...M O U S E !!!I know many of you remember the Mickey Mouse Club and the Mouseketeers,
and I bet your thinkin,
"What's That Got To Do with PINK"?

Annette Funicello, one of the most famous Mouseketeers in the 50's, Teen Movie Star of the 1960's and subject of a series of books. She was America's Sweetheart, and being a teen in the 1960's, I saw her Beach Movies with Frankie Avalon, Fabian and that 'Big Hunky Guy'. Read about her in my best friend Nancy's Teen magazines, knew the words to all her songs, and yes, read this book. It is wonderfully PINK and the following pictures are a few of the illustrations from...

Annette ~ Sierra Summer.....published in 1960

I hope you have enjoyed this
Pink Blast from the Past

with FiFi, Annette and this GRIT.
Learn more about Annette Funicello HERE.
She really was 'America's Sweetheart of the 1960's' and a Groovy Role Model.

Annette Funicello
12-22-1942 ~ ALIVE...Thankfully
Many Thanks to Pink Saturday Hostess Beverly at How Sweet The Sound.
Please visit the Pink Saturday Participants and CollectInTexas Gals 'New Blog ShoutOut'...
Vintage Comfort
...Mary is a Knitter, has the sweetest picture of her
'Auntie Alieen and Mama', and wonderful Collectables on her blog.
Tell her I sent you and as always,
Thanks for Coming and Commenting!

PS...Thanks to Big Gee and with further research on my part...Annette Funicello is still living. My most humble apologies to all for the mis-information that she had died this past June. Unfortunately, I misunderstood or was misinformed via an Inter-Net Site during my research for this post. Like, they say..."You can't believe everything you read in the paper or...now...on the Inter-Net.


1964 Memories of A Majorette

Girls Raised In Texas loved to Twirl...
Batons that is!
Oh! What a thrill that was in 1964!

All the high steppin, baton palm spinng,
toss & catch behind the back,
roll around the neck-the
waist-the knees and
sky high toss-spin twice-and catch
practice paid off.
I forgot to mention the holes in the ceiling of my bedroom.

And the Majorette Uniform.
Dressing in that Off-White, High Necked, Short Skirt, WOOL uniform was a dream come true.
The only alterations made was taking in the waist and making my own Red Satin bloomers.
Then...The Hat!
It was covered in White Fur and had to set at just the right angle for the
SkinnyBangs and SpitCurl hairdo.

There were Three GRHS Majorettes in 1964.
Senior Jeannie, Junior Sue and Sophomore DeAnna.
That was the tradition...only three...
the Freshman Alternate was needed in the marching band.

Here we are...out in front of the Marching Band.
One thing about being TALL...Spotlighted in the Center.
I would always remember Jeannie and DeAnna, even if they had not signed their name in the 1964 RoundUp Annual, which I shared with my
Sophomore brother and 7th Grade sister.
She's the drummer...far left, front row.
I can't believe she didn't sign her name.
At the time, sharing an annual was so not cool for this Junior Sister,
but as I look back at the 45 year old RoundUp signatures and comments,
I'm so glad we could only afford One Annual
...and I have it!


BobbySocks, PennyLoafers & LetterJackets in 1962

It's 1962, Bobby Socks, Penny Loafers, and a Letter Jacket were a part of every morning getting dressed for school. Especially the Letter Jacket I earned as a Freshman in Basketball. Rain, Sleet and Burning Heat....The Jacket was worn.
Middle of the knee was the 'School Dress Code' accepted dress and skirt length....no shorter. Boatneck, shirt collar and PeterPan collars were the favorites for tops.
I had several patterns that had combinations of these necklines and could modify them to fit the bodice and skirt patterns. The skirts took yards and yards of fabric and at 49 cents a yard, I might have spent $3.00 on 34" wide fabric and 50 cents for a pattern. That pattern today is selling for $5 to $8 and new ones.....well, let's just say Simplicity, Butterick and McCalls, you have Priced Home Sewing right out of my home and into the Clothing Stores Sale Racks and Thrift Shops.
And although we didn't wear Pants to school, we did wear shorts as part of our Basketball Uniform. I was very proud of my #14 uniform and thought the shorts were really neat, especially after I took in the side seams to make them fit my 'NoBehind SkinnyLegs' Self.
Remember Queen Lea from 1963 Homecoming? That's her wearing #4, and to her left is My Best Friend Nancy. We three were All District in 1962 and received a patch for our Letter Jackets.
The most important person in my Basketball memories is Coach Moore. Many of life's lessons are learned in high school athletics, and I learned lots of them on the Basketball Court. He was the inspiration for this Girl Raised In Texas to be the first in her family to earn a college degree and become a Coach.

PS...On the back of the picture of Coach Moore in the 'Patches Picture' he wrote...To a fine basketball player. Coach Moore...and a good student, at times. He was also my English teacher.


Homecoming 1963...RedNetDress Memories

Red was my FirstFavorite Color.
So, it's no wonder my first Store Bought formal was Red.
Could also be because the GRHS school colors were Red and White
and this was my
Homecoming Nominee Dress in 1963.

I mentioned this 'Layers & Layers of Red Net' on 'PinkSaturday',
and told you about JoLynn's Dress Shop where this
BigBosom-BigBustle Red Dress captivated this 16 year olds
NoBusom-NoBehind SkinnyArmsSelf.
Notice the Elbow Length Gloves....they wouldn't stay up
and the next smaller size that fit around the elbow would have cut off all circulation to the fingers, and I wouldn't have been able to do
'The Pointing At You Pose'.

As you can see the Formal Fashion Trend was STRAPLESS and only One of Us had the Bosoms...the more mature Senior Nominee...to pull that off. For me and the Freshman...well, Thank-goodness for layers and layers of
BusomNet and PaddedBras.

Here She Is.....GRHS Homecoming Queen 1963
Queen Lea in her White Strapless Gown with
Proper Fitted Elbow Length Gloves....
she had smaller hands....and a Big Crown.

I don't know for sure, but I imagine all four of these
StunningStrapless NetConfections all came from
JoLynn's Dress Shop.
Since JoLynn's was the only dress shop within 60 miles of our small town,
she was well stocked with Homecoming Frocks.
I'd say her profit margin in 1963 was pretty good.
You see my 'ReallyRedFormal' was about $40....alot of money in 1963, for a girl who made
ALL her clothes for the whole school year for alot less.

Now in 1963, one did not wear that $40 Formal to the Homecoming Dance. Another Red Dressy Outfit was needed.
On the back of the 'RedFormal' picture sent to my Grandmother Minnie, my Mother wrote:

"Sue was Homecoming Nominee during football season. This is the formal she wore. She made the suit in the other picture to wear after the homecoming. It is red corduroy. age 16
Thank-you, Mother for recording that information. I forgot it was corduroy...and boy, do those 'Wrist length White Gloves fit better.

What a fun trip Back to 1963 this has been.
I think I'll FastForward to GRHS Homecoming 2009, which was last week, and send this Post to Queen Lea.
You see,Girls Raised In Texas Small Towns know each other for a lifetime.
Easy with Lea...she's my SisterInLaw's first cousin and we are all on FACEBOOK.
What Will They Think of Next?


BigHair & LittleHeads...PinkSaturday#2

I'm very glad you are here for my 2nd PinkSaturday.

I'd like to continue a bit about last weeks story...just a little bit about the graduation part.
I'll try and keep it short so you won't get to antsy to see the Special PinkThing that is coming.

Did you notice today's banner?
Scroll back up and look over some of the Graduation Cards I received in 1965.

Last week I showed you the special gifts I received from my parents and my Grandmother Minnie,
and I kind of thought you might like to see some of the beautiful cards they made in 1965.
Different from todays, aren't they?

A very special card is the one from my Mother and Daddy.
Isn't it wonderful to know that other's wishes for you do come true?

Okay...Pink Time

My Head Vase Collection began

'en el cuatro de bano'
'dans le salle de bains'.

That's Spanish then French, which both sound much better than the English

'in the toilet'.

I know, that's a terrible thing to say about some of the most highly collectable and hard to find items in the Antique and Collecting world...but it's a True Story.

The Pink Vase belonged to my Grandmother Minnie and is a McCoy.
The BigEyed Girl was a gift my Husband found in an antique shop in McKinney.
He was really proud to find her for the bargin price of $20 until I showed him the original price tag from Woolsworth of 39 cents.
Today she's worth about $35... so, he's okay with the price he paid.

Pink Lady with the Feather in her hat was made by Inarco in 196l, has the original foil label, is 5 3/4 inches and is listed in
David Barron's Head Vases Identification and Value Guide published in 2004.
Her value is at $135, and she is one of the few I have bought on eBay.

The rest of my collection...about 25...I found in the toilet!
Really!!! Well,Okay...one of them was...

Once upon a time this GRIT was assigned to clean the bathroom of a 'Christmas Shop' to be by her fellow shopkeepers to be.
GirlsRaisedInTexas do not balk at bad bathrooms, they just roll up sleeves, don pink rubber gloves, cover their nose with a pink bandana, grab the Comet and stuff and go to it.
While cleaning around 'el cuarto de bana...I'm better at Spanish...this lovely lady was discovered.
Now this little shop, with it's little bitty potty room, was once 'JoLynn's Beauty Shop' in back of 'JoLynn's Dress Shop.
It opened in the early 1950's...I know this because my first store-bought formal was purchased there in 1961...Oh! you should have seen that dress.
If this were 'Red Saturday', I'd show it to you, but I'd better start winding up this 'Pink Saturday Saga' before I loose you.

Anyway, JoLynn's Beauty Parlor closed shop sometime in the late 1960's...JoLynn sold out and the new owner didn't 'Do Hair, Honey'.
So, twenty years later, I find and claim this
'VaseThingy' as my Bathroom Booty.
Even years later, I discover the Art of Collecting Head Vases.
I know you're thinking...It's like finding a painted over picasso.
Well, almost, she's listed in the Head Vase Book for $400.
Yep, I'd say that was pretty good "PottyBooty' and we kinda look alike with our
Big 1960's HairDo, Honey!

PS...I know I'm leaving you with some questions about Head Vases. Like what was she doing behind the toliet in a Beauty Shop? How much was that 'Awesome Red Formal' in 1961? And, why is this GRIT in Texas better at Spanish than French? That one I can answer right now...when you have time...Just Ask Any Texan. The others I'll be posting about next week. So, ya'll come back!

PPS...In keeping with Beverly's 'Visit and give a ShoutOut' to a new blog...to me...I'm presenting The Old Parsonage...last week she showed Her HeadVases.
Speaking of last week...It was hard to pick just one to recommend from all the wonderful visitors I had.
So, I Listed and Linked...until my LinkerBroke...alot of you from my First Pink Saturday.
Again, Thanks for Coming and Commenting!


Mama's Kitchen and Red Gingham Curtains

Red Check Gingham Cafe Curtains, Mr. and Mrs. Plates, Wooden Chef Shakers, and an
O'Keefe and Merritt gas stove.
What do they have in common?
My Mama's Kitchen...in the 1950's, 60's & 70's.
Boy, do I wish I had that stove today. I spent many hours over that hot stove stirring gravy after frying chicken.
That's when we made gravy from the grease left from frying chicken...the good ole' sprinkle in the flour with a 'holey spoon' to make a paste and then pour in whole milk til the skillet was nearly full and then stir and stir and stir til it was thick and bubbly hot.
Oh! I nearly forgot, it's been so long, we put in salt and pepper right before the milk.
I miss that salty, whole milk, grease gravy today. Don't you?
This stove is almost like my Mama's....her's was missing a knob.
We tried knobs from other stoves and tried ordering one, but back then you were outta luck and better keep a pair of pliers handy.
Today you can get this O'Keefe & Merritt Reproduction Stove and replacement parts right over the WWWeb.
What will they think of next?

Funny what triggers one's growing up memories! Today it was the Mr. and Mrs. Plates found at the Salvation Army Thrift Store.
I remember making them in Vacation Bible School, but on paper plates.
Did you make your Mama a set, too?
These had been hanging in someone's kitchen for a very long time as was evident by the rusted hangers, the dirt and grime and the old yellow glue that was used to stick the fabric and rick-rack on the plates.
After a few hours of scraping and cleaning, they are ready to go on my kitchen hall wall...rusty hangers and clean plates.

The wooden Chef Salt and Pepper Shakers always set right on top of the stove within easy reach to salt and pepper the gravy.
I always thought the Salt Shaker looked like my Daddy, and if you look at my pictures here on CollectInTexas Gal, you'll see how it looks like me, too.
It's the eybrows.
Course, my Daddy didn't wear a Chef's hat.
His hat was a Black Felt Stetson in the winter and a White Straw Cowboy hat in the Summer.

I sure wish I had a kitchen window.
I'd sew some Red Gingham Curtains.


ShockingPink Saturday!

I'm feeling 'QuiteALot' like a Princess today!
Yes, I know, it's such an indulgent and pampery and not very Texan-ish thing. But I just can't help my 'Princess of Quite-A-Lot Self'.
You see...I'm still in Pink Saturday Shock!
Maybe that should be ShockingPink Saturday!!!
Yes that's what I'll call this most amazing
Pink Experience.

"QuePasa?"...that's TexMex...I like to think I'm BiBlogLingual...for "What Happened?" I'm soooo glad you asked.

This past Saturday, I participated in my First Pink Saturday.
I had such a good time preparing my Post about 'Four Generations of Sewing', and all the memories it brought back....you can see it in the post below if you like.
So, with that Happiness said, you can 't imagine the Shocking Pink Happiness I had at the end of the day on Saturday.

Thank-you to Beverly, the hostess of Pink Saturday and Thank-you to all the 'Pinkies' who visited CollectInTexas Gal and left...as of this AM, 58 Comments.
Comments of QuiteALot of Welcomes to Pink Saturday,
QuiteALot of Sharing Sewing Stories, and
QuiteALot of Love for the ColorPink and PinkBloggers.

So, as Princess of 'QuiteALot of ShockingPinkSaturday', I Hereby Bestow upon All of You the title of...Princess' of 'QuiteALot of PinkPerfection'...that's TexasEnglish for the most Amazing, Talented, Creative, Sharing and Fun Group in all of 'BlogLand'.

PS...Here's your Wand, and at Beverly's request, your Tiara!


Four Generations of Sewing...Pink Saturday #1

On my First Pink Saturday, I would like to share with you a story of
Four Generations of Sewing.
It begins with 'The Pink Sewing Carousel', a graduation gift from my Grandmother Minnie...pictured with my Grandfather on their Wedding Day, September 10, 1913.
For my graduation from high school in 1965, the 'Pink Sewing Carousel' was sent from Iowa to Texas to go with the Kenmore Portable Sewing Machine,
the graduation gift from my Mom and Dad.
The machine was new, but the Pink Carousel had belonged to my Grandmother for many years, as recalled by my Mom. My Grandmother taught my Mom to sew, and she in turn taught me to sew on my Grandmother Minnie's Singer Treadle Sewing Machine at the age of six years.
My beautiful Mother graduated in 1941 at the age of 15, and is pictured in the sepia photo next to my black and white graduation photo.

Are you wondering about the Fourth Generation?
There she is...the little girl sewing on her Grandmothers 1995 Janome 9000. She is Minnie's great great granddaughter learning to sew at age six. I wish it could have been on the Singer.
And, Yes the Pink Carousel will be hers one day.
For now, it is displayed with the Kenmore,
both retired after 30 years of sewing.

Thank-you for visiting on this
Pink Saturday, September 12, 2009...ironically, just two days after my Grandmother Minnie's 96th Wedding Anniversary.
She sewed for all of her 99 years and the sewing lessons she taught her daughter, now 82 years, will be passed on for generations to come.
I hope you enjoyed my Special Sewing Story.
I'd love to hear yours.
Thanks for coming and commenting.


Watching My P's & Q's...Pitchers & Quilts

I seem to have several Pitcher Sets and for sure I have more than 'several' Quilts.
Here's another set from my collection. Same Harvest Pattern, but in MilkGlass.
Such heavy and durable glass which was again, a wedding gift in 1965.
Our families and friends must have been thinking this new bride would need at least a place setting for 8...the two of us and 6 more for dinner.
I added 4 glasses, years later when my husband sent a 12 Place Setting of Noritake White China from overseas.
I didn't have Crystal for another few years, so this beautiful Milkglass has served our table well.

Besides, nearly everybody has Fancy Crystal, but few have 'Priceless MilkGlass'.

'More than Several' is a bit of an understatement when it comes to Quilts!
You see, I am a Professional Quilt Designer and LongArm Machine Quilter.
Yes, I just let the 'Batting Out of the Bag'.
Knowing that now, you can only imagine What A Collection of Quilts I have. I lost count a long time ago.
One of my specialties is what I call Vintage To Vogue...taking vintage quilt tops and making them like new again with new reproduction fabrics for borders and backing and machine quilting them.
On the line are some examples.

The MilkGlass Set is displayed on one of my favorites...a 1930's Double Wedding Ring with Red melons....very rare to find the red.

One more Pitcher, then My P's and Q's will be in Alphabetical Order.

This Yellow Pitcher was made by HALL.

When I found it, I thought it said HULL.

Of course I Hung onto the Hall.....'It's a Good Thing'.


CollectinCrochet & CrackerJack Prizes

Collectin Crochet is like snacking on CrackerJacks...You can't eat just One CrackerJack, and you sure can't leave the peanuts or the prize in the bottom of the box. That's been my weakness with collecting crocheted, knitted, tatted or any handmade lacey, and lovely stuff...just one piece is never enough. No matter how yellowed, ripped, torn, snagged or rotted, it goes in my stash, and just like the peanuts, some of the best prizes are found in the bottom. Like the bag of laces and lovelies seen in CollectInTexas Gals new 'Tableau'. That was a 'BottomBin' find at a Thrift Shop for $5, and in the very bottom of the bag was a crumpled camisole with the most delicate lace and faded yellow silk rose...I knew I would use it for something special someday.

How Lucky can a Collector of Crochet and All Things Crochet be?
Ben Franklin once said, "Diligence is the Mother of Good Luck."
And Diligence paid off for this Collector last week while in New Braufels.
While making the rounds of Antique, Thrift and Flea Markets, I lucked onto a box of Crochet and Knitting Pamplets dating from 1934 to the 1950's.
All were from the collection of Mrs. W.R.Harris, and after looking at them all, I settled on three.
Woman's Day~1947 Crochet Annual was my first choice for several reasons. First, it was published in the year of my birth; secondly, the cover featured a Crochet State Flower Bedspread...Texas Bluebonnets shown on pg.29; and thirdly, Mrs. Harris was urging me to buy this book as well as the others.
Have you ever had that feeling of connection, but wasn't sure why, and you knew this was one find to not leave behind?

This Woman's Day 1947 Crochet Annual has 105 Crochet Designs with directions and wonderful 1947 pictures. The condition of the booklet attests to Mrs. Harris' careful care or lack of use in crocheting more than a few of the 105 designs.

The same can't be said about one of the other Booklets, a much used and worn Handmade Sports Wear published in 1934.

It has patterns for both crochet and knit, so maybe Mrs. Harris was more of a knitter, even though in 1934 wool yarn was not manufactured in the United States.

How do I know that bit of 'Crochet-Knit Trivia'?
Please read my letter to Mrs. Harris on SuKnitWitty...my knitting blog, and you'll know about how J&P Coats brought wool yarn to the US.

Now that you are back from SuKnitWitty...
Remember that feeling of connection I had?
I think I figured it out. What do you think?


Ta~Da Collectibles...Opens In NewBraunfels,Texas

Ta~Da Opens In Gruene Flea Antique Mall

Ta~Da's Dealer ShowCases a Vintage HotPink Armorie with artfully arranged Vignettes.

Classic Angels to CountryCat to Fitz & Floyd CandleSticks to Collectible Milkglass Compotes.


Vintage to Vogue Quilts and Vintage CrossStitch show another facet of the TwoSisterDealers Collections and Talents.

TwoTexasSisters share a love for Antiques, Thrift & FleaMarket Shopping, Gardening, Decorating and Family.