The Lone Star Gallery by A Girl Raised In Texas

'Come And Take It'
Those were the daring words when the Lone Star of Texas was flown over a cannon barrel in Gonzales in 1835.

The challenge referred to a small, brass cannon that Mexico had issued to Texans for defense against Native Americans. Mexico wanted the cannon returned and it wanted the upstart Texans to submit to governmental rule. In December 1835, Texans fought at San Antonio de Bexar under a flag sewn by Sarah Dodson, who made the banner for her husband and his fighting compatriots.

At the Battle of Goliad in December 1835, volunteers from Georgia arrived waving a white silk flag stitched by Joanna Troutman, an 18 year old Georgian who had never been to Texas. Her flag featured a blue, five point star with the words "LIBERTY OR DEATH" inscribed beneath the star. On February 13, 1913, the Texas Legislature named her the "Betsy Ross of Texas" for her Lone Star flag. In May 1836, the "Lorenzo de Zaval flag" was adopted as the banner for the fledgling Republic of Texas. It featured a blue background with a centered white star circled by the letters T-E-X-A-S. Later that same year, on December 10, the Republic opted for a different flag. The "David G. Burnet flag" also featured a blue background, but with a gold, five-point star in the center. Neither flag gained support from the citizens. finally, on January 25, 1839, the Third Congress of the Republic officially accepted a flag designed by Dr. Charles Stewart. That Lone Star flag of the Republic still waves today over the Lone Star State.

CollectInTexas Gal's Lone Star Gallery features Photographs taken by this Girl Raised In Texas...GRIT...of  The Lone Star of Texas, plus People, Places and All Things Texan.

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Texas is known as the 'Friendship State', and the Lone Star is a symbol of 'Friendship'.

 So,Ya'll are welcome to 'Come and Take' this GRIT's photographs...no brass cannon attached...but  I'd appreciate a 'ShoutOut'.


On The BlueBonnet Road Again!

On The BlueBonnet Road Again
Girls Raised In Texas!

From SanAngelo
 Eden...the Center of Texas
Brady...the Heart of Texas
And Back Again!

Happy Trails for Sure!

PS...Sarah at Hyacinths For The Soul has posted about the LadyBird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin.  Don't miss this beautiful and informative post about another Texas Wildflower, the Evening Primrose.  It was a favorite of the former First Lady and Texas Gal.


BlueBonnets and Wildflowers In Texas

Spring Time in Texas! 

BlueBonnets and Wildflowers!

Ya'll Come!

PS...This Girl Raised In Texas sure had fun
TipToeIn Through the BlueBonnets of Texas!



The Number PinkOneHundred for Pink Saturday 4-24-2010

Math has never been my best or favorite subject!
Mama was so proud when I learned to count to 100!
That took forever and I'm all about doin' everything at the 'Speed of Light'.
However, when I learned to Count by Tens, Math got a whole lot faster!10..20..30..40..50..60..70..80..90..100!   Now that's what I'm Talkin' Fast about.....
Number One Hundred
CollectInTexas Gal has Collected One Hundred Posts!
Yep...This Pink Saturday Post Is It!

Maybe Follower #100 will happen on this Pink Saturday, too!

There's a bunch of Pinkies already up there....
There's Beverly at HowSweet The Sound....our hostess
and ...Jeanne at Backyard Neighbor...Linda at AlaCarte...Tina at BeansieBabbles...Sissie at Sisie's Shabby Cottage...CC at Lace & Ribbons...Sherry at Country Wings in Phoenix...Grace at Pink in the City...and more.

My Shout Out for this Pink Saturday goes to MaryLee at MerrilyMaryLee'sWebLog.  She's got it all...Ya'll will love her HUMOR!

Ok, Now for some Pinks from our Rose Garden.  I think Four Bushes across the back of the house could be called a Garden.  Afterall, I do have a Rose Bush Butcher for a Gardener, and thanks to his Twice a year Beheadin' and Butcherin' (he calls it Trimmin') they come back every Spring with BiggerHeads and oooohhh, the Pink ones Smell SoSweet.  Dolly and Ruby think they should get the credit for some of  the Scents....they distribute their SmellyPoops evenly among the Four Bushes.  I definately don't mess with the roses except to cut them for vases and take pictures....and then I step very carefully.

Dolly..."Can you believe she Blogged about our Poop?"  Ruby..."I know, I'm so embarrassed, but at least she didn't use the 'S' word."  Dolly..."You mean 'Stink'?"

PS...I just Love the Number PinkOneHundred...don't Ya'll?


Earth Day In Texas with Blue Skies and Red Pomegranates

Good Timing....National Geographic!  30 Years of The World....Amazing!

A Beautiful Earth Day in Texas!  This is what this 'Girl Raised In Texas' did. 

This is what HiHoney did!

This is what Ruby and Dolly did!

PS...What did Ya'll do?

Hope Ya'll's Earth Day was filled with Blue Skies and Red Pomegranates.


Defining Gard.en and Gard.en.ing

1gar.den \'gard-n\ n [ME gardin, fr.ONF, of Gmc origin:akin to OHG gart enclosure - more at YARD]1a: a plot of ground where herbs, fruits, flowers, or vegetables are cultivated  b: a rich well-cultivated region  2 a: public recreation area of park (a botanical~) b: an open-air eating or drinking place
2garden vb gar.den.ing to lay out or work in a garden

It's important to know as much as you can before jumpin' into...or in this case diggin' into...a new project. 

Relying on my 1961 Edition of Websters to define and remind, has worked out pretty well except when I started my foray into the WorldWideWeb and the Definition of Computer....
com.put.er \kem-'pyut-er\ n: one that computes; specifically an automatic electronic machine for performing calculations
world.wide.web\ huh?\ see giant spider

That's about the time I started Bloggin', and....well, that opened up a whole new can of WebsterWorms, as you can imagine for this GRIT....

The 1961 Edition of Websters doesn't have BLOG listed. It should have been somewhere around blocky, bloke and blonde.
So here's a SuDefinIshun......BLOG - a place on the InterNet or InnerNet or EnterNet or WorldWideWeb.....really doesn't matter how you spell or misspell it.....it's not in 1961 Webster either. And, the thing is, I've relied on this book through the education of my child and now my grandchildren.   No wonder my son has to use 'Spell Check' and my Grands call me NanaNitWit.

Anyway, back to BLOG....a place on the WorldWideWeb... which is based on…as far as I can tell on the Children's Nursery Rhyme, The IttsyBittsy Spider who went WebSpinBerserk after the water spout event flooded the WholeWideWorld. Okay....I got off for a sec...on the WWWeb where ANYBODY in the whole wide world via their Personal Computer(PC)....also not in my Webster.  Don't you think it's interesting tho, that the name WEBSTER (the book) is used on the WWWEB and those who use TheWEB are called WEBSTERS? Hmmmmm!

Stay with me!  This post really is about gar.den.ing!

Anyway...back to BLOG....via personal computer, share 'Information' (mostly useless ramblings about themselves...speaking primarily of this blogger and this post) with other people known as Bloggers, who also share their ramblings and then want lots more Bloggers who Blog to comment on their Blog. The Information is sent to somewhere in OuterSpace via WonderWhereWireless wires to this WonderWhereWeb which then spins it off to the intended ReceiversPC via their SecretCode that only they and their InterNetProvider know.....unfortunately, we have learned that the Provider CanNot keep a secret

Wireless? I don't know about you, but I have a tangle of wires behind my PC that makes cooked spaghetti look straight. How they got wireless outta that mess, beats me, especially when even 1961 Webster defines wireless as having no wires.
Webster misses again with GOOGLE….no surprise...but today  GOOGLE is a word heard through out the WholeWorldWeb….
...I know it’s really the WorldWideWeb…

...my Computer Information Technology DirectorSon told me, and after reading this, he is probably going to lie through his SpellCheck Teeth that he was the
one who introduced me to the WWW.

Finally, 1961 Webster has Yahoo…

...an uncouth and rowdy person.

That doesn’t work for PuterTalk…but, kinda explains why Mama sometimes called us kids ‘You Bunch of Yahoo’s’.

Here's my Iowa FarmGal Mama in an Iowa Corn Field sometime back in the 1960's.  Now that's what I call a gard.en full of corn \'ko(e)rn\ noun...skipping to def...4: a plant that produces corn  5:  something that is corny.

PS...I guess I lied through My SpellCheck Teeth about this post being about gard.en.ing!

However,  it has inspired me to seriously consider two parts of the gard.en definition.

1....vb gar.den.ing to lay out

2...b: an open-air eating or drinking place


CollectInTexas Plates

Have a Heapen Helpin of Texas History, Ya'll!

Yep, it's a Front N Back Platefull, allright!

And...if you are a Texas History Buff, like this GRIT, you'll notice right off that this is a...

Dateless/Dated Plate

I think that's what is called an Oxymoron!
I double checked that with HiHoney, also a TexHistBuff and his take was...

"Sue, your readers are lible to label you a TexasMoron with a mouthful of Plate Platitudes, but yeah, I guess that's an oxymoron!"

Made by Vernon Kilns, California, USA
Click HERE for More on Vernon Kilns History.
The Texas Lone Star State Plate is the latest addition to my Texas Plate Collection.  Found it at the Goodwill Store in Midland, Texas.  Yep, went to pay for it and the cashier took one look at the plate and then at me and said, "Somebody in the back MessedUp.  I should have approved this being put out for sale."  I snatched it right outta her hands and peeled off the $1.99 tag and started wrappin and baggin!

PS...Here's a Hint about the Dateless/Dated Thingie...Texas became the second largest State in the Union when Alaska became a State January 3, 1959.

PPS...Now, I don't want ya'll leavin' with the idea that I'm a TexasMoron and don't know the difference between an Oxymoron and a Moron.  I ask you...wouldn't a Moron have said, "Oh, here's the Tag, I'm sure it was a miss print and I'll gladly pay $31.99"!   
 So there, HiHoney...Nuff said...except...the plate sold on EBay for $45!


Signs of My Times...Pink Saturday 4-17-10

Signin' In Boss! 
We say that in Texas so TheBoss knows for sure we're back!
Signin in Beverly!
Yep, I'm Baaaack, Ya'll for Pink Saturday!

I've missed a FEW here lately and I've missed YA'LL!

So, today I'm SMILIN and HAPPY to be back to visit all the Pinkies on The List at Beverlys at How Sweet The Sound.  Ya'll be sure and 'SignIn with Beverly', the Sweetest Boss in BlogLand!
Have you heard the phrase..."It's a Sign of the Times"? 
It's the best way I can describe why 'I've Missed a FEW'! 
 So here's a FEW Signs of My Times!

About The Family Sign...A member of my Family is ill and I've been 'Cherishing~Nurturing' and Praying. 
Thank-you for your Prayers for Stacy!

PS...This sign was such good news to me.  I always wanted one...photographic memory!

PPS...Now I know why I don't have one!