Change...It's A Good Thing

It has been a busy month in the Studio, on the road, setting up booth, taking down booth, back on the road and back to the Studio to fill custom orders and make more stuff in order to do it all over again.  And in my spare time, I got the urge to re-vamp this blog.  It was time, as things change, and so do I.  
 I am of the opinion that change is a good thing, afterall, if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.  Sometimes that is okay, too...especially if what you have gotten was better than what you had.  Then again...never mind...just know that I haven't removed any of my Genealogy Links,  Sewing Stuff, and AtoZ Challenges.  They have moved to the bottom of the blog as the new three gadget layout allows.  Another good change...for a change.

I'm off to the 'Studio' to work on BAGS.  I have an awesome NEW design.  Will show off soon.  In the meantime, I'll leave you with this...
If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies.


A Is For Apron x2=Auto-Cut/Chain/Sew Mode

In quilting it is called 'Chain Piecing'....like when you have 50 pieces paired together to make 25 sets of 2.  After years of 'Chain Piecing', my brain goes on Auto-Cut/Chain/Sew Mode.  So instead of cutting out one of each of the pattern pieces I layer it up and cut two.  At least two...sometimes more...it's the 'OverDoSue' thingy!
Is this not the cutest fabric?  Perfect for a Kindergarten teacher! 
It is a custom order...fun to sew, too!
I'm betting she will want one for Christmas, too!
If not...well, I sure do!


Rewarded for Being Bossy

So, where ya been?
What did ya do?
What was the occasion?
How was the weather?

Okay, here I go with answers to your questions!  You have been wondering...right?

I have been back to my hometown in Oil Boom West Texas!

I arranged and decorated tables and chairs for about 120 people.  Set up my 'OverDoSue' Booth.  Bossed a bunch of other people around, made popcorn, and was a co-hostess with the mostess.

It was my high school graduating classes 50th Reunion.

It was October in West Texas...it was hot one day, cold the next and just right the next.
My classmates and friends for life know me well!
They know I collect Headvases and Yellow Roses are my favorites.
How sweet and thoughtful...even after all my bossyness!


The Sabbath Shawl

I will probably go to my grave saying, "Sure, I'll be glad to MAKE that.".  Then get busy getting all the stuff together to MAKE 'that' while I'm standing in line at the Pearly Gates.

"Yes, Saint Peter, I meant to finish this before getting to the front of this line so I wouldn't have to confess at being the 'biggest procrastinator' who ever stood before you."

Can't you just imagine Saint Peter, saying, "Sue, Knitter's Heaven is not ready for you...go back to the end of the line.  You can pass through the gates when you FINISH.  I suggest you Pray while you knit on 'The Sabbath Prayer Shawl.  Start with "I will not procrastinate, Amen."

That image prompted me to FINISH this Prayer Shawl started on June 25, 2011.  It only took 1,194 days.  That must be some kind of record...and not one to be bragging about...for Heaven's Sake.

I never should have said, "Oh, yeah, I'll knit you a shawl, Loredia". Key word being KNIT.  But, I was kind of obligated since it was a bartered bargin.  Yep, I wore out those bartered Berkinstocks way before I finished the shawl.

I have to say though, it was a hard pattern.  Do you think Saint Peter would buy that excuse?  Probably not.  More than likely I'd be giving cuts to lots of Pearly Gate travelers. 

I am pretty proud of myself to finally finish.
 I even bragged to Loredia that I would weave in all the ends
and block it before giving it to her....
so help me God.
It is drying as I speak PRAY!


Catching Fire Crochet

When I saw this Shawl/Cowl/Wrap on Pinterest, I was immediately drawn to it's asymmetrical design and the semi fitted sleeve.  The fact that it is a crochet pattern with just the cowl knitted made it an even better fit for me and my time frame since I crochet much faster than I knit.

Now what I hadn't a clue about was the inspiration for this pattern.  Who are what is Katniss?  Gosh, I hope it's not some sort of foreign made yarn that I can't substitute something I have in my stash. 

As I read over the materials, I realized it was not a 'Strange String'.  The pattern called for any worsted weight or bulky weight and a size 'N' needle.  Got that!  I've been saving this gorgeous deep red  'Marble' forever.  I think it will be perfect.

Still no clue about Katniss!  Finally, I went back to Pinterest and browsed the board from which I had pinned this wrap. 
Meet Katniss EverDeen wearing her Katniss Wrap Shield. 
It's Catching Fire Fashion...and I mean it's really catching on fire in the Fashion World.
Take a look and read about it on Fashion Tribes.com
I am so not with the Hunger Games movies, although I did see the first one
 and promptly forgot it.
Now that I am up on the inspiration for this pattern.  I decided it would be the perfect gift for my grandgal for Christmas.  The pattern is easy and with the size 'N' hook it works up quick.   I changed yarn from deep red to a combination of greens and threw in a few rounds of different stitches.  Mostly for more texture, but also to keep from getting soooo bored with row after row of double crochet. 
 Guess I'd better catch up on the Hungry Hunger Games movies!
Who knew crochet would Catch On Fire Fashion!


Groovy To Be A Square 'Granny Square' Maker

By the time Fall/Autumn season arrives, I am ready for the change in weather and more than ready for swapping Capris and T's for Slacks and Sweaters.  As you can see, I got in the Fall Color mode a while back...like in August...with Granny Squares and Fabrics.  It is part of my 4R Fiber BlowOut Bucket List in preparation for the Fall Season Sales I will be doing on the First Saturdays of October, November and December. 
The batch of Needle Keeper Books are finished and ready for this coming Saturdays sale.  I had a fun time sewing this combination of 1930's fabrics for the cover which has a definite feel of Autumn.  Inside each of the Needle Books are a few vintage notions from my collection.  I love the way they turned out. 
The 'Granny Square' was the first crochet block pattern I learned to make.  It was long before I ever thought about being a 'Granny', and thought it a funny name for my 1960's Poncho pattern.  I loved it so much that just about everyone on my Christmas List got a 'Granny Square' something or the other.  I was an 'OverDoSixtiesSue'. 

I am enjoying the 'New Granny Square' patterns and variations on the old one. 
 My 'Crochet Items Pinterest Board' is full of 'Groovy Granny Squares'. 
 I know, nobody says 'Groovy' anymore...especially in the same sentence as 'Granny'.
That'd be sooooo Square!