The Sabbath Shawl

I will probably go to my grave saying, "Sure, I'll be glad to MAKE that.".  Then get busy getting all the stuff together to MAKE 'that' while I'm standing in line at the Pearly Gates.

"Yes, Saint Peter, I meant to finish this before getting to the front of this line so I wouldn't have to confess at being the 'biggest procrastinator' who ever stood before you."

Can't you just imagine Saint Peter, saying, "Sue, Knitter's Heaven is not ready for you...go back to the end of the line.  You can pass through the gates when you FINISH.  I suggest you Pray while you knit on 'The Sabbath Prayer Shawl.  Start with "I will not procrastinate, Amen."

That image prompted me to FINISH this Prayer Shawl started on June 25, 2011.  It only took 1,194 days.  That must be some kind of record...and not one to be bragging about...for Heaven's Sake.

I never should have said, "Oh, yeah, I'll knit you a shawl, Loredia". Key word being KNIT.  But, I was kind of obligated since it was a bartered bargin.  Yep, I wore out those bartered Berkinstocks way before I finished the shawl.

I have to say though, it was a hard pattern.  Do you think Saint Peter would buy that excuse?  Probably not.  More than likely I'd be giving cuts to lots of Pearly Gate travelers. 

I am pretty proud of myself to finally finish.
 I even bragged to Loredia that I would weave in all the ends
and block it before giving it to her....
so help me God.
It is drying as I speak PRAY!


Wendy said...

Yeah, that looks pretty tricky. But the procrastination coupled with your humor and proclivity for puns make this one heavenly post.

Sue McPeak said...

Thanks Wendy. I hope Saint Peter has a sense of humor, too. Otherwise, I'm going to be standing in line a looooong time

Joanne said...

very nice intricate work. I'd say you've found a very good way to avoid entering those pearly gates. Keep a knitting project on the line.

Pom Pom said...

Wow! It's lovely! You are NOT a typical procrastinator. You just love everything and want to do everything and can't get it ALL done in record time!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

It's BEAUTIFUL! No wonder it took you a long time, it looks very difficult!


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