Groovy To Be A Square 'Granny Square' Maker

By the time Fall/Autumn season arrives, I am ready for the change in weather and more than ready for swapping Capris and T's for Slacks and Sweaters.  As you can see, I got in the Fall Color mode a while back...like in August...with Granny Squares and Fabrics.  It is part of my 4R Fiber BlowOut Bucket List in preparation for the Fall Season Sales I will be doing on the First Saturdays of October, November and December. 
The batch of Needle Keeper Books are finished and ready for this coming Saturdays sale.  I had a fun time sewing this combination of 1930's fabrics for the cover which has a definite feel of Autumn.  Inside each of the Needle Books are a few vintage notions from my collection.  I love the way they turned out. 
The 'Granny Square' was the first crochet block pattern I learned to make.  It was long before I ever thought about being a 'Granny', and thought it a funny name for my 1960's Poncho pattern.  I loved it so much that just about everyone on my Christmas List got a 'Granny Square' something or the other.  I was an 'OverDoSixtiesSue'. 

I am enjoying the 'New Granny Square' patterns and variations on the old one. 
 My 'Crochet Items Pinterest Board' is full of 'Groovy Granny Squares'. 
 I know, nobody says 'Groovy' anymore...especially in the same sentence as 'Granny'.
That'd be sooooo Square!


  1. Oh I am envious! I've always wanted to know how to make granny squares. I picked up knitting, sort of, but could never make sense of crochet. LOVE your granny squares, Sue, and your needle books are pretty and useful...double whammy!

  2. nice to see the fall selection. Now we need this TX weather to cooperate!


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