FRI-FOTOS....Golf Course Shots

This is where I play golf when it's 102 degrees....what was I thinkin'!!!!
HiHoney assured me there was more than 'Quick Sand' to photograph!
Lucky for him there were Texas Size Sunflowers!


Here's To Longevity

I've been Scrapbooking since I was a teenager. That was when 'Scrapbooks' were really scrappy with scotch tape, elmers glue and manilla pages wire bound to last....well for me so far....over fifty years.

  It was when girls wore pedal pushers and sailor collars on their blouses, talked on a rotary dial phone and played 45 rpm records.

Funny thing about being a teenage scrapbooker...it was the beginning of becoming a 'Collector'.  Who knew it would lead to CollectInTexas Gal.

As I look at my 'Teenage Scrapbook', I notice that it cost a whoppin' 49 cents.  I haven't looked at it in awhile, so I thought I'd share some of the pages with you of "Old School Scrapbooking" before getting to my "21st Century Scrapbook".
What a Hoot, huh?
"Cookie Lend me your comb"....Do you remember Edd Byrnes from 77 Sunset Strip?
I don't know what happened to the photo that went with that quip,
but it was of Tony...he wore his hair just like 'Kookie' and was always combing it. 
Sorry bout that drawing, Tony!
OMGosh....it started back then...saving Birthday Cards!
I sure don't remember receiving this card, and I've no clue who Shirley is,
but I bet I 'Get It' more NOW than I did THEN...
."In the interest of brevity"!
My brother probably didn't get it either....he's showin' off his Champion Fine Wool Lamb.
I'm moving right along with my Great Grandmothers DoOver Scrapbook!
This is the Cover Page for the beginning of her Marley Family History.
The pages to follow will feature the original photos from the 'Old Album'.
I'm tying the Old Album to the New Album with photos I've staged of the Old Photos and Album.
Like the bottom photo on the Marley Cover page.
I'm printing the photos on card stock paper rather than photo paper for a more aged and mat finish.  Original photos are being mounted by taking advantage of decorative cuts in the background paper like you see with the leaf shapes.  I use a stencil cutting knife.  I also use clear photo corners on original photos so they can be removed easily. 
Here's one of my favorite 'Staged Photos'. 'In The Interest of Brevity', I'll tell you about it in my next 'Scrapbookin' Post' where I'll also answer.....
Wendy's comment questions....

I really want to know more about how you did this. Did you use the actual photos or scan them? Did you create a cut & paste scrapbook or do it all digitally? What did you do with photos that were not of people? I see photos beside people on the tree - how did you handle photos of people in different stages of their lives?

   So, until then....Here's to Longevity!!!!


100 Year DoOver...A New Family Heirloom

There comes a time in every Family Tree Collection to stop collecting and put it all together!
That's where I've been and where I am and where I'm likely to be for awhile!
Restore or Repurpose?
This has been my dilemma with my Great Grandmothers Photo Album.
The original Album is in fair condition considering it is over 100 years old.
However, since the photos did not fit into the album properly to begin with and there is
no space to add information about the photos, the decision to 'Repurpose' was made.
With todays Scrapbooking tools, acid free papers, glues and larger albums,
my Great Grandmothers Family Tree, Photos and History will be preserved for another 100 years or longer.
I have a couple of weeks to finish The Carroll~Marley Scrapbook as I'm attending my first
Family Reunion of Great Grandmother's Marley-Leatherwood Descendents.
My newly found cousins are excited to see the photos, and I am excited to meet them
and share our Texas Family History.
I think Great Grandmother Martha Jane would approve!


Heirlooms in My Family Tree

Great Grandmother Martha Jane Marley Carroll may have been a quilter and a knitter. 
I like to think that she was, and that my interest in Quilting and Knitting is a Genetic Thingy!
Over the years I have collected and pieced many 'Grandmother's Flower Garden' quilts
with my favorite fabrics being from the 1930's. 
This year my goal has been to quilt the 'Pieced Tops' that I've collected.
This 'Handpieced Top' was originally made to fit a full size bed as back in the 1930's that was the standard size mattress.
However, the 'Top' had some missing and frayed pieces in the center
and was the perfect piece to re-purpose into four smaller tops.
The 'Flower Garden' blocks and their white and 30's green background pieces were well done and showcase many 30's florals and solids.
By adding 1930's reproduction fabrics as borders and backing and machine quilting,
 the four quilts have been given a new life for many years to come.
Who knows, perhaps this one will become a Family Heirloom...like the photos
from my Great Grandmother Martha Jane Marley Carroll's Photo Album.
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"Do's and Don'ts At Lola's"

DO DROP In ... at Lola's in Buffalo Gap, Texas.

DON'T Just Walk In and expect Special Service....DO read the HOUSE RULES!!!!
DO follow Rule #10 to Order!
DO Clean Your Plate!
DON'T wait for the WAITRESS to refill your tea or bring your ticket!
DON'T Go Out The DOOR without following Rule #10 to pay the Ticket you DIDN'T get...
...Lola DOESN'T forget what she fixed for you!
DO Shut The DOOR.....Ya'll Come Back!!!

PS....Jenny, I thought you'd probably like this sign. Lola won't mind if you copy!
PPS...Did you know that the phrase 'Do It Yourself' has been around since the 1950's. Personally, I think my Mama coined this phrase...I heard it often growing up!!!! Thanks Mama!!!
As Always Thanks Beverly
Making Saturday Pink!!!


Trimming My Family Tree

Where did all these folks come from?   Who knew there would be so many people to acknowledge on a persons Family Tree?   Where does one start picking off leaves or chopping off brances?

And to think, when I first started growing My Family Tree, I never ever would have thought I'd find so many ancestors that I'd have to 'Trim The Tree'.

 I've always thought of 'My Tree' as a Mesquite Tree.  It's a hardy and prolific plant found in West Texas with deep tap roots and what can be anywhere from two feet scrubby shrubs to thirty foot trees.   I've often referred to myself as the 'First Bean' of my Dad's Branch/Twig and my Siblings as Beans Two, Three, Four and Five.

About those Mesquite Beans...they have been known as a food source.  Dried and ground beans have been made into flour which adds a sweet, nutty taste to breads or used in jelly or wine.  It is unwise to eat these beans raw unless you are a heifer or steer.  Yep, they love those green beans and snap them right off the tree.  Now you know how they got to be the most prolific plant in Texas. 
Now don't misunderstand my 'Prolific Bean Theory' as a comparison to my 'Prolific Production of Ancestors'.  It wasn't until the 1890's that they were exposed to the Texas Mesquite Tree, and as you can see from the 'Grandparent Chart', just about any Tree can handle that number of Branches, Twigs and Beans.  It's the Great Great's To Infinity that are cluttering up my Tree...not to mention my BeanBrain!  Why, there are so many 'GG's2InFin' that I have invented 'TAGS' that say Profile Done....afterall you only need to DigEm Up Once.
So where do I draw the Family Tree Pruning Line?
How many 'Great Great's 2 Infinity' Ancestors do I need to know?
I think 5X Great Grandparents John Ichabod and Mary Polly Rowe Pittman ought to do it!
Afterall, diggin' around in Colonial America has turned up some really neat stuff!
Although, finding Mary Polly Rowe's 5XGreat Grandparents in Scotland is tempting!
Just think Sue...10X Great Grandparents...WOW!!!
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Welcome June

According to the Georgian calendar, which is used over most of the world today, June is the sixth month.  On the Roman calendar, it was considered the fourth month and had only 29 days.  Julius Ceasar gave the month 30 days in 46 B.C., when he reformed the Roman Calendar. 
Spring ends and summer begins around June 20, 21, or 22 in Texas...and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere.
It's the time that the flowers are beautiful.  It is especially the month for roses....unless you live in Texas....they were done last month.  However, the Rose is the Official Flower of the Month for June.  The Pearl is the Birthstone for the month of June and other gems associated with June are Alexandrite and Moonstone.  The June Bug, also known as June beetle, is the name for several large beetles seen in Texas...LARGE JUNE BUGS...during May and June.  They are usually seen at night, when the light attracts them.
 It Happened In June
Kentucky became the 15th State...June 1, 1792....Tennessee the 16th State...June 1, 1796
Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States during the Civil War...Born June 3, 1808
Texan George Bush, 41st President of US...Born June 12, 1924
The Continental Congress adopted the Flag of the United States June 14, 1777.
Arkansas became the 25th state on June 15, 1836
Eli Whitney applied for a patent on the cotton gin...June 20, 1782.
The Battle of Velasco, Texas....Fought June 25-26, 1832
First military conflict between Mexico and Texians....Read more HERE.
June Quotation
Then let us, one and all, be contented with our lot;
The June is here this morning, and the sun is shining hot;
Oh! let us fill our hearts up with the glory of the day,
And banish ev'ry doubt and care and sorrow far away.
James Whitcomb Riley
My neighbor moved here from Oregon last year in June. 
She wrote home about Texas in the Summer.
  • June 1st...Just moved to Texas! Now this is a state that knows how to live!  Beautiful sunny days and warm balmy evenings.  What a place...I've finally found my home...love it here!
  • June14th...Really heating up.  Got to 100 today....not a problem...live in an AC'd home, drive car with AC.  What a pleasure to see the sun everyday.  I'm turning into a sun worshipper.
  • June 30th...Had the yard landscaped with western plants.  Lots of cactus and rocks.  A breeze to maintain....no more mowing.  Another scorcher today, but I love it here.
  • July 10th...The temp hasn't been below 100 all week.  How do people get used to this heat?  At least, it's windy.  But getting used to the heat is taking longer than I expected.
  • July 15th...Fell asleep by the pool...3rd degree burns over 60% of my body.  Missed 3 days work.  What a dumb thing to do...learned my lesson though.  Got to respect the ole sun in Texas.
  • July 25th...The wind sucks.  It feels like a giant freaking blow dryer and it's hot as hell.  The house AC is on the fritz and the repairman charged $200 just to drive by and tell me he needed to order parts.
  • July 30th...Been sleeping outside on the patio for 3 nights now...AC fried...repairman fired.  Why did I ever come here?
  • Aug. 4th...It's 115 degrees.  Finally got the AC fixed...cost $500 and gets the temp down to 85.  I hate this stupid state.
  • Aug. 9th...Tried to run errands today...wore shorts...thought my butt was on fire when I sat on the car seat.  Lost 2 layers of flesh and all the hair on the back of my legs.  I need a vacation to Alaska.
  • Aug. 10th...The weatherman says 'Hot and Sunny' today, and look for it to really warm up next week.  What the H Edouble L!!! Doesn't it ever rain in this dang state?  We're rationing water, my thousands of $$$$ landscape is drying up and blowing away...even cactus can't live in this Godforsaken State!  God's Country my ____!!!!
  • Aug. 15th...Welcome to HELL!!  Temp is 115....Cactus dead.  Forgot to crack car window...heat exploded the windshield...Texas Friendly Windshield Repairman said, "Howdy Ma'am, hot enough for ya"?  My neighbor, Sue, had to bail me out of jail.  Freaking Texas...what kind of sick demented idiot would want to live here???  I'm moving back to Oregon...right after the trial....Freaking Texas Friendly Windshield Repairman!!! 
Happy June, Ya'll !!!!
As Always Thanks Beverly
Making Saturday Pink!!!