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2013 FinishAlong...1st Quarter
New Year SewAlong
Rachels Stitched In Color 'Curves Class'
Sewing fills my days, not to mention the living room, bedroom and closets.
So much fabric, so little time!  Or, sew much fabric, sew little time!
When life throws you scraps, make a quilt.
I'm a Material Girl...want to see my fabric collection?
Sewing forever, housework whenever.
AuthorsUnknown...could be me...how about you?


FinishAlong on WIP Wednesday

 As a Collector of Needlework, I am always on the look-out for OP-UFO's (OtherPeoplesUFO's).
I find them in Thrift Stores, Junktique Shops, Garage Sales and Estate Sales, and
when I find one...I can not leave it behind....like I don't have enough UFO's of my own.
Like this beautifully done, tiny stitched, cross stitch sampler....which I do not do...cross stitch.
Therefore, I have the greatest appreciation for those who will take the time and effort
to do such tiny stitches that I'm sure require an 8X's magnifying lamp and the patience of Job.
 With that said, my forte' is 'SueToThe Rescue'.  Yep, LOVE Finishing OPS...OtherPeoplesStarts!
So here is the Start of Finishing this LOVE CrossStitch Sampler.
Round one is RedRickRack precisly placed around the Red and Gold IttyBitty X's.
I know, my OCD is showing with this precision placement which I kept in place with
Roxanne's Glue Baste so I could 'TopStitch' the 'LoveQuip' inner border. 
I do LOVE the way this is working out. 
By next WIP Wednesday I hope to ADORE Round 2 and
possibly even get a SMILE for Round 3.
she can quilt


SpaceOdyssey Geekette Squad

 It's Official....I am now a HiTech Geekette Sewist. 
How GroovyNeatCoolAwesome is that?
(using ALL of my known Superlatives brings me 'Full Circle' from the 60's to now)
Back in the Day...the 60's...when I got my first Sewing Machine, the ZigZag Stitch WAS
the latest HiTech gadget to have, and I had it on my Heavy Metal Kenmore.
Back then the closest thing to what this Gal raised in PoDunk, Texas, knew about computers was
and that was soooo 'FarFetched' that....well....who knew that FortySomething Years later....
...that a H.A.Laptop would be an essential part of my Sewing Room...AND...
that it's YEARS past that 'FarFetched 2001'....how GNCA is that????
Wow, Sue, you've come along way, from your Mom's Singer Treadle to the Heavy Metal Kenmore
to now stitchin' on your Computerized Janome 6600. 
About now is when I usually say...'What will they think of next'...but I'll save that for later...
right now, I'm just AweStruck that I can actually 'DoThis 2013 Space Odyssey Sewing'.
Here's my TripleZipper Sewing Bag...result of 2013 Space Odyssey Sewing.
Thanks Deb for the PDF. 
 I don't know what PDF stands for, but it sure was fun 'Triple Zippin' Along with You!
I hope you don't mind if I add you as a member of my
SpaceOdyssey Geekette Squad!


Blue In Grandmother's Flower Garden

 Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern was popular in the late 19th Century, and hit it's peak of popularity about 1925.  This block was popular during the Depression when quilt making was almost a necessity, as women were forced to return to frugal homemaking once again.

The hexagon provided a way to use small fabric scraps, and was cheerful reminder of colorful flower gardens, a much needed lift during hard times.  The number of hexagons in the finished quilt and their size were a matter of pride for the quilter.
This pattern has a long history, dating back to the Colonial Period where it was known as Mosaic, Honeycomb, or French Bouquet.  Godey's Ladies book, founded in 1830, published the pattern in 1835.  It is thought to be the first pieced quilt pattern published in America.  Reference: Quilt Discovery Experience
As a collector of Vintage Quilts, I have to say that the 1930's Fabrics and Patterns are my Favorites. Over the years I have restored, remade, repurposed, and quilted many Vintage Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt tops. This Flower Garden was a rescue top that had several holes and torn places right in the middle of what was made to fit a full size bed. I repaired what I could and then cut the top into FOUR smaller pieces. Added new 1930's reproduction fabric borders and backing then machine quilted them.  Although, not an easy pattern to machine piece, it can be done.  Traditionally it is pieced by hand.  Today there are several techniques that make the hand piecing, cutting and marking a bit easier and quicker.  English Paper Piecing, Plexi-Hexagon Templates, and my often used method...Stamps by Kate...which I discovered at the Houston Quilt Festival one year.
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FNSI...FlowerGarden Trip Trimmed-Bordered

 I picked cut flowers in this Flower Garden Trip and planted a lovely border all the way around.
I thought I could wait until the weather warmed up a bit, but when your clipper is sharpened...
there's no time like the present....or when it's Friday Night Sew In time.
 I had originally planned to add a few more petals to one end for a longer garden plot,
but my Seed Stash of matching pieces must have been used in another Scrappy Garden Quilt. 
On to Plan B....clipped off the tops ends and planted a border of tiny yellow daisies.
Lucky for me the Seed Stash had two yards of just the right matching fabric for backing.
It's all pressed and both pieces are in Lottie's Line.
 I started on this Garden Trip several years ago and have it as One of my
 FinishAlong Projects for the First Quarter which ends in April.
I think I will be able to have it quilted and bound by the April deadline,
so long as it doesn't get bumped back in *QuiltALottie's Line.
Grandmother's Flower Garden is one of my All Time Favorite Old Fashion Quilt Patterns.
Once I learned the technique of piecing YSeams, piecing the Hexagons together was easy.
I enjoyed piecing both by hand and on the machine. 
A helpful Tip...PRESS the Back after each round.
And...cut more HexieSeeds than you think you'll need...or...finish your planting in one season!
Handmade by Heidi she can quilt



Favorite Stitching Bling and Fabric Jewels

 If ever there was such a thing as 'Stitching Bling'...I have it in this Bejeweled Miniature Sewing Machine Jewelry Box.
A very special and Favorite Thing...a gift from a very special and favorite person...my Sister.
 If ever there was a such a thing as Fabric Jewels...I have them, too.
They are called Batiks and Marbles and when pieced together they truly sparkle and shine like Jewels.
 I just finished this BeJeweled Table Runner. 
It was an Improv Curve Project in an Internet Class I'm taking with Rachel at Stitched in Color.
Improv means you Rotary Cut Freehand (without rulers) and stitch the curved pieces without pinning.
Kind of like 'Flying by the Seat of Your Pants'...I do that alot...so this was right up my Improv Alley.
I ImprovCut a basket full of strips then pieced them in pairs...then in fours and so on until I had four strips long enough for a Table Runner.  The real ImprovCuts came when Rachel said to overlap the strips and Freehand Cut two strips following the gentle curve made by piecing angled strips together.  Yikes...it was kinda scary even for an 'Experienced Pants Flyer'.  I loved it...can't wait to slice up some more strips to add to the leftovers and start again.  I see an Improv Curve Bed Quilt in my future.
I'm really lovin' this Jewel encrusted table runner. 
I'm thinking I need to  have it insured.
Afterall, there are at least a dozen Saphires, twenty Aquamarine,  ten or so Amethyst,
two dozen Rubies, lots of Citrine and I don't know how many Emeralds.
All....my Favorite Gem Stones.
Oh, and the backing and binding....rich as can be...don't you agree?
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QUILT Mag~Winter 1985...MIL Memories

 American's Favorite Quilting Magazine!
I wasn't a Quilter during the Winter of 1985, but my MotherInLaw was a Quilt Magazine Collector, and I'm guessing she was thinking about becoming a Quilter.  She was an experienced seamstress with many years of dressmaking for herself and her daughters.  She had the largest collection of 'Polyester Double Knit' this side of Dallas.  One day, around 1995 or so, I was telling her about my Quilting Lessons at the Senior Citizens Center...that story HERE.   We were sitting at the kitchen table drinking IceTea and talking about sewing and fabrics...again double knit...when she remembered her Collection of Quilt Magazines.  It took her a few minutes to find them in 'The Closet' where she kept 'Things for Later'...you know special stuff saved for a 'Rainey Day'. 
 That was the beginning of my Collection of 1980's Quilt Magazines.
 This Winter 1985 is the oldest one I have, and if I remember correctly,
my MIL thought it would be perfect for a Beginning Quilter.
She was right.  It has also become a Treasury of All-Time Favorite Quilts and
Memories of SweetTea, Kitchen Table Visits and my MIL Ruth.
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Clam CoverUp...Curves Class Project

CoverUp...What a versatile word, and one that relates to a variety of situations/events/objects.
These days we are all familiar with the 'Scandalous CoverUps' in the news.
Then there are the SwimSuit CoverUps that don't really CoverUp much, and could be viewed as Scandalous.
I personally am part of the CoverGirl CoverUp.
Oh, and I absolutely am on board with all the Warm CoverUps like sweaters, scarves, and shawls.
Even Victoria's Secret claims to have a corner on the market of CoverUps....again...not much covered there.
Back in the 1980's there was a TV Series called CoverUp starring Jennifer O'Neill.
Of course there is a book entitled 'CoverUp'...noticed it on Amazon.
And not to be left out of the CoverUp Craze is a company called CoverUP that lets you
Personalize Your Gadget CoverUps...iPhone, iPad, Galaxys, and more.
Here's my GADGET that needed a CoverUp.
It's my Funky Shaped Janome Embroidery Machine...narrow at the back and wide in the front.
To cover it with the hard cover that came with it, I have to UnPlug the cord and pedal, remove the USB Gadget,
take down the Multiple Thread Holder Thingy...you get the picture.
Now She's Covered and happy as a Clam..or at least I am.
A perfect solution to the Funky Shape...A Fold To Fit Sewing Machine Cover!
Everything still pluged in and ready to go, yet covered and protected from dust, lint and other sewing room flying objects.
The Clam CoverUp is made from a LongArm Pattern Sampler made years ago for customers to see how a pattern would look stitched on their quilt top.  I have lots of these samplers, and it was just the right size to stitch the clamshells to.  The Stitchin' Fabrics are from my Sewing-Quilting Theme Stash, and the Clamshell pattern from Rachels Curves Class.
Don't you just 'Heart' the Sewing Machine Pin?
It's the Perfect Ending for the ClamCoverUp!
Threading My Way_Featured
The Clam Coverup Featured HERE
Thanks Pam!


Clam Quilt Chowder...Curves Class Recipe

Soups On, Ya'll...Clam Quilt Chowder Soup that is....and I didn't even have to 'Dig the Clams'.
Which is certainly a good thing since Clamshell's are hard to find here in West Texas.
Lucky me to be taking Rachel's Curves Class
Yep, I 'Downloaded' instead of 'DugUp' the Clam Pattern.
 The Clamshell project designed by Rachel is a Pillow Cover, but I've tapped into one of my
 Aquarian Birthday Horoscope's Blooming Creative Solutions
and adapted the Pillow Cover into a slightly different Cover...to be revealed later.
Rachel suggested fusing the clams with fusible web or a fabric glue stick to hold
them in place while you are stitching them.
I used Roxanne's Glue Baste-It....love this stuff....a dot or two is all it takes...heat set then stitch!
No fuss...No Mess...No Sticky Needle...No Worries!!!  
Here's my Clamshell LineUp!
Time to Go Clamming....I mean Stitching!


Quilting Within The Framework of Protocol

The stars are aligned for brilliance today, Aquarian Sue...it's your time to shine.
It's as if you've tapped into some universal electrical current.
Unique ideas pop up out of nowhere, creative solutions bloom in your consciousness
and your genius knows no bounds - except of course, when it comes to
Rules and Regulations.
At that point, you seem to develop a bit of a blind spot.
But this is one of those times it's important to keep within the limits.
Take it as a creative challenge to figure out how to unleash your talents within
the Framework of Protocol.
Daily Horoscope for January 20, 2013
When the Stars bequeath you as an Aquarian with SCRAPS....make a Quilt from 'Outta NoWhere and
Let your Creative Genius Bloom!  Forget the Rules and Regulations!
And to hell with the Framework of Protocol....It's my Birthday!


The Right Stuff for Stitchin' Quilt Binding

Much Ado has been made about 'The Right Stuff'. 
It's a Book...It's a Movie...It's a Song!
And for Handstitchin' Binding...It's
A Cup of Coffee...A Leather Thimble...Needle and Thread...and TWO Favorite Things! 
 THREAD HEAVEN...It's soooo The Right Stuff for knot free stitching of all kinds,
but especially for stitching down binding. 
It conditions your thread and makes it slide through fabric without tangeling and making knots. 
It's easy to use and lasts and lasts and lasts! 
Look for it at your Local Fabric Shop or order it OnLine...Link at bottom of this post.
MAGNIFYING LAMP...It's soooo the Right Thing for 'Proper Lighting' and 'Saving Sight'!
Mine is a Thrift Shop Find many years ago.   
You can find the Desk Top Ott Light at most Fabric Shops or check out the one I found
 for you OnLine...Link at the bottom of this post.   
So now I'd better get back to stitchin' down the binding on the
When I finish, I'd like to read Kelly Long's latest book
Threads of Grace
Don't you just love reading 'Quilting Stories'?