Hunting vs Piecing Flying Geese

Making the leap from Hunting Flying Geese to Making Flying Geese is NOT as big as one might think.
It's a matter of  Equipment vs Tools and  ExtrodinaryProwess vs Techniques
In my case of hunting piecing on Snow and Ice for Frozen Flying Geese, I gathered the following tools in my warm Sewing Studio
 while HiHoney (husband) froze his butt off out in the bushes. 
The Equipment/Tools
Camo Jeep - Sewing Machine
Tire Chains - Quarter Inch Foot
Shot Gun - Sharp Scissors
Bird Dog - ChiWennie
The ExtraProwess /Techniques
Field and Stream - Judy Hopkins Around the Block Again
Hunting License -  Precise Rotary Cutting Class Certificate
Accurate Aiming - Quarter Inch Chaining
There Ya Go....16 perfect Frozen Flying Geese
made in the comfort of my warm studio with my faithful ChiWeinne sitting by the fire.
HiHoney's muddy, wet, smelly, frozen solid, dead bird he shot in the freezing West Texas outback.
He swears he should have bagged at least as many as I made,
but the Bird Dog refused to go get em'. 
Finished Frozen Flying Geese pieced around a Frozen Snowflake Pond.
Second Set of Four Blocks for the


  1. Sue, that is beautiful! Still amazes me!

  2. absolutely gorgeous. I picked out my backing fabric today. I would prefer your type of duck hunting too!

  3. Hi Sue, At least you can bag your geese. HA! Love your post. Did you cook the goose?

    You have inspired me to get back to quilting.
    Love ya,

  4. Gosh, these are beautiful blocks. I love your hunting comparison!! my husband is a hunter and I could relate rather well!!

  5. Pretty! Now, I want to know what block you'd make when hubby goes deer hunting. Yum! Deer chili, Deer lasagna, Deer Stroganoff....


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