FINSH ALONG 1st Quarter...Let's DO This!!

Yikes!!! Here I go STARTING another Phase of  '2013 GetErDone' or 'UseIt or LoseIt'!
I guess this is a bit of an oxymoron....Starting a  Finishing Project!  WhaaatEvvveeer!!!
(Isn't that a great word...whatever...with just the right inflection, it fits for...well, whatever...learned it from GrandGal)
Anyway, back to starting and finishing...today is the day to reveal the
Projected Projects ToBe FINISHED in the
First Quarter of the Finish Along...FAL 2013
she can quilt
As I stuck several of my FAL projects on my Design Wall, I kept reminding myself to
NOT be 'OverDoSue' for this First Quarter.
Afterall, several of these projects have been UFO's for so long they think they are FINISHED!
 This is my Maggie Malone Hardest Blocks Ever Project.  I posted about it HERE.
Started in about 1998...hope to FINISH in this FAL 1st Quarter.
Plan to make a wall hanging with these FIVE blocks.
Had plans to make a Full Size Bed Quilt when I started this project...HA!
(for explanation...read post HERE)
 Another Late 90's Obsession...Hexagons!
I just hope I can find enough scraps/pieces to FINISH out the top row!
I planned on this being a throw after adding borders.  It may end up a throw all right.
For a very short person.  There are very few short people in my Family.
How short are YOU?
 Early in THIS Century, I taught a 'Trip Around The World Class' using a method of organizing and piecing by the verticle row.  The Trip guide was done in EQ, the fabrics cut in squares, and the rows layed out by twos.  Any size quilt can be made with this method...small ones all in one set of rows or large quilts divided into Sets of 4 Quarters.  This Patriotic Trip was a Class Example.  Time to GetErDone.
 Ain't LOVE Grand and Ain't Cross Stitch Awesome?
I think so when it's done by someone else....the cross stitchin'...I'm good with the lovin'.
I LOVE taking OPS (Other Peoples Starts) and Finishing them!
This is going to be a wall hanging for my nephew and his bride to be this MONTH!
Yikes, again!  Good thing it's a Wall Quilt!
Last but not Least...Literally...There are Seven quilts to have the Binding Handsewn.
There...I'm Done with the GetErDone List for
Finish Along 1st Quarter.
Let's Do This!!!

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  1. I'd be happy to hand sew the binding on your lovely quilts if only I lived in Texas (or you lived in IN-ha!).

    Over the Thanksgiving holiday I did this for my friend Connie who got me started quilting in the first place. With three small grandchildren who visit often, she'd let THE ONLY QUILT SHE'S EVER MADE FOR HERSELF wait for over a year to be finished. I couldn't stand the thought so while the little ones played I hand-sewed.

    It's good to get those projects out of the closet, isn't it?!

  2. With all those bindings, it looks like you'll get to watch lots of movies on TV in the next few weeks.

  3. Leslie...definately, it is good to get these projects out of the closet, out from under the bed, out of bins and drawers. So nice of you to offer to do the handwork for me...what's your address? LOL!!!

    Cheryl...That's what I thought until I remembered everything is a Re-Run and most of the movie channels show ones I've already seen. Mmmmm sounds like it's going to be PayPerView...may as well pay the postage and send them to Leslie.

  4. I'm so glad I saw this on your blog. I have joined, and now I know I can get my UFO's done!

  5. Me too, Deborah. We can be the Texas Connection! Looking forward to getting started on my first project...The LoveBirds Wall Quilt.

  6. Well, Sue, I too have some projects I need to START finishing! Good luck with yours ... and Happy New Year!

  7. Wow, a project from 1998. Maybe we need a prize for the longest project start to finish? I love your projects, each will be an excellent finish, and I expect that they will be fun to work on too. I am so glad you are finishing along!

  8. Such talent all over blog land! I am fascinated by all the creative people I meet!


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