Winter White Snow and Ice Inspired

 Inspiration for making Winter White Snowy blocks was hard to come by here in Texas. 
All I had was the January picture on my New Year Calendar!
It was taken at Lake Tahoe, Northern California, and I must admit
 by the time I got to the last four blocks for the Winter White Friendship Exchange,
I needed some snowy inspiration.
 At any rate, I'm finished with all Twelve Blocks which I divided into Three Sets of Four.
I posted about this event and the making of the Three Sets of Blocks in the following posts:
Before I put them in the mail to Lee at LaLa's Lovelys...the hostess of this event,
I played around with them on my design wall.
I love them all, but I think the Iceing on the Snow, for me, is the Third Set...the four corner blocks.
I hope the other Snowy Sewers will like these Icy Blocks made by a Texas Gal
who had to surf the net and take a calendar trip to Lake Tahoe for
Winter White Snow and Ice Inspiration.


  1. Lovely! Your colors have been on my mind since you started. I'm going to use them in an 'exchange' that my little guild is doing, starting next month. Lots of star blocks with the lovely whites and blues. Thanks for the idea.

  2. I looovvvveee them. Yesterday we had about a foot of snow fall. Today it was clear blue skies, but cold. So your blocks are perfect.

  3. Those are beautiful blocks. The blues are perfect.

  4. Hi Sue,This blue and white patterned quilt is stunning. When you send your squares who puts the quilt together? I am not familiar with being a hostess and the object of the individual squares. It is certainly a reminder of ice and snow.

    I am looking forward to your quilting posts.
    Blessings, Jeanne

  5. These squares definitely say snow and ice. Had I made them, I'd be hard pressed to part with them.

    And Sue, I'm nominating you for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award, with all the warmth that this Virginia winter can offer.

  6. Such beautiful blues! We need snow here. It is has been a dry and very cold winter!


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