AtoZ RoadTrip...My HomeTown's Million Barrel Oil Boom

Oil Booms are not new to me or to my HomeTown of Monahans, Texas.  I grew up during the 50's and 60's Oil Boom.  Then when it hit again in the 80's, I was there to say, Hey, Ya'll, you know what follows a Boom....a Bust!!!  Another thing I always say is History repeats itself and What goes around comes around.  I love being RIGHT!!!  The Oil Boom History is definitely repeating itself in West Texas and in my hometown.
The Million Barrel Museum is what is left of the 1928 Oil Boom.  I wasn't there then, but during the 1950's and 60's Boom, I knew plenty of people who added their names to the five acres of cement walls.  Back then it was called 'vandalism'...today it's called 'Graffitti Art'.  Just so you know...Sue is not one of the names spray painted there today...I'm sure it faded years ago.  Just kidding....why my Daddy would have had me out there with a tooth brush cleaning the entire five acre cement bowl for just those three little letters....S U E.
Here are some links about the History of the Million Barrel and how it's has been restored and thrives today as a
Museum, a Tourist Attraction and an Event Location.
I hope you enjoyed traveling with me on the AtoZ RoadTrip. 
 Here are some AtoZer's I visited.
It was a West Texas Windy Day at the Million Barrel, but I withstood the wind and caught this stalk of blooms and pods in a relatively still moment.  It's from a Yucca variety desert plant, and this is the time of year they bloom.  Pretty, huh....even when they are crawling with ants!   It's one of my favorites, and now that Xeriscaping has become popular these beauties...ants and all...are seen in more landscapes than ever before.
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Fridays Faces From The Past...Confederate Cousin

Jeptha Mitchell Pittman
What do you love most about Genealogy?
Here 's how I answered that question in my interview for Geneablogger.
It’s hard to say what I love MOST . . . I LOVE IT ALL. I really enjoy being SueLock Holmes and the ‘Discovery Factor!’ My husband and I have always been interested in Old Cemeteries, so that’s become a favorite part of the experience . . . diggin’ up the dirt/info . . . I’m talkin’ figuratively you understand. As an Educator/Artist and Photographer, I’m drawn to the history lessons and the idea that a ‘Picture is worth a thousand words,’ which is often the inspiration for my stories on Tracks of My Texas Ancestors.  And last but not least, I love Texas, it’s rich history and the part my Texas Pioneer Ancestors played in it’s colorful past. I’ve fallen in love with the States of Georgia and Tennessee as I’ve visited the roots of my Texas Ancestors.”  (full interview HERE)
Since that interview, my research for Tracks of My Texas Ancestors has taken me back to the deep South and my Georgia Ancestors.   I must admit I never expected to find so many Pittmans and their extended families with so much well documented, previously researched information.  Amazingly, the research extends all the way back to the Thirteen Original Colonies where the first Pittmans stepped off a ship from England and made their way to Virginia.  That's where I drew the line for Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors....on the shores of Colonial America.
Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors is where the Colonial Pittman's stories and research will reside.  It is where my Georgia Ancestors Tracks travel through South Carolina to Kentucky, and forge the Ohio River all the way down the mighty Mississippi.  It is where my Confederate Cousin's photo and story will be told.

After several years of research into Civil War Service Records, I finally found a PHOTO of a Pittman Civil War Soldier.  What a rewarding find which led to the tearing down of a 'Brick Wall' as to the whereabouts of my 4xGreat Grandfather's brother.  Their story will be presented later on when the Time Line reaches the Pittmans of the 1860's and the Civil War Era.  In the meantime you are invited to view and read these posts about The Colonial Pittmans...click linked titles.


My Uncle Buck's 'Lewis and Clark' Connection

Dear 5th Grade Teacher,
I want to thank you for the history lessons.  If I remember correctly, fifth grade was about the time Early American History was introduced with the more 'Impressionable Stories' and pictures printed in our History Books...or as teachers said, "Get out your Social Studies Book".

It's doubtful that in 1957 I had a clue as to the real meaning of 'Social Studies'...even today I'm not convinced that it is all that clear how it relates to the study of History.  Back In The Day...5th Grade...Social Studies meant History and Geography.  I knew that because you rewarded me with one A+ and seven A's.  I don't know why I didn't get all A+'s since SS/Geo/History was my favorite subject.  I know it couldn't have been my 'Salt Map'...the 6 A+'s on the row below Geography were in ART. 

I so wish I'd know about my Uncle Buck when we 'Social Studied' about the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  My 'Show and Tell' would surely have earned so many A++'s and Kudos that I might have better understood how 'Social' got to be associated with Geography/History.  I wonder if it's still called 'Social Studies' today.  If so, kids must be totally confused with all the 'Social Studying Media's' out there that have absolutely nothing to do with History, but at least there is some Geography....Google Maps.

Mrs. Standefer, I know it's way to late to change any of those A's to A+'s, but I want a Do-Over on my 'Lewis and Clark Show and Tell'.
Still Social Studying,
S. Sue Pittman

My Uncle Buck's Lewis and Clark Connection
Show and Tell by S. Sue Pittman
Buckner Pittman was an American Revolutionary Soldier from Virginia and Georgia....show post on Tracks of my Georgia Ancestors...
Sergeant Buckner Pittman served under Captain George Rogers Clark, brother of William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  While at Fort Jefferson...commissioned by and named for Thomas Jefferson, he no doubt met Captain Meriwether Lewis and Lt. William Clark, a close friend of Govenor Thomas Jefferson.  If Jefferson had made a trip to his namesake fort, he would have no doubt been the guest of the Clark brothers and been introduced to Sergeant Buckner Pittman, Ohio River Frontier Scout and Wilderness Explorer.
The possibility of Scouting for the Lewis and Clark Expedition ended on the muddy banks of the Ohio River....show post on Tracks of my Georgia Ancestors...
The end of Uncle Buck's military/frontier scout days at the age of 37 led to his marriage to the Pennsylvania Farmers Daughter, Ann Smith.  It must have been fate that brought them together.  That and a Flatbottom Boat...show post on Tracks of Georgia Ancestors...
Pennsylvania To Kentucky In A Flatbottom Boat
In conclusion I'd like to point out that if not for a few fateful events, the Pittman name could have been:
Spoken by Govenor Thomas Jefferson..."Nice to meet you, Sargeant Buckner Pittman".
Signed on Maps of The Lewis and Clark Expedition.
Misspelled in Social Studies books...it should be 'tt' for our family line..not Pitman.
Coulda Woulda Shoulda!!!
If Lewis and Clark's Expedition had started in 1784 instead of 1804.
Uncle Buck would have still been able to sit a horse, fight Indians, trek through the wilderness,
 and the 'S' in my first name might have stood for
Now that would have been some kinda of a Show and Tell.


Happy Birthday Pink Saturday

Ya know, Beverly, CollectInTexas Gal and Pink Saturday have celebrated OUR Birthdays together for most all of Pink Saturdays FIVE years.
I just want you to know that I plan to be celebrating together for many years to come.
So, I thought I'd let you know just how long you can count on me being around for
Pink Saturday Birthdays.
When I die, I want it to be on my 100th birthday,
in my beach house on Maui,
and I want my husband to be so upset that he has to
drop out of college.
Happy Fifth Birthday Pink Saturday!!!
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Whispernet Research...Romancing Knitting

 A stack is forming on my desk.  There are cards to send and give, one finished book, one in progress and one that promises some research for my Colonial Ancestors.  There are other books waiting in the wings including the ones on my Kindle.  I've enjoyed having a Kindle, but like so many who grew up enjoying the feel of turning pages, I still love real books and I will continue to stack them as well as store the whispernet ones. 

I could write a good deal about the books I've read lately, and expound on the ones that are in progress, but this is not a book review.  However, you might be interested to know how I go about choosing what books to read and which ones I pass on and why, but I won't go there either for fear you'd be bored out of your skull and be convinced that I don't have a brain in mine.

It's pretty obvious that I read many things that have to do with Love and Needlework.   I do read Romance novels and if they have a Stitching Love thing going on, too...all the better.

I used to read really trashy romance novels with the justification that they were historical and the research...historical...was invaluable to my own writing...which was light years away, but hey...I was stacking and storing and wouldn't dare whispernet a word of that history to anyone.  Which brings me to the surprising and  unexpected  historical research material I can actually use in the writing of my Colonial Ancestors...from of all places....The Whispernet!   That's where I found this History of Knitting book.  It's just mind blowing to find any recorded accounts of knitting since it was so much a part of mundane daily life that it was seldom mentioned in journals, diaries and letters. 

Who knew that  my 5xGreat Grandmother's sock knitting history would find it's way to 'Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors' some 250 years later.  But, that's exactly what's going to happen as soon as I've finished reading and gleaning the chapters on Colonial Knitting, Knitting for Liberty and Knitting in the Circle of Domesticity.
In works of labor or of skill
I would be busy too;
For Satan finds some mischief still
For idle hands to do
Isaac Watts, Against Idleness, 1732

I am sure that Mary Polly recited this poem with every knit and purl stitch she knitted into the scratchy, wooly socks for her first born son, Buckner.  Here's the first in a series of posts on Buckner Pittman....click on Title.


Oh My Moon and Stars...Or...

...An Intellectual Pursuit of a Politically Incorrect Pile of Poop.

The 'Moon and Stars' must be realigning or spinning out of their ancient paths today to get my attention, because it's been ages since I paid much attention to my 'Daily Horoscope', but this morning I glanced down my 'InterNet Homepage' and read....

You'll be most interested by intellectual pursuits today, so feel free to put off plans for frivolous activities if you can.  Instead of shopping at the mall, pick up a book and settle into a comfy chair.  Instead of vegging out on the couch to some reality TV, check out what's on the History channel.  And instead of having a gossip session with friends, start a political conversation.  Your brain is hungry for stimulation and challenges, and it won't be settled until it gets it.

Never have I been so glad to follow my Horoscopes advice...'feel free to put off plans for frivolous activities if you can'...Oh Boy, Can I!!!  No washing and hanging out for me today...Yay!!!

'Instead of shopping at the mall, pick up a book and settle into a comfy chair'.  I never shop at the mall...I'm a Goodwill Hunter, and I do have a stack of books from my favorite Used Book Shop.  Then there's my Free Downloads on my Kindle...I'm currently reading AtoZer Rinelle Grey's Restless Rescuer.  It's HERE on Amazon.  It's a SciFy Romance...perfect for a Moon and Stars reading day.

Instead of vegging out on the couch to some reality TV, check out what's on the History channel.  That will be easy this evening, which is about the only time I watch TV....since the only reality show I watch is over for the season.  Survivor Caramoan winner, John Cochran, cinched my vote with "Don't say anything about my Mom, Jeff"!   About the History Channel...it just might be the best thing on TV, and if you are wondering about my favorite programs...that's them to the right.  More of my 'Moon and Stars' weirdness!
And instead of having a gossip session with friends, start a polictical conversation.  Now that's a good one!  I am about the most 'Politically Incorrect' person you will ever meet, and I seldom if ever discuss politics with anyone except HiHoney, my husband, and then only because it makes him LOL!!!  However, since I've been encouraged to speak out about politics, I'll say a few things in this post about my 'Political Viewpoint' on a current issue.  This is a one time thing ya'll, so remember my tendency to write 'Irreverently and Politcally Incorrectly' about topics I hold dear to my heart or don't know the first thing about. 
When you look at this picture...what do you see?   I'm sure you know a leading question when you see one, but it pretty much will give you a sense of how my visual mind works.  So here goes.
As a Genealogist, I believe that history repeats itself and as a politically incorrector, I believe what goes around comes around and in the coming around it picks up alot of stuff/junk relative to the times.  FYI...I did not get here via a Time Machine...although I'd give it a try, and I've not come across any Tsoukalos' in my Family Tree, but I'm pretty sure Mike and Frank are distant cousins from my mama's Iowa Picker roots.
I'm going to relate the watering trough to the recent headlines concerning, of all things a 'Tax Exempt Tea Party'.  I've never thrown a fancy Tea Party, so I was pretty surprised that anyone who did or does can get a Tax Break for accepting donations of name brand teas.  I'm no conissour of tea, but I do know about and have sipped (filled my trough) with one or two expensive exotic teas.  I am a nonpartisan member of a 'Wednesday Knitting Tea Party' where donations/samples of plain and exotic teas fill our trough.  I wonder if we would qualify for a tax exempt status, afterall we do have Tea Party in our title, and I'm telling you now, yarn is not cheap!
One of the things I really treasure about our Wednesday Knitting Tea Party is the 'Yarn Stash'...another full trough.  However, it never occurred to me to delve any further into a skeins integrity other than coming from a fine wool sheep, a domestic Alpaca or an industrial acrylic.  Imagine the scandal that would be created with the 'laundering of secret yarns'.  That would become a greater scandal than any misconduct of the WKT. 
You know there is alot more to the picture than the watering trough, right?  Of course there is!  It's the quintessental visual example of  'A picture is worth a thousand words' for the posed questions...
When you look at this picture what do you see? 
Do you see a Water Trough or Piles of Poop?
Are either worthy of investigating further?
Do Piles of Poop stink to high heaven?
Your brain is hungry for stimulation and challenges, and it won't be settled until it gets it.
Oh My Moon and Stars...my brain is over stimulated!!!

 What do I know...I'm just a nonpartisan heifer from Texas who takes pictures of Piles of Poop!


SkyVue Drive In...On The AtoZ Road Trip

Betcha didn't know about the Sky Vue Drive In Picture Show...
or even that there were any left still in operation.
Sure enough, there is a least this one in Lamesa, Texas,
and as you can see showing the latest
 Hollywood Movie of 2013...The Great Gatsby!
It's like a trip back to the 1950's and 60's when a whole carload could see a movie for $5 or less.  Last night at the Sky Vue the charge was $5 per person and children under 5 Free...what a bargin. The SkyVue was established in 1948, is well know throughout the state of Texas and New Mexico.  It is one of a handful of Drive In Theaters remaining in Texas today.  Generation after generation of folks keep coming back to the Sky Vue for the 'Outdoor Movie' experience and the SkyVue's Legendary Chihuahua Sandwich made right there in the concession stand.  The stacked fried corn torillas filled with homemade chili, onions, shredded cabbage and pimento chees with a jalapeno pepper on the side is a speciality that keeps em coming back......HERE is the Recipe.  HERE is Map and More about the SkyVue DriveIn.
I passed by the SkyVue Saturday while OnThe Road to Hobbs, New Mexico,
and immediately thought about The AtoZ RoadTripsters. 
I'm on the AtoZ RoadTrip today...here's the Blogs I've visited. 
Kathy at Swagger
Yolanda Renee at Defending The Pen
Kimberly at Inspirefly
Mark at Left and Write
More Amazing Blogs On My
AtoZ Blog Roll


Friday Faces...First Dunked and Dyed Ancestors

'Through it all, Lucy Eunice, the future Mrs. John Ichabod Pittman, made a complete turnaround from buckskin to bonnets and the only lasting influence from the Mohawk days was the Name she called her children, their children, and their childrens children.'
If you read that post on Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors, you know that 'Heathen' is the name my 4xGreat Grandmother retained from her months of living with the Mohawks. 

It's a wonder that I am here at all.  Just think, if Lucy's mother Martha, had not had the good sense to threaten her husband Daniel with...
"I'm leaving, Daniel. You can stay or go, but know this...if you stay, your heathen kids are staying with you."
...why I might have been born with a head full of black hair standing straight out from my scalp....hmmmm!!!  The other scenerio of my impending existence and Lucy's hooking up with John Ichabod, hung on the Baptismal Dunking in a backwoods creek.  Like I said, it's a wonder I'm here at all!

Fortunately for me, that Baptismal Dunking brought together Two Ancestor Families who for generations took to the dunking like ducks in a pond.  You see, Lucy and John Ichabod's Daddys were the FIRST Dyed In The Wool and Dunked Southern Baptist in our family.  Their history has been well documented in all kinds of Georgia Baptist History books and Genealogy Resources, and of course I'm obliged to share and further document these Two 5xGreat Grandfathers on Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors.

You too, are welcome to read my research and documentation.  I will say, though, that because my Aunt Savannah insisted on it being written with the utmost respect and regard for the Facts, Religion and Family Histories, there are no 'SueFictionFootnotes'.  

I respectfully submit the following Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors Posts
 with deep regard for the facts and appreciation of my
Ancestors Religous and Genealogical History.
You are also invited to view the
Newly Made Over


Hitchin' A Ride on the AtoZ RoadTrip

What a surprise to see the AtoZ Road Trip sign out in the Middle of Nowhere, Texas on 
Highway 190 between Ozona and Eldorado.
Just in case you haven't traveled down this two lane highway before, I'm tellin' you it's a long
70 miles of pretty much what you see in this photo I snapped last weekend.
Those *'Three Smiley Gals' have a headstart on me, but
seeing that sign inspired me to get going on my own AtoZ Road Trip.
*Smiley Gals...Shannon The Warrior Muse, Tina Life Is Good and Nicole The Mad Lab Post
I did mention that Hwy 190 was 70 miles of the SameOle~SameOle scenery...right?
I get bored shooting the SameOle mesquites, roadside weeds and asphalt.
Windshield Road Kill makes for a nice change.  I call this one 'Splat'.
Okay...back to the AtoZ Road Trip.
Before I could get on the road, I had a visit from a Fellow Texan
 who I hadn't meet during the month of April on the Challenge.
She popped in on my Mother's Day Tribute To Ancestor Grandmothers and left a comment.
I returned her visit and found her on the AtoZ RoadTrip with a Trail of MapLinks she had visited.
CollectInTexas Gal was there...Thanks, Bethie...along with several others I have not yet met.
So, I decided to 'HitchARide' with Bethie and follow her Trail of AtoZ Blog Links!
(she started at the top of THIS list...in case you want to check it out)
Did I mention that it was 70 miles from Ozona to Eldorado with Nada-Zip-Nothing between but
mesquite, scrub brush, cactus, weeds, rocks, jack rabbits, skunks, buzzards and these TWO??!!!
I heard him say to her as we drove by....
"Are we there yet?"


Mother's Day Tribute To Ancestor Grandmothers

A Mothers love, how sweet the name!
What is a Mothers love?
A noble, pure and tender flame
Extended from Above.
James Montgomery...Mother's Day Card...May 1914

The Modern holiday of Mother's Day was first celebrated in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother in Grafton, West Virginia.  She then began a campaign to make 'Mother's Day' a recognized holiday in the United States. 

In 1914, the second Sunday in May was officially declared 'Mother's Day' in the United States, and was adopted by other countries and is now celebrated all over the world.  In this tradition, each person offers a gift, card, or rememberance toward their mothers grandmothers, and/or maternal figure of mother's day.
A Mother is...
Someone who cares when others care less.           
Someone who encourages when others ridicule.   
Someone who defends when others condemn.       
 Someone with patience when others are impatient.
    Someone who gives security in a world of insecurity.
 Someone who is accepting when others reject.        
A mother is a friend for all time, to cherish and protect,
as her achievements will linger for generations....

'A Mother is...' is a card from my Great Grandmother Martha Jane Marley Carroll's Album.
It was tucked in behind a photo of her mother, Mary Josephine Marley Leatherwood, my 3x Great Grandmother.
From this Mother~Daughter line descended my Paternal Grandmother,
Effie Estella Carroll Pittman.
Her marriage to Columbus Chapel Pittman from Cobb County, Georgia,
merged two Southern families whose roots have been traced back to
 Colonial America's Thirteen Original Colonies and the First Generation Pittmans born in America
John I. and Mary Polly Rowe Pittman.
You are invited to read 'My Mother's Day Tribute' to my 5xGreat Grandmother
Mary Polly Rowe Pittman


Wordless Wed...Texas Chicken Farm

Whaaaaat!!! You were expecting ART???
It's on Monday's Post...Two Posts Down.


Reflections from CITexas Gal...AtoZ April Challenge

Reflection is the change in direction of a wavefront at an interface between two different media so that the wavefront returns into the media from which it originated...yada yada yada. Mirrors exhibit specular reflection.

I don't know about you, but the Physics definition of Reflection zips right over my head.  However, I do get the 'jest of it' and can apply some of the words to this 'Reflection Post'.

I'll start with 'interface between two different media'.  Back InThe Day writing for me, was a 'StenoPad', #2 pencil, pink pearl eraser, 1965 Edition of Websters, Readers Digest Word Finder, and ultimately an IBM Selectric.  What a machine....especially after Typing I, the manual Remington and 80 wpm with a few mistakes...ok more than a few.  I loved those little interchangeable font balls and the BuiltIn Correcting Tape was 'Magic'....Technology was not a word yet....which brings me full circle to the 'interfacing' of Back InThe Day and Today's Technology.

Without Today's Technology, I would not have been a participant in the AtoZ Blogging Challenge.  Shoot, Ya'll, if not for TT there wouldn't be an AtoZ Challenge...for that matter there wouldn't be such a thing as a Blog.  I'm still in awe of the whole PC Thingie....my concept explained in the post  Computerin' In Texas.

Mirrors exhibit specular reflection.  I mis-read specular the first time through the Physics def as I was thinking in terms of defining and describing how the AtoZ Challenge was for me.  I read it as...Mirrors exhibit spectacular reflection. 

 I'm going with Spectacular. 

Here's my List of Spectacular Interfacing...
~Organization and Implementing through the AtoZ Blogging Challenge Website.  Thanks Arlee, Hosts and Helpers.
~Hosts Post on AtoZ Website before, during and after Challenge.  Tips for successful participation...FAQ's...and Signature html writing.
~DL Hammonds Blog...Crusing Altitude 2.0
~Blogs and Bloggers from my Blog Roll....Al at Father Dragon Writes, Dana at The Daily Dose,  Wendy at Jolliet Etc. , Teresa at Dreamers, Lovers and Star Voyagers, and Jen at We're Living A Full Life.....Thanks Ya'll for your inspiring posts and daily comments.
~Visitors to CollectInTexas Gal....Thanks to everyone who stopped by.  BigHugs and Thanks to those who left comments and became followers.  Ya'll made the month of April very special.
And lastly, Thanks to my Ancestors!
The LoneStar Quilting Bee Posts from AtoZ Link HERE and on Sidebar. 
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Colonial Americans John and Mary Rowe Pittman

Colonial life in America was very difficult for settlers who came to escape poverty, persecution, and to gain religious freedom.  My 5xGreat Grandparents John and Mary Rowe Pittman were first generation born Americans and were raised in one of the 'Original 13 Colonies', Virginia.  By the time they married in 1747, settlements throughout the 13 Colonies had evolved to small cities and towns.  Life in colonial America centered on the Family and large families were common and necessary.
John and Mary's story as the first of my Ancestors in Georgia, begins with 
Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors is a Publication of CollectInTexas Gal's Genealogy Data Base.
As a Linked Blog...Posts will be announced on CITexas Gal...click title link to view post.
Options for Commenting and Following are available on
Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors.


Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors...Introduction

Among the family names emerging through the mists of time from Holland and Belgium was the ancient posterity of Pittman.
The distinguished history of this surname is closely entwined within the colorful tapestry of the ancient chronicles of Britain.
Pittmans sailed to North America aboard the 'Armada White Sails' and settled in New England and Virginia Colonies in the mid 1600's.

The focus of this Genealogy Study begins with John I. Pittman and wife Mary Polly Rowe Pittman,
settlers in St. Pauls Parish, Georgia, along Kiokee Creek prior to 1770.
As in all Family Trees, there are many branches, stems, twigs and leaves.
This 'Direct Lineage Branch' will follow
John Ichabod Pittman, Jr. (1752-1831) 2nd Son of John and Mary Polly
George Washington Pittman (1843-1938) 2X Great Grandson, 
 and their descendents born and raised in Georgia.
CollectInTexas Gal's Georgia Direct Lineage
John I. Pittman and Mary Polly Rowe Pittman
5X Great Grandparents
John Ichabod Pittman and Lucy Marshall Pittman
4X Great Grandparents
Ichabod Byrd Pittman and Frances Stone Pittman
3X Great Grandparents
Rene Marion Pittman and MaryAnne Howell Pittman
2X Great Grandparents
George Washington Pittman and Emma Howell Pittman
Great Grandparents