Fridays Faces From The Past...Confederate Cousin

Jeptha Mitchell Pittman
What do you love most about Genealogy?
Here 's how I answered that question in my interview for Geneablogger.
It’s hard to say what I love MOST . . . I LOVE IT ALL. I really enjoy being SueLock Holmes and the ‘Discovery Factor!’ My husband and I have always been interested in Old Cemeteries, so that’s become a favorite part of the experience . . . diggin’ up the dirt/info . . . I’m talkin’ figuratively you understand. As an Educator/Artist and Photographer, I’m drawn to the history lessons and the idea that a ‘Picture is worth a thousand words,’ which is often the inspiration for my stories on Tracks of My Texas Ancestors.  And last but not least, I love Texas, it’s rich history and the part my Texas Pioneer Ancestors played in it’s colorful past. I’ve fallen in love with the States of Georgia and Tennessee as I’ve visited the roots of my Texas Ancestors.”  (full interview HERE)
Since that interview, my research for Tracks of My Texas Ancestors has taken me back to the deep South and my Georgia Ancestors.   I must admit I never expected to find so many Pittmans and their extended families with so much well documented, previously researched information.  Amazingly, the research extends all the way back to the Thirteen Original Colonies where the first Pittmans stepped off a ship from England and made their way to Virginia.  That's where I drew the line for Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors....on the shores of Colonial America.
Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors is where the Colonial Pittman's stories and research will reside.  It is where my Georgia Ancestors Tracks travel through South Carolina to Kentucky, and forge the Ohio River all the way down the mighty Mississippi.  It is where my Confederate Cousin's photo and story will be told.

After several years of research into Civil War Service Records, I finally found a PHOTO of a Pittman Civil War Soldier.  What a rewarding find which led to the tearing down of a 'Brick Wall' as to the whereabouts of my 4xGreat Grandfather's brother.  Their story will be presented later on when the Time Line reaches the Pittmans of the 1860's and the Civil War Era.  In the meantime you are invited to view and read these posts about The Colonial Pittmans...click linked titles.


  1. It's just the best ever treasure hunt/scavenger hunt/voyage of discovery!

  2. Hi Sue .. you're certainly digging deep and far and wide - how fascinating to be able to find out so much and now a photo .. he looks like a bugle player ..

    Love his photo and the name Jeptha - fascinating name, I see it comes from the Bible (I should have realised I suppose)! .. cheers Hilary

  3. I find this stuff fascinating, too! By the way, were you the one who mentioned to me the TV show Who Do You Think You Are? I loved that show! I wish it was still on.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Dana...Yes, I think I mentioned that show to you. I wish they would come back for another season.

    I'd be glad to be a guest and fling open all my closets and let the world know my 4xGreat Granddaddy dropped dead of a heart attack swearing Abe Lincoln's election as president.

    That probably would end up on the floor of the editing room. LOL!!!

  5. What a wonderful find, Sue. I enjoyed that interview with you! So glad you have been able to tear that brick wall down. I look forward to reading all about it . . . I always enjoy your posts and learning about your family history.

  6. I'm such a huge history fan, I could read stuff like this all day. Wow, the picture is so telling of the time -- great shot. Thank you for sharing. (Visiting form A-Z Roadtrip.

    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

  7. Interesting stuff for sure. One of my distant cousins was Stonewall Jackson. In fact I'm vice-president of the Jackson Brigade which is sort of a fan club/ genealogical society in honor of the great Confederate general. My paternal family roots have been traced back to the Jacksons who first left Ireland in the mid-1750's. Prior to that things get a bit murky due to difficulty in finding records.

    Someday I hope to trek back to some of the cemeteries where my ancestors are interred. I guess that could make for a nifty vacation combined with learning experience.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  8. This photo reminds me of a young Abe Lincoln!

  9. Two things, Sue. In college, I dated a boy whose last name was Pittman. Small world! :-)

    And I had some ancestors who lived for a time in Jackson County, GEORGIA! They were there in the late 1700s and early 1800s, and then they pushed on to another state. I wonder if our ancestors knew each other???



  10. Sue, it's me again... I'm just elated! My ggfather was also a Confederate Soldier. Mortimer Cornelius Pittman, son of Sir James Pittman, was a member of Co. D, 11th Mississippi Regiment, Cavalry. I have too been searching for a photo of a soldier in our Pittman line. So glad you found it!!! Thanks again!!!!

  11. Anonymous12/12/2023

    This was my great-grandfather.

  12. Gerie Pittman Jones5/01/2024

    This was my great-grandfather.


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