Most of my 'Back In The Days' include HiHoney...afterall I've spent more than twice the number of years with him than without him.  I'll make that easier so you won't have to do the math...49 years we have been married.  

Our Family and Friends are always asking HiHoney, "How do you do it?"  I found out a few years ago that my BROTHER has been slipping HiHoney $$ under the table on Our Anniversary with a note that says...I don't know how you do it, but keep it up...I don't want her back!

As you can see his name is really Wayne.  Back In The Day one of his co-workers tagged him with 'Wayne the Pain', and although that was an appropriate Moniker for him at times, I needed an easier keyboard typing blog ID for him.  Here's how he came to be my HiHoney!

We are a loving couple, but not one's for calling each other Sweetie Pie, Honey Bunch, or other terms of endearment.  From the beginning I called him Wayne, and when he wanted my attention he called me Sue or HeyYou...he had alot on his mind and sometimes forgot my name!

Anyway, it was always kind of a joke between us about how some couples called each with those mushy terms of endearment.  Like my brother-in-law and wife, with whom we spent lots of time, and heard enough Honey this and Honey that to last forever! 

Wayne and I just rolled our eyes and went about calling each other our plain ole names until one day he walked in and I said...eyes rolling...HiHoney!

I know this will be hard to believe...we had a Different Sorta Weddin'!

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