January Junk...Back In The Day

Back In The Day, when I was an avid collector of Euphemera...written or printed matter not intended to be collected...I latched on to 'All Things January'.

After awhile my January Junk began to pile up.  This would not be a problem if the Junk was limited to the not intended to be collected printed matter.  Afterall, paper is thin, it is foldable, it can be filed...okay...it can pile up. 

I'm still not comfortable talking about All of The January Junk that along with the Euphemera PileUp, fell into the ChunkIt or Move' episode that I suffered Back In The Dark Days of De-Clutter October 2011.

As I said, it's painful for me to this day, but I know that the Glass Garnet BellyButton Ring will be put to good use by Fatima.  Even though I never got the hang of Belly Dancing...for exercise you understand...the costume was fun and having my Birthstone in my Belly Button seemed somehow significant.

Now that the end of January is here, I feel compelled to share some of what I have left. 
Compelled you say! 

Yes...compelled...I may not get another chance!  Haven't you heard about the Mayan Calendar?
Word is the January 2013 Calendar won't make the Euphemera Collectors list in the non-future!!!

The idea of that does kinda 'freak' me out!  There goes my 'Centurian Birthday'!  There goes my hard earned Senior Citizen Card Carryin' Status...and I laminated those cards to last forever....shoot!
HiHoney says there is an UpSide....

I'm not worried...there's not enough room for golf clubs, chain saw, Baby Bubba's car seat and Dolly!
He's never been a 'MidLife Crisis' kinda guy...except once...Back In The Day 2002 when Grecian Formula and Rogaine hit the market.
I guess there's still an off chance he'd 'Roll the Dice"... that'd be okay if...we went to Las Vegas...before December 21st. 

We could ReNew our Vows!

See if Elvis is Back in The House!

Play the Slots!

There....Check..Check..Checked off Bucket List before 2012 DoomsDay!
My January Birthday Girls Collection!
I'm packin' them in my DoomsDay Bag!
PS...Be sure and come back for the rest of my January Junk Keepers!
Same Place....Same Time....January 31, 2013!

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  1. I have three June Birthday girls since of course, my birthday is in June. Yours are very cute. Look forward to more of your January collection.


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