Makeup Issues at Sixty-Five

Warning ! 
Thirty to Forty Somethin Gals may not want to read this or view the photos.  Ya'll have a few years before this is an issue...I don't want to burst any bubbles or have you flippin through the phone book for Dr. McMakeover!

And really, you gals that are my age, you know what I'm talkin' about, but hang around...it might be good for a few laughs.  I always say...Let's Laugh It Up before we have a Major Cryin' Jag!

Here's the Issue...My 8X Magnifying Mirror!
Seriously...8X's...that's 8 times BIGGER than your normal everyday mirror...lighted like a spotlight and perched on an adjustable stand.  I can get reeeeaaaallllly close. 

It's not Close Enough!
What 's with these eyes?  Am I gonna have to own up to the 'Age Factor' and buy a 20X-5000 Watted-Satellite Dish Makeup Telescope?  I can't see HiHoney cutting a hole in the roof so I can have access through the attic.  And last I checked the Hubble is busy.

Besides, it may not All Be about the Mirror!  Yep, I have to admit that in retirement...getting up and putting on makeup EVERY day has not been a TOP Priority!  Who and What for?

Certainly not for HiHoney and Dolly!  He's always said I don't need that stuff and I'm beautiful without it!  Boy, does he need to get his prescription upped...and not just the bifocals.  He probably should have his Rose Colored lenses cleaned, too. 

Okay, I'm going to spill my 'Vain Guts' here.  It's not really the mirror.  It's not really who see's me AuNatural!  Why I can go to ChinaMart or anywhere else in town and not worry that I'll see anyone I know!  Like the 'Bad Hair...Adolescent Pimple Breakout...Smelly Sweats and Spaghetti Dribble Day.  That's the day I walked into the China Mart, during a sandstorm with visablity at nilch, and it was 2 AM.  I know a handful of folks here, and you guessed it...they were ALL there!  Everyone of them had on an Osha Mask and Goggles, Sweaty WarmUps and Dribbled Shirts.  I could have kicked myself  for forgetting my Darth Vadar Mask!

Oh Yeah...the Real Problem...

It's the Time Factor!  What I once could accomplish...when I was in the Younger Somethin's...before Retirement...now takes Longer and Longer and Longer to do.  And I find myself not doing that much before noon.  BTW this post is also an exercise in the Art of Blurry and Out of Focus Photography...are you takin' notes?

So, after hours and hours and hours in front of the 8X Mirror, smearing Windex
 on the dresser mirror and setting NeatONikon to Blurry,
 I accomplished this.
After a couple of more hours in PhotoShop, propping up my chin, and jickin' with Focus...
I'm finally ready for...

My Sixty-fifth Birthday Photograph!
Whew....I need a nap!


  1. Ah Sue, Sue, Sue, I way past 40 and even 50 and I am using a 10X mirror myself. Your HiHoney is right. You have a beautiful face and you don't need all that stuff. As for the time factor I'm sitting here at my computer and still in my jammies and my husband has asked me what's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What? Have I been on the computer all day?? I was thinking it was Saturday which is my day to play on the computer as long as I want. Now I'm all wigged out because I missed Friday. Oh well. I just think of it as time being my own. So what if it takes 30 minutes to apply make-up when it only took me 10 minutes when I was younger. I'm just more artistic than the youth of my age and you can't rush a goof thing!~Ames

  2. I am heading towards 59 and I use a magnifying mirror too. And I try not to plan any thing before noon!


  3. I hear you...and I understand. It's nice to know I'm not alone in this! You look beautiful, by the way, and no where near your age!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  4. You look better now than you did when you were younger. Everybody does! Those round rosy faces show no experience. I don't use a magnifying mirror yet. I just hope everyone else's vision is as blurry as mine!

  5. Hahah silly girl you are gorgeous!! Those mirrors are terible. So every so often I decide to look in my 1,000 times magnifying mirror (exagerating a bit) and I cry...I asked my niece to come close does she see holes filled with black on my nose? does she see hair coming out of my chin? lol She looks at me and laughs so hard! She said no you look so flawless hahaha of course I gave her some money. lol I do hate those mirrors though and ones in the department store that make you look too big. Why would they do that? Don't they want to sell clothes? lol Grace xoox

  6. I've only been able to find a 5X mirror - I could really use a 10 or 15X. Make up? I should have paid attention to all the tips because I am hopeless, so all my sags, bags, wrinkles and dark spots show.

  7. Oh, for heavens sake, Sue! You are FABULOUS, GORGEOUS & a knock out!!! I am almost 70 this year & make up & all those glamor stuffs never were nor still aren't important. IF I EVER looked as good as you, I'd have just been plain thrilled. I slap on some 24 lipstick so it'll stay on all day, flick the mascara on my blonde eyelashes so I don't scare anyone, run the brush thru my hair hoping it is presentable ... sugar! I just don't have time for all that other stuff.

    Happy birthday. May your day be filled with many joys & blessings.

    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  8. Sue,
    You have always been a beauty. You're like a fine wine, you just get better with age! All of you Pittman girls were the jewels of Monahsns. Not only were you beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside. I really never knew you, but Sonja used to spend a lot of time at our house. She was hilarious. That was just a few years ago, so I don't understand HOW you could be 65!! I hope you've had a great day.

  9. Sue,

    Right with you. I rarely do the make routine anymore. My husband says he likes au naturel which translate these days into wrinkle city. Need the magnifying mirror but those closeups are scary!
    Happy Birthday! You look beautiful!


  10. Hi Sue,
    Happy 65th birthday to you. I think you are looking great!
    I can relate to the slowing down thing and the 8x mirror. I'm coming up on my 63rd and it seems as though it's getting harder to get started in the mornings and it's taking a lot more cover up makeup than ever before! LOL!



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