If I Had A Bucket List.....

...this would be on it!!!

I've thought about making a Bucket List, and the New Year seems like a good time to make one.
But, I decided I didn't need a List of PEOPLE to Meet, PLACES to Go and THINGS to Do in 2012.
Nope, NoList Needed
And I'm here to TellYa...You don't need a Bucket List to have
A New 'Never BeenThere Done That' Experience!
Thanks to my Son, I can now say
RAW...Been There-Loved It!
I have to say though...I'm a few years beyond experiencing being a Wrestling Diva!
You Go Gals!
Are Ya Ready for some RAW???!!!

 The Entertainers!

The Muscles

Are you wondering...Was it Real?
I can tell you this...
It Was REAL RAW!!!


  1. You always bring a smile, Sue.
    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~

  2. Okay - this was not what I thought at first I had no idea what it was - lol - good for you! sandie

  3. Hi Sue, this post really cracked me up. I know you had a good time with the RAW. You son talked you int this??? HA! You are a good sport.

    I am interested in the Gluten free bread. I have to go back because I didn't see a recipe. My SIL has to eat Gluten free. I would love to make this bread for her. It looks delicious.

    Three in one today. Your pink Sat. post is terrific. Those pigs are a hoot. Great photos to share too. You have been very busy having fun. I'm glad. I am late visiting but I too have been busy this week. Thanks for your PS visit.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  4. Owowch! I used to watch wrestling when I was Jr. high school age. I quit when I found out it was all staged. Sort of took the fun out of it. Now it makes me giggle. Not the painful part, but the beginning where they get all big and bad in each other's face.LOL! They are all really best friends. Did I spoil it for you? :( ~Ames

  5. You are a sport! Loved that movie. We are trying to have a couple of movie days in the afternoon so I can knit. We stay right at home and can pause if need be!

    Back into my knitting mode with my niece having a little boy in March!


  6. I like your idea of just going for it, & enjoying it, too!


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