PhotoTips...TOT with FAV TOY & BLANKEE

~Take your Camera everywhere!
An impromptu PhotoOp can happen when one least expects it...like going home from Nana and Papas!
~Take 'What You See Is What You Get'!
Don't stage it!  Don't say..."Look here and SMILE"!
~Take Lots of Shots!
The beauty of Digital Photography....you can never have too many pictures.  Gives you so many more choices than the old Develop and Hope you have a good shot or two.
~Talk To Your Tot!
"Jackson, do you love MeeMo?"  OMy you will be rewarded with a special PhotoOp Moment!   Be ready!
~Treasure These Times!
It's a Once In A Lifetime Time!  Download these Photos. Save them ALL.  BACK them up.  You'll be glad you did....even the out of focus and not so perfect shots.
~Take Notes...Add Captions and Dates!
Jackson says the cutest things about his favorite belongings!  He obviously takes them everywhere and keeps them close.  Elmo is his favorite toy...he's soft and cuddly, brightly colored and funny.  Jackson calls him 'MeeMo'...and so do we!  He's a Blankee Boy...he calls his blankee TeTe...and so do we.  You think you can remember that forever...but add a caption to your photos anyway.  Most photo editors have that option.  I use Windows7 Live Photo Gallery.
"Jackson, do you love MeeMo?"

Hi!  My name is Jackson.  This is MeeMo! 
He is my Buddy! 
  I learned the color Red from MeeMo and the color Green from my 'TeTe'!
My face is kinda dirty!  Nana made me pancakes for breakfast!
MeeMo said he'd clean my face later. 
My Nana takes lots of pictures of MeeMo and TeTe.
She says she does it so I'll never forget them....even when I'm all grown up!
Wanna see some more?

Hi!  My name is MeeMo! 
I love Jackson...he's my Best Buddy!
Jackson and I are featured in a Tutorial on Touching Up Blemishes!
Jackson and I have Splotchy Thingys on our cheeks!
You can't see them now.  Nana fixed them! 
Here is the Tutorial...Try it...You'll Like It!
Photos by CollectInTexas Gal
~all rights reserved~
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  1. Awwwwh. He is a sweetheart. Got the Flip Pal. Hope to play with it this Sunday. I joined a Mystery Knit at the local yarn shop and I am knitting and knitting so that I can be ready for the next installment!


  2. Adorable photos. I always try to have my camera with me, especially when I am around my Grand. Those shots are priceless. hugs, Linda

  3. What a precious little boy!! Know you could just hug him all day long!

  4. So cute! Our Lily bug has a Cookie Monster that talks to her. She beats him up all the time. I am starting to think all my grandsons are influencing Miss Lily. She has a pissy attitude of late!~Ames

  5. So so cute! So glad you shared, thank you!

  6. Anonymous1/26/2012

    Precious Jackson and "MeMo"! Great Memories!


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