Super Bowl # I...We Were There...Back In The Day

It was January 1967.  The 'Supergame' as it was called Back Then, was scheduled for January 15th...FIVE days before my Birthday! 

You can imagine HiHoney's excitement !  Here he was, a former High School Quarter Back and current Texas Tech Red Raider, about to witness  Football's FIRST Most Memorable Sports Event of All Time....on our 19 inch Black and White TV.

A wedding gift from my parents...one that I had been watching since 1957.  It was a generous wedding gift, and HiHoney and I were thrilled to have a TV even if it was black and white and ten years old.  It worked out fine Back In The Day of Rabbit Ear Cable.

Then came GE's PortaColor TV in the Spring of 1966.  That brought the First All Color Primetime Season  in the Fall 1966...just in time for FOOTBALL.

Guess what I got for my Birthday in January 1967... Early Birthday present at that! 

~Early enough to get the Rabbit Ear Cable in place. 
~Early enough to catch the Play Off's for the Supergame.
 ~Early enough to invite the Red Raider Buddies over for the Historic Supergame.
~Early enough to budget in Beer, Popcorn,  Pigs InA Blanket, and whatever other Pigskin Snacks were available.

Those were The Days!!! 
The Days I will never forget my Birthday gift from HiHoney!!! 
 (Another memorable Birthday gift was an Electric SKILLET...really!) 
Anyway... since that First Supergame to
....our TV is RabbitEarless!
Our book case is Encyclopedia-less...now available through the RabbitEarless Cable!
We can SEE the TV from the kitchen table...at least 20 feet away!
We have a Two-year Old Grandson Decorator!

BRING IT......
.... PigSkin Snacks, Beer and....

Back In The Day of SuperBowl I it was....
NFL Champions Green Bay Packers vs AFL Champions Kansas City Chiefs
Los Angeles Coliseum ~ Los Angeles, California
Quarterbacks Bart Starr and Len Dawson
Super Bowl I has been the ONLY Super Bowl to have been broadcast
 in the US by TWO TV Networks simultaneously...until December 29, 2007 when the
 New England Patriots faced the New York Giants
on NBC, CBS and the NFL Network.
Ray Scott, Jack Whitaker and Frank Gifford Announced for CBS.
Curt Gowdy and Paul Christman Announced for NBC.
Super Bowl I was the only Super Bowl in history that was not a sellout, despite a TV Blackout in the Los Angeles area...required by NFL in market origin.  Days before the game, local newspapers printed editorials about what they viewed as an exhorbitant $12 price for tickets. 
Are Ya Ready for TODAYS Ticket Price?
Tailgate Parking Lot Ticket....Back Rows $75-$250...VIP Tailgaters $450 to $1000.
NoseBleed Stadium Sections $1200...only $1,188 more than Super Bowl I.
Best Seats In Lucas Oil Stadium
Section 212 Row 1...$8250
Ticket Sales - Stadium Seating Chart...gotickets.com
Super Bowl I Entertainment, Ceremonies and Media Hype
The First Super Bowl halftime show featured American Trumpeter Al Hirt and the
Marching Bands from the University of Arizona and Grambling State University.
TODAYS Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Features  A
OneName Woman....MADONNA.
(The PropBetters are Betting All Props will stay in place...thanks to Janet)
In Super Bowl I the Postgame Trophy Presenters were
CBS' Pat Summerall and NBC's George Ratterman
who shared one Microphone.
Media Hype...TV and Newspapers!
The only Tweeters were the Umpires on the Field.
TODAYS Hypers....The Magic Guy I know and kinda Get His Take!
The Two Reality TV Persons and what they have to do with  the Super Bowl...I'm Clueless!
I thought Snooki had something to do with Billards-Pool!
I must admit...Super Bowl XLVI has not been on the top of my ToWatch List....not that there's much else on TV today!
The only bets I'm makin' are:
I bet that the Dallas Cowboys are not sitting in Section 212 Row l.
I bet that Madonna's Pointy Prop Top is Gorilla Glued. 
I bet that the 'Pigskin Snackers and Beer Drinkers' Fill their Plates between
The Commercials!
I bet that Reality Gal Snooki really thinks alot like Me and Maxine.


  1. I loved your post, but I'll be giving the game a pass. Football doesn't get much of my attention - I was more interested in seeing what it was you're working on in that photo!

  2. OH I SO LOVE your photos!!!!Those days were the greatest, we had been married about 7 months then and we had a VERY similar TV. Your post was so enjoyable---love all the trivia. US KC fans lost that day but then turned around and won the Super Bowl in 1970. WHOOOOO. We are rooting for the Giants and having a get together at our kids house. Ann

  3. Love the 1967 photos! I agree with all your "bets" and I'd be in line to buy one of Maxine's Super Bowls:@)

  4. Great blog - My how we've changed. I remember when the NFL and AFL were eager to have a 'playoff' game for the big winner. Never thought the poor AFL would have a chance against the great NFL. Thanks for the memories!

  5. Love the old photos. Our encyclopedias were donated years ago but I can remember when any "All American Family" needed an encyclopedia set. How else could their kids complete those homework projects?
    And now, last week my little Granddaughter in First Grade had to use the computer for her class report on Penguins. She found the answers to all her questions right there on the computer screen. My how things have changed!!!

  6. Look at you girl back in the day with HiHoney! I had a black and white TV in 1981. First thing hubby bought me was a color tv. Second was a wompin big ol microwave that took up the entire counter in my galley kitchen. I missed the old black white Carol Burnette shows.

    I usually go shopping when a Super Bowl Game is on, but this time I just surfed the internet. I tend to agree with Maxine. Haha!~Ames

  7. Okay, I'm almost positive that we had that same set of encyclopedias as a kid. Wasn't it called the New Book of Knowledge or something??

  8. Anonymous2/06/2012

    You tell the best stories! Love the old photos. I like a good football game, but I didn't want either team to win yesterday. Guess that couldn't happen! Keep posting. I'll keep reading. :)

  9. What fantastic photos! I loved seeing the old tv's and the fun backgrounds and clothes in your picture!

    Happy almost birthday!


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