Sheep Happens...To The Best of Us!

I am a Knitter, and I know it's a process...the Sheep to Shop Thingy!
I've even considered being more involved in the process.
Oh! I bet you're rolling your eyes and thinking...
"OMG, she's going to start Shearin' Sheep!
Nope!  That's not it!  I've heard yarns about Sheep Shearin' and I'm quite sure
Skinin' a Sheep is not on my Bucket List!
I do fancy myself as somewhat of a Pioneer, afterall, I come from Texas Pioneer Stock!
Problem is my Ancestorial Pioneer Stockers didn't take much
Stock in Sheep!
There goes my Dyed in the Wool Genetic Pre-dispostion for 'Sue Had A Little Lamb'!
  Bronc Bustin'...that's my Ancestors StockNTrade, but don't worry....you won't find
 My Ancestorial Jeans on a Buckin'Bronc!
Nope, not on my Bucket List either!
The only Bustin' goin' on in my world right now is....

Mutton Bustin' at The 80th Anniversary
San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo
I promised HiHoney when I started Knitting that I would not do my usual All In Addiction Thingy! 
I assured him that Sheep would not be grazing in the back yard. 
 I was pretty sure that my  Dyed In the Cowhide Background would find the
Sheep Shearing, Wool Cleaning and Coloring...that'd be the Dyed In The Wool Thingy...
not to my liking!
Further more, the Knit Shop did not offer Sheep Shearin' Classes, but did offer the
Finished Products of said process in a multitude of colors.
I didn't mention to HiHoney the Multitude of Tools, Patterns and Sheep Sheared Varieties of Yarn!
All of which have the potential for an All In Addiction Thingy!
I was content to Knit by The Knit Shop Method for a good long time....until...
My Pioneer Spirit had a Spinning Wheel attack!
I am taking  Multiple Doses of  KnitShop Therapy trying to ward off
this potential All In Addiction!
PS....I'm looking for a Spinning Wheel in good used condition.  A batch of Wool Roving would be nice, too.  Will trade for one Mohair bearing Gal named Purl, a like NEW pair of Sheep Shears, and a bag of Gourmet Sheep Fodder.  Please leave your URL below in the comments!
Mary Sue Shepard
Also Known As
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PPS...There have been several inquiries wondering if the Dyed In The Wool Kit with every color in the Rainbow is included in the trade.  NO!!! I will be using it to Dye my Spun Wool.  But if you have a How To Dye Wool book or a Spun Wool Dye Drying Rack,  I will throw in the custom built Sheep Shearing Rack with Pearl Studded Neck Strap. 


  1. No sheep at Pondside, and not enough knitting either. I've though of offering our far field to a farmer who needs a place for his sheep for a while.
    I'll sleep on that decision!

  2. I love sheep. I have a Pinterest board just for lambs and sheep. You are so funny, Sue! I hope a spinning wheel comes your way very soon!

  3. Hi Sue, you are amazing. Except for Bronco Bustin you can do about everything creative. Your yarn is gorgeous and good luck finding a spinning wheel. My DIL spins and loves it.

    I am in my quilting classes and working on the watercolor quilt with the birds. I am loving it but it sure is a slow process.

    It is late so I will say goodnight.
    Love Ya, Jeanne

  4. Did you find you a spinning wheel yet? lol. I don't have anything to trade, just lots of yarn stash and I find it hard to part with it.


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