Early Bird.....Feeder

Nana....Burds YaYa!!!!
I don't know Jackson, it seems kinda early to be feeding the birds!
Do you think Lovey and Dovey are back from Wintering at South Padre'?

I checked with the Lab of Ornithology and they agreed with Jackson that it is not too early to start feeding the birds YaYa! It seems that during migration in the spring, a bird feeder might be a very welcome source of food for a bird that has already come a long way from it's wintering grounds.

So, if your 'Burd Feeder' is ready....our resident Ornithologist says go get some Burd YaYa!
Lovey and Dovey our resident Doves love the Wildbird Seed (YaYa) that is a mix of Millet, Sunflower seeds, Wheat, Milo and Vitamin Supplements.
Oh Happy Days for Lovey and Dovey....as soon as The Early Bird Feeder
finishes PLAYING in their YaYa!


  1. Aw how fun! Love the pic of the pup watching... I'm sure he's wondering when he'll get his treat:@)

  2. Ah Jackson is a fabulous bird feeder for sure. He may spill some of the YaYa but no matter, its how you fill it that counts. So precious.

  3. What a cutie - those eyes! It's good to start early to take care of the birds.

  4. He is so sweet! That's a nice chore to give him.

    We hope the yellow Finches come back this year. Last year we had thousands. Their color is so vibrant. We enjoyed watching them while having our morning coffee.~Ames

  5. Okay now that is just too tooo sweet

  6. He sure is a cutie. I'm sure the birds will welcome a nice dinner on their way north.


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