Vanna and SuKnitWitty Choose...To CastOn...Again

I use to say, "I want to be a Master Knitter".
Now, after Knitting seriously for four years, I say,
"I just want to Master the most difficult stitch in knitting...Binding Off"!
I've pretty much mastered Casting On! You'd know that by the number of projects that I've Cast On!
I'm really good at buying the yarn, picking a pattern, getting started and knitting with obsessive focus...
all the way through at least one pattern repeat...sometimes more...depending on how many rows
are in the pattern repeat. Yes, I Knit...I'm a Master of WIP's...Works In Progress!
In Knitters Blogland, I am known as 'SuKnitWitty'.
When I decided to take up Knitting, HiHoney rolled his eyes and said,
"Sue, you are already a KnitWit...go figure".
There ya go....Su Knit Wit...ty!
As I enter my Fifth year as a Serious Knitter, I'm still honing my Casting On skills!
Yep, Cast this Scarf on so I'd have something to do while watching Super Bowl XLVI.
For once, I'm not Stressed Out over getting to the Binding Off Stitch!
I don't plan on Binding It Off....I don't plan on finishing it!
It's a Knit And Switch Project!
Yep, one way or another at least One CastOn will be Bound Off!
Clever of me, huh?  That's why I make the BigBucks!
Ya know...the ones you get when you zip your Credit Card through the machine at theYarn Shop!
That's how I convince HiHoney that building My Yarn Stash is paying for itself!
Uh Huh!  The CashBack Bucks are as good as Money in the Bank!
Who's going to Bind Off this Scarf? 
One of the Gals from the Concho Valley Knitting Guild!
It's good to be the VP!
I hope you've enjoyed this Introductory Post to SuKnitWitty on CollectInTexas Gal!
There will be more....hopefully, I will get to show you the
Binding Off Stitches!
SuKnitWitty...Yes, I knit, too...Purl one!!!

This Scarf Pattern Free on Purple Sage Designs Website
My Yarn Choice
Vanna's Choice...Dusty Blue #108...Worsted Weight...Lion Brand
My Knitting Needles
Bernat Circular...size 8 (5mm)...16"nylon loop


  1. Sue,

    I just bind off! Now you have made think it should be difficult! LOL Maybe I don't do it right so I shall have to ask the ladies at the knitting shop as I swipe my card once again....


  2. Knitting...it's so cool and so darned hard for me to get the hang of. I love this color, though.

  3. Hooray! I love SuKnitWitty! You can't bind off? But you can do EVERYTHING else!

  4. I loved this!!! I have been knitting (beginner, easy patterns) for 37 years, and every time I need to bind off I have to get the 'how to' book out!
    You point me to the easy patterns and I'll knit along with you.

  5. Everytime I try to knit I start with a scarf. ... and everytime it looks like something from a homeless person. (or maybe I should say an 'occupier' now). In any case, I just call it my urban street wear then go back to crocheting!
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)


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