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Every person in your Family Tree is Significant in Time for
‘there is no such thing as a life not meant for the person living It.’
~ Louis Simpson ~

Welcome to CollectInTexas Gal's Family Tree Scrapbook.
A Collection of Stories/Posts of  Folks from Colonial America to the Present.
Everyone a person in my Family Tree whose
Life is Significant in Time!
Many of these Posts are inspired by GeneaBloggers Daily Prompt Categories and are submitted to GeneaBlogger Blogger Beat for publication.  It's gratifying to see CollectInTexas Gal stories and photos included along with other Genealogists writings.  I hope my posts will be an inspiration to others....as so many of the folks I have read on the Daily Prompts  have been to me.

Thank-you for your interest in Tracks of My Texas and Georgia Ancestors, the Stories I write and the Photos I share.  I hope you are inspired to Research your Family and tell their Stories for....Every person in your Family Tree is Significant in Time .
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Military Monday
Revolutionary Solider and Georgia Statesman

I've Been MicroFiche-ing...Reelly
Obituary Revelations of Mrs. George Washington Pittman
Great Granddaddy's Second Wife

By The Lamplight...A Sisters Letters from 1861
A fictionalized account of a family's Civil War life based on true facts,
dates and names from my Leatherwood Family Tree.

Sorting Saturday...Finding Rose Adaline

Motivational Monday...Annie GetchEr Gun

Wednesdays Child...Two Lost Lambs

Talented Tuesday