The Women In My Family Tree

Weddin' pictures sure have changed over the years.  Like this photo of my Great Great Uncle and his 'WideEyed Bride'.

 Back in the day when saying 'I Do' really meant 'I Do Forever and Through Whatever',  would make any Bride and Groom look 'Scared Straight'. 

I wonder how the newspaper worked in that part about 'The Happy Couple' when both of them look like the camera was a Gaitlin Gun.

Who knows...maybe her Daddy was standing behind the curtain with a Shot Gun.

After studying this photo I've decided that they were a willing and loving couple.  Notice his left arm and hand touching her just above the waist under her left arm.  Back in the day that might have been considered a bit improper.  Maybe that's why she looks so 'Wide Eyed'.
Here they are a few years later with my Great Great Aunt and her husband. 
 Everyone looks pretty settled into married life. 
It appears that even though the guys are wearin' the pants, that the gals have everything under control. 
 Afterall, look whose sittin' and whose standin'!
Yep, the Women in my Family Tree stand strong and determined.
Thanks Aunts!


  1. I love looking at these old pictures and thinking about what they were thinking!

  2. You know I've often wondered why they wouldn't smile, was life that bad? They one's of that era could have showed they were happy sometimes. I collect old pics and when I see someone smiling it is so rare. One of my fav pics is of a group of teenagers (2 girls and 1 guy) standing on a branch near a river and they have a very faint smile on their face.

  3. They look so young!
    I'll bet that wide-eyed stare was in response to the photographers 'Now, don't move, don't blink'

  4. You have great looking family ladies.

  5. Thet must have been roasting in all those clothes. I try to stay as close as I can to what I was born in without getting arrested for indecent exposure.
    ♥ ~Ames

  6. Great photos. I love to add comments about what they might be thinking or saying!


  7. I love looking at old photos. These are so wonderful. I am going to have to post some of my phamily. I recently acquired a wedding photo of my dad's older brother. I know my dad and one of his sisters were attending them on their wedding. But I am sad because I am not sure who the other two folks in the photo are. :( Then I have a cool photo of my brother Ed and my cousins Marla, Darla and Kenny making their first communion and my sis Mary is the little girl dressed like an angel! I am going to scan them so I can post them. They are so beautiful. I love going to the Cracker Barrel. I often wonder who's who in the pics hanging in their restaurants.
    I love my phamily and I love learning aobut yours! Hugs from Colorado Anne

  8. Hi Sue, I came over to comment last night and couldn't stay awake. We drove two hours to a place in the Smokey Mountain Nat'l Park to see a herd of Elk. And, of course, for a photo shoot. Smile. Long day makes for tired me. HA!

    How in the world did you get those wonderful photos of your family? I love when you post them. I do think the instructions from the photographer back them scared them into the wide eyed non-smiling look. Handsome bunch for sure.

    It is great to see you posting and I love the pink corsage.

    Happy days to you and yours Sue,
    Love, Jeanne

    PS. I have had company for the past 17 days. Not much time to visit. My company leaves tomorrow. sigh!

  9. What neat pictures. The wide eyed bride made me smile. I think I probably looked like that on my wedding day, too!


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