Bonafide Southern Baptist Preacher Man

bo·na fide: adj \ˈbō-nə-ˌfīd,\made in good faith without fraud or deceit

As it happens, there was a couple of Southern Baptist Preacher men in my Family Tree.
Now mind you, I had to go Waaaaayyyy Back to find them....all they way back to 1776.
Yep, that's right....during the American Revolutionary War period.
It seems my 5thGreat Grand Uncle James, was thrown in jail for preaching in his home.
[History of the Rise and Progress of Baptists in Virginia by Robert B. Semple] 

Now I know that you know that photography in the 1700's was not...let's say...there!  So the photo above is from my Vintage Collection and used herin for interest only (keepin' it bonafide and all)....still I think 5thGreat Uncle James could have had a mucho mustache and I know he had those eyebrows...they are just like mine before the invention of the tweezers.

So now, we come to the Bonafide Baptist Part of this Post!
My 5thGreat Granddaddy John...good Biblical name...his wife...Mary...another good Biblical name...and their TEN children moved from Virginia to Georgia to escape Religious Retrictions placed on Baptist activities.   They joined the Colony of Baptist headed by the celebrated Reverend Daniel Marshall whom they met at church in Virginia.  The Colony settled in Georgia on Kiokee Creek, St. Pauls Parish which later became Columbia County.  The church established by Reverend Marshall was the first Baptist Church in Georgia of which 5thGreatGdaddy was a founding member.

The drawings shown above are of Reverend Marshall and the Kiokee Baptist Church
Reverend Marshall went on to establish other Baptist Churches in Georgia...many still in existence today.  His life and contributions to the Baptist faith are well documented...you can visit the Marshall Monument in Elijah Clark Memorial State Park in Lincolnton, Georgia HERE. (at bottom of page)

One of John and Mary's sons, John Ichabod...my future 4thGreatGdaddy...married Reverend Marshalls daughter Lucy Eunice. 

And that's how I came to be a Southern Baptist and have Bushy Eyebrows!

And I guess 'A's in Math ... good a reason as any!


  1. You are too cute! Love your share. Wonder if your Baptist preacher met our Baptist preacher John Ransom Green in Dirt Town GA, hence into Ft. Smith AK ... eventually laying down feet in OK? Ours was at the surrender with Lee at Appomattox ... guess they missed each other a wee bit.

    Don't you just LOVE those handlebars ... can you imagine kissing those old waxy things?!!

    Have a great day, my friend.
    As always I so love chatting with you ~
    TTFN ~

  2. We have G'pa Green's walking cane ...

    One day while doing our genealogy (my mil dead set against Catholics) I found my mil's roots entering this country from Ireland via SC. Presumptuous me, chuckle ... I called her up & said 'Ma, I found your relatives from Ireland & they're Catholic' (well, everyone else was on the register). She could have torn my head off with a TERSE 'I don't care' & slammed the phone down, never speaking of religion on her side again, except her G'pa the Baptist minister's faith. Much, much later we discovered they weren't Catholic, but just good ol' Irish Baptists (never knew til then there was a Baptist in Ireland). We still get quite a chuckle ... she could get really rattled over Catholics.
    Have a beautiful week ... PS sorry too many typos to allow my friends to see.

  3. I have done my genealogy too and have a couple ministers in there too! Your background is so interesting.

  4. A very nice piece in history. You were one smart cookie. I think you look cute. I have always like heavy eyebrows.

  5. Better bushy brows than skinny little nearly invisible arches!!

  6. We had some Southern Baptists up in Virginia, too. Maybe they were friends.

    I think you're beautiful - and a smartie, too.♥

  7. Bonafide...that reminds me of that movie "O Brother Where Art Thou"

    And I am a Southern Baptist as well only my eye brows are thin and blonde with a few gray hairs mixed in! :D

    What a little cutie you are!~Ames

  8. Very cool! I love history and personal family history. Can you imagine what folks suffered, religious restrictions?! Unbelievable but I am afraid that is just around our corner these days!
    I am going to find a new church to attend When my niece Sarah passed away in 1996 at age 18, Richie Furay was the pastor at her service. Richie is an original member of the Buffalo Springfield! He pastors a Christian church in Broomfield, CO. We are going to check it out soon. I will keep you posted. Love your family history Sue! You were such a darling kid! Math was never my thing! :( That is why my big brother is an engineer and so is his youngest daughter! Hee hee! Love ya Anne


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