Fabric Empty Nesting Happened In March

March has come and gone with very little actual sewing going on around here. 
 That's unusual for me...not to be sewing, but I do take it in spells.  Do you? 
Although I haven't stitched but this one Bird Nest Inspired Table Topper, I have spent quite a lot of time in the Sewing Studio DeStashing!   Many yards of 'Fabulous Fabric' have left the Nest.  Some through my now Empty Nest ETSY Shop, a bit sold at the Chicken Farm Art Center Booth, and the majority to the newly opened Fiber Co-op. 
The Fiber Co-op's shelves are lined with wonderful prints like the ones I have used here in this Table Topper Sample.

 How fun to design with a new to me grouping of fabrics. The Table Topper will be offered as a class in April with these Fabulous Feathered Friendly Fabrics offered in a Kit.

Here is the link to the Fiber Co-Op website.  Check out the classes offered, the hand dyed fabrics, yarns and threads.

My March Posting has been sparse while I've been feathering the Fiber Co-Ops Nest, but I have been busy Writing and Scheduling Posts for the April AtoZ Blogging Challenge which begins on Tuesday April 1st.

 Hope to see you right back here for a Month of story telling inspired by my OldPhoto©Collection.


Why Genealogy and Old Photos for 2014 AtoZ Challenge

Every person in your Family Tree is Significant in Time for
‘there is no such thing as a life not meant for the person living It.’
~ Louis Simpson ~
This quote by Louis Simpson has been the premise for and my motto in the research for my Ancestors.  For truly, there is a story of some interest to be found and told for every person in one's family tree.  Even those names whose death followed soon after their birth have a story to tell.  Their impending birth often reveals much about the parents and their lives.  The undocumented death of a mother often leads to childbirth when the dates are closely associated.   
My journey into Family History and the Growing of a Family Tree began with my Great Grandmother's Photo Album.  I inherited the 1890's to 1910 album full of unidentified photographs with a few dates, first names and family traits...like tallness, facial characteristics and geological hints.  And so I became a Photo Detective as well as a Grave Digger and Historian.
The Key to my 2014 AtoZ Challenge Theme "fiction from forgotten fotos", is my collection of vintage photos.  Some from Great Grandmother's Album, many from finds in antique shops where permission is granted to photograph them in time appropriate setups, and others I purchase to use as representatives of my ancestors and the times in which they lived. 

For the month of April, the photos are used as inspiration for historically based events, people, places and things.  Along with the Photo Prompt, a Genealogy Prompt from the Index of the Second Edition of How To Do Everything Genealogy gives the 'AlphaLetter of the Day' another point of Genealogical interest.

For example...in the photo above, 'Books' seem to be an important prop and background.  Perhaps she is a librarian.  Let's check out the letter 'L' in the index.  As expected there are multiple listings for 'libraries'.  I think she looks like she could efficiently run the Library of Congresses State and Provincial Records Dept.  Then again her manner of dress and the brooch she is wearing also interests me for a 'fiction from forgotten fotos' story.   What would be your 'focus on fiction prompt'?

Five more days until the Letter A's 'OldPhoto Prompt' and Fictional Story.  I hope you will come back for the story of  'April and Alfred's Brush with Disaster' based on a historical event from the early 1900's.

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This is my third year as a participant in the AtoZ Blogging Challenge.
April AtoZ Challenge 2012....AtoZ FAMILY TREE
April AtoZ Challenge 2013....AtoZ LONE STAR QUILTING BEE


AtoZ Challenge Theme Reveal

I am an Old Photo Euphemera-ologist!
Yes, I know that is not a Historically/Officially correct title/tag, but it sounds better than a
 'Desperate for Ancestor Images Genealogist'.
Which I am or was until I began collecting Vintage Photos to visually demonstrate the time periods for the stories about my ancestors.  Officially, I am a 'Family Historian/Genealogist' and author of
My collection of Vintage Photos are the focus of My 2014 AtoZ Challenge Theme....
fiction from forgotten fotos
for example
'OldPhoto©Collection for Letter A
April and Alfred's Brush With Disaster
I hope you will visit during the April AtoZ Challenge where I will share my Old Photo ©Collection with an 'AlphaLetter Fictional Short Story' inspired by a vintage photo.
Thank-you for stopping by for my Theme Reveal.
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Wordless Wednesday...What Vintage Photos Are Made Of

Sugar and Spice and everything nice.
That is what little girls are made of.
Snips and Snails and puppy dog tails.
That is what little boys are made of.
That is what my 2014 AtoZ Theme is made of.
Begins April 1st.


Coveting Thy Neighbors....Brooch

Whenever I run across a piece of Sarah Coventry jewelry, I think about the word 'covet' and how I do...and how I shouldn't, and how I can't help myself.   So I just keep on adding and coveting SC pins to my collection of brooches. 

My most recently found one I showed on last Thursday's Vintage Thingy Thursday post...My Inner Broochable Self.

Today's coveted Sarah Coventry has been in my collection for many years.  It was found in an 'Estate Jewelry Jumble'.  And as is often the case needed some TLC repairs.  Fortunately, in my coveted jewelry repair box there were just the right size pearls and rhinestones. 

Usually when I make repairs, it is with the idea that I will sell the piece at less than the price would be if it were in it's original condition, and make note that it has been repaired.  Not so on this piece.  My 'CovetItness' got the best of me and this piece was deemed priceless!

In my research of my 'Coveted Coventry' I found....
.....Sarah Coventry jewelry was named after the granddaughter of Lyman K. Stuart, the founder of the company. It was established in 1949, and is recognized as the oldest direct selling jewelry company in the world with most of the production done in Rhode Island.

Until 1984, when the company closed it's doors, Sarah Coventry jewelry was purchased at home jewelry parties by fashion directors throughout the country.  The company re-opened years later under new ownership and their line of jewelry is now distributed by sales reps via catalogues, the internet, and home shopping networks...Wikipedia.

A bit more digging unearthed some interesting information that may shed some light on the young woman in this 1940's portrait.  As part of my 'OldPhoto ©Collection' and the upcoming AtoZ Blogging Challenge, she will be a featured Letter.  It hasn't been decided yet which letter, but you should know that it will probably not be about Brooches, but more inline with 'Coveting Thy Neighbors _________'.  I'll let you fill in the blank for now. 

So, Ya'll get ready for a month of...
...coming April 1st.


Wordless Wednesday...'Old Photo ©Collection'

AtoZ Bloggers Challenge 2014...Photo Choice for Letter D,E,F or G.
A Preview of Photos from CollectInTexas Gals
'Old Photo ©Collection'
Photos for Letters A-B-C
You can read their 'Stories' beginning on April 1st


AtoZ Challenge Coming April 1st...No Foolin'

I am In Again...Yep, this will be AtoZ Year Three for me!
At last, my collection of Vintage Photos will come to light as the focus of my AtoZ Challenge Theme....
fiction from forgotten fotos
I say at last because I have been collecting them for ages, and when I can't pawn them off as being my Ancestors, their stories go untold.
If the Truth be known...Old Photos Are Worth A Thousand Words...give or take a few.  In the case of my Old Photo Collection and those thousand or so words, there likely won't be 'A Word of Truth' in them....hence the part about 'fiction'.
Honestly, I am not a good liar...just a creative embellisher on the truth.  Again, if the Truth be known, which some of it will be, I plan to 'Stretch the Truth' from Texas to Timbuktu.  Seriously, some of my 'Old Photo Collection' has the potential for the telling of a 'Big Ole Whopper', but being a SemiTruthSayer, I will temper the truth with believable fiction.  I mean, afterall, I am a Family Historian with a great appreciation for historically accurate facts, figures and folly.
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