Sue's Fiber&Fabric Studio Remodel Tour

Welcome.  Come On In. 
As you come in the door and turn right... you'll see the RagRugs and new Project Bags.
As you know, I've been a 'Bead It Gal' this summer and with the remodel...well,
the jewelry section gets a little more space. 
 Also excited to bring more sewing collectibles in as well.
Amazing how much light comes through the 2 windows in my small space. 
 Makes the Jewelry and Collectibles really sparkle.
 There's nothing like a bit of vintage embroidery, crochet and quilting to give as a special gift for that special someone.  Having it all in one big basket makes it easy to select one or two of them. 
 We will soon be saying 'Tis the Season'. The collection of Birthday Dolls are truly a special gift.
It is the perfect season for a Fall Lone Star Quilt! This wall hanging is 56"x56" and features the Fall Season's Sunflowers. Don't you love the quilting design? 
 It's one of my favorite patterns I designed for the Longarm Quilting machine.
Next is the Yarn Corner. On display are two crocheted ponchos for girls.
The pink one is size Small-Medium and the blue one girls size Large.
  Both are available in Kits for $18 or already made for $28.
On the Center Back Wall is FABRIC. That's why it's Sue's Fiber&Fabric....gotta have some of both. See the yellow tags? There are some amazing bargins hanging there....short yardage pieces.  
Don't have time to sew up lots of yards...no problem...I have bundled and coordinated packages for you.
And of course there are QUILTS. I have added several lovely FALL quilts from
Queen Bed size to Throws to Table Runners.
You know 'Winter Is Coming', and I've been busy making sure you have a Big Selection of warm Scarves, Cowls, Shawls and Ponchos from which to choose. AND...there are more on the works. What great gifts, too!
Lastly on the tour are my new 'SusieQ Apron/Smocks' introduced last month. I now have a selection of fabrics packaged if you would like to have a 'SusieQ' custom made. 
 Remember...you don't have to 'COOK', SEW or GARDEN to wear one. 
 They look great over a T-Top and Leggins! A perfect addition to your casual wardrobe. 
 Great Gift, too!


My Number 4~Letter B Collection

As an organized collector who is intent on downsizing by way of Using It or Losing It, the Alphabetical System should probably have been this over organizers first choice of methods of downsizing.  But it wasn't.  I'm not sure I can even put a method label to this madness.  There have been a few priorities though and they can be numerically organized.  Number One was FABRIC without a doubt, and after the Fabric-Aholic Collection came the Yarn-A-Rama to capture spot number two.  Number three has been the most challenging and hardest to part with...QUILTS. 
That brings me to Number 4 and finally to the Alphabet method with the Letter B for Buttons.  Buttons have been a big deal collection and a major topic for posts here on CollectInTexas Gal.  Under the blogger label 'Buttons' there are 19 posts listed....HERE is the Button Posts if you'd like to check them out.  One of my favorites is Button Sickness...A Real and Present Danger.
Buttons have been a part of my Jewelry designs, embellishment's on Aprons, Bags, Embroidery, Quilts and more.  And then they get sewn on a shirt or two as well.  They have provided me with hours of 'Treasure Hunting' fun for rare and unusual ones.  I've learned a lot about button history while researching them, and although it's hard to fess up to...I've had to come to grips with the fact I am a ButtonAholic.  On The Button Wagon...It's Been 7 Days is a post that sums up my Button Addiction.

Along the Button Collecting way, I have found some rare and unusual buttons...or at least I thought so until this post...Button Market Crash Prompts New Strategy. 
I don't know if my current strategy of selling buttons in Sue's Fiber&Fabric Studio's Online Catalog will make much of a difference in downsizing my Number 4~Letter B Collection, but....
...they sure do add a lot to the projects at Sue's Fiber&Fabric Studio.


Rejoice As Senior Rings Arrive...A Lost & Found Story

As the Webmaster of my high school graduating class and the 'To Contact' via email person, I often receive inquiries from people searching for members of our class.  I also receive requests from other years graduates to become members of our close knit class who still get together regularly and stay in touch 52 years after our high school graduation. 

Our Website is the key to our connectivity.  After a few lessons on navigating the web, learning about email lists, how to log on, set up a Profile, and getting the Click HERE messages down, our 1965 HS Seniors/2017 Seniors Citizens are pretty darn 'Puter Savy'.  As a matter of fact, not only computer literate, but mobile phone websters as well. 

So in this day of Internet Information via Google and Social Media Galore, I was not surprised to receive this email from a completely unknown person via the Class Website 'To Contact' button.

I found a class ring from 1965. It has no name on it, except for "---" engraved on the inside of the ring. I would like to get the ring to it's owner. I can be reached at _____. Thank you

My first step was to go to our website roster and sure enough there was a person with the initials given in the email.  Contact with them was made, and a return email confirmed the ring was theirs with this message...

I'd love to be able to claim the ring. I've not had it in so long that I cannot even remember when I did have it last. What a wonderful opportunity awaits me, I hope.    I'm more than curious to know where it was located. 

So was I...curious to know where it was located.  Next step was to get the two connected.  So back to emails to both Finder and Lost-er...I know that's not a real word, but Loser was just so wrong.  But, before I could get back to Finder with the 'Good News' this email was waiting in my 'In Box'.

They can contact me,  but it might be awhile before I can get the ring to them.  My car was broken into and my purse stolen... it is being looked for, and I will keep them or you in the loop. I feel so bad to be so close to getting it to her and it's gone again... I can't even imagine how it got to my home! I found it out in the yard and right away looked into finding the rightful owner.  I pray it gets found along with my other personal effects.

WHAT!!!  Oh, No!  What a Lost-Found-Lost again twist!  So back to the Lost-er's email with the 'Bad News'.  That's where it ends...for now.  I can't help but wonder if the Lost-er may have jinxed the whole thing with, "What a wonderful opportunity awaits me, I hope." 

Or I may have been the jinxer with my reply to Finder's first email...

Thank you so much for your email.  I have messaged the person on our class roster whose initials fit the ones you found on the ring.  I will wait for a reply from them, and if the fit is right I will give them your contact information.  So nice of you to make the effort to get the ring to it's rightful owner.  We are a very close class and have been since our graduation in 1965, and I know if it were my ring, I would be ever thankful to you.  I hope together we will be successful.

Truly, if it were my ring, even at this stage in the 'Lost-Found-Lost' again, I would be so thankful and grateful to Finder for affirming my belief in the 'Good and Honesty' of mankind.  Just think, I would get to again, "Rejoice as Senior Rings arrive".
Fortunately for me and HiHoney (husband) our matching HS Senior Rings are safe in our shared High School Memory Box along with our yearbook and the picture that marks the arrival of the Class of 1965's Senior Rings.  HiHoney got to see his first...he is in the picture...1st guy on the left. 
I hope our Classmate gets to "Rejoice Again".


MixMaster Fiber Artist

Since declaring myself a Fabric and Fiber Artist with the establishment of Sue's Fiber&Fabric Studio, I have zoomed in on the creativity and diversity of fiber.  Textile Fiber to be specific.

It's good to confirm my thoughts on Textile Fiber that match the official definition which states, 'textile fiber can be spun into a yarn or made into a fabric by various methods including weaving, knitting, braiding, felting, and twisting.

Yay....I'm all in on everyone of those methods.  

The essential requirements for fibers to be spun into yarn include a length of at least 5 millimeters, flexibility, cohesiveness and sufficient strength.  Other important properties include elasticity, fineness, uniformity, durability, and luster.  Textile Learner.

At one time, my collection of Fibers...excluding Fabric...was stashed here and there with not much organization.  Now that I am a bit more savy about yarn and it's characteristics of weight, ply, natural, manmade, etc. etc. yada yada, I am more organized...probably over organized.  At any rate, for all my knowledge about yarn and what one SHOULD use for socks, sweaters, shawls and so on, I invariable break all the rules of 'Master Yarny's'.  I am a 'MixMaster'! 
Concho Confetti Jewelry
The results of MixMastering of Fabrics&Fibers.
Still suffering from SSS...Second Sock Syndrome...Cannot make two of a kind!


'Josef Originals' Birthstone Dolls...August, April, June and November

If you were born during August you are naturally strong, self-confident, active, aspiring, ambitious, energetic and an independent thinker.  Art and music are your favorite studies and you are naturally of a very observing nature.  CardCow Vintage Postcards

What a positive and encouraging 'Fortune' for anyone born in August.  Just imagine receiving the postcard along with 'A Josef Original' on your birthday back in 1945.  That's when Muriel Joseph designed and created these dolls during the end of World War II.  Muriel and her partner George Good produced the 'Birthstone Dolls' between 1945 and 1962 in California before moving their Muriel Joseph George company to Japan.

Augusts birthstone is the Peridot.  It is shown in the August doll's yellow rose center, and is represented in the color of her dress.  Each of the dolls came with a 'Josef Original' tag, a gold seal stating the Month and Stone, and were signed on the bottom.  Those made in Japan had an additional seal.

Today a Josef Original with all the makers marks, tags, seals and in Mint Condition are valued at $40.  Unfortunately, my August doll is not in Mint Condition.  She has a repair to her wrist.  When I first started this collection I didn't mind if the pieces had little flaws.  Now that I am ready to sell them...I will have to make adjustments.

The Birthday and Birthstone dolls are todays centerpieces in production along with special occasion dolls such as sweet 16, communion, bride and groom, and a few musical pieces.  The company sold numerous times and in 2004 was sold to 'Dakin' who bases production in Hong Kong.  HERE is the Josef Dolls website.

Fortunately for me April, June and November dolls are in Mint Condition with Makers Marks and Japan Seals, but are missing the 'A Josef Original' tag and the Month Seal.  They are valued between $25 and $30.  They will be making a move from my Curio Cabinet to my Online Shopping Catalog.  A much shorter trip than the ones they have made in the past.


Vintage Sewing Basket Finds...If Only They Could Talk

Sorting sewing stuff today.  Mostly old pin boxes and needle packs that have been stored in a bottom drawer for ages.  Some are from antique and thrift store shopping where I couldn't bear to leave someone's sewing basket with it's bits of lace, spools of thread, half empty needle packs, buttons and other assorted odds and ends that accumulate in the bottom of a well used sewing basket. 
I'm sure at one time, I thought I would use the needles, pins, and sewing machine needles, and I have.  This stash has come in handy over the years for a special size needle or a photo shoot...for instance this post...What's In Your Sewing Basket? 
Occasionally, an old sewing basket will yield a few truly unusual things that may not have a thing to do with sewing.  Like the two very old handmade clothes pins.

After a Google search, I finally found an example of these rare hand carved clothes pins.  They were attributed to perhaps a pioneer woman who carved them from a tree branch then wrapped scrap metal around the ends so they wouldn't split open.  If only they could talk.

Then there are the items you know are sewing related.  Like the Stork/Crane Embroidery Scissors marked SECO Germany made by W.H. Morley & Sons, a German manufacturer of pocket knives, straight razors and similar tools.  Founded in 1913, the company closed in 1927.  

Wondering why they are referred to as Stork Scissors?  They are believed to have begun as birthing scissors used by 19th Century midwives to clamp and sever the umbilical cord after a baby's birth. The forceps/clamp scissors originated in Europe and were produced in metals ranging from brass to solid silver.  By the late 1800's, the novel stork design had been adapted as a popular sewing tool that is still reproduced today.  Mine were made between 1913 and 1927 and are valued between $20 and $40.  If only they could talk.

Perhaps the most intriquing item found in the bottom of a sewing basket and subsequently dismissed as a trinket...because of the keychain, is this Needle, Thread and Thimble Kit.  What a surprise to discover it came apart and inside was the thimble, thread and inside the thread tube...needles. After careful inspection, it was obvious the keychain was not part of the original piece.  Even closer inspection with a magnifying glass revealed the engraving on the inner ring of the cap...Austria.
Again, another search on Google and found it on Ebay described as an Antique Austrian Engraved Brass Bullet Sewing Kit. It was listed as used, was missing the wire and had a few spots, but was described as in excellent condition for $59.99.  Mine is in Mint Condition and doesn't appear to ever have been used as anything but a keychain fob...OMG! 
Originally this incredible Sewing Kit may have dangled from a chain hung around a Seamstress' neck and was referred to as a Chatelaine. For now, mine is adorned with a beaded tassel and will go in my 'Collectible Jewelry Display' at my Shop.  If only it could talk!