'Josef Originals' Birthstone Dolls...August, April, June and November

If you were born during August you are naturally strong, self-confident, active, aspiring, ambitious, energetic and an independent thinker.  Art and music are your favorite studies and you are naturally of a very observing nature.  CardCow Vintage Postcards

What a positive and encouraging 'Fortune' for anyone born in August.  Just imagine receiving the postcard along with 'A Josef Original' on your birthday back in 1945.  That's when Muriel Joseph designed and created these dolls during the end of World War II.  Muriel and her partner George Good produced the 'Birthstone Dolls' between 1945 and 1962 in California before moving their Muriel Joseph George company to Japan.

Augusts birthstone is the Peridot.  It is shown in the August doll's yellow rose center, and is represented in the color of her dress.  Each of the dolls came with a 'Josef Original' tag, a gold seal stating the Month and Stone, and were signed on the bottom.  Those made in Japan had an additional seal.

Today a Josef Original with all the makers marks, tags, seals and in Mint Condition are valued at $40.  Unfortunately, my August doll is not in Mint Condition.  She has a repair to her wrist.  When I first started this collection I didn't mind if the pieces had little flaws.  Now that I am ready to sell them...I will have to make adjustments.

The Birthday and Birthstone dolls are todays centerpieces in production along with special occasion dolls such as sweet 16, communion, bride and groom, and a few musical pieces.  The company sold numerous times and in 2004 was sold to 'Dakin' who bases production in Hong Kong.  HERE is the Josef Dolls website.

Fortunately for me April, June and November dolls are in Mint Condition with Makers Marks and Japan Seals, but are missing the 'A Josef Original' tag and the Month Seal.  They are valued between $25 and $30.  They will be making a move from my Curio Cabinet to my Online Shopping Catalog.  A much shorter trip than the ones they have made in the past.


  1. I had one of those June figurines. You have inspired me to start listing - I need some Christmas $$$!

  2. What a sweet idea! The dolls are precious!
    Oh, and I like the airy, summer feel of your blog.😉
    Visit me at Life & Faith in Caneyhead!

  3. cute, but not my style. I hate to dust too much stuff! Good luck selling them


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