My Number 4~Letter B Collection

As an organized collector who is intent on downsizing by way of Using It or Losing It, the Alphabetical System should probably have been this over organizers first choice of methods of downsizing.  But it wasn't.  I'm not sure I can even put a method label to this madness.  There have been a few priorities though and they can be numerically organized.  Number One was FABRIC without a doubt, and after the Fabric-Aholic Collection came the Yarn-A-Rama to capture spot number two.  Number three has been the most challenging and hardest to part with...QUILTS. 
That brings me to Number 4 and finally to the Alphabet method with the Letter B for Buttons.  Buttons have been a big deal collection and a major topic for posts here on CollectInTexas Gal.  Under the blogger label 'Buttons' there are 19 posts listed....HERE is the Button Posts if you'd like to check them out.  One of my favorites is Button Sickness...A Real and Present Danger.
Buttons have been a part of my Jewelry designs, embellishment's on Aprons, Bags, Embroidery, Quilts and more.  And then they get sewn on a shirt or two as well.  They have provided me with hours of 'Treasure Hunting' fun for rare and unusual ones.  I've learned a lot about button history while researching them, and although it's hard to fess up to...I've had to come to grips with the fact I am a ButtonAholic.  On The Button Wagon...It's Been 7 Days is a post that sums up my Button Addiction.

Along the Button Collecting way, I have found some rare and unusual buttons...or at least I thought so until this post...Button Market Crash Prompts New Strategy. 
I don't know if my current strategy of selling buttons in Sue's Fiber&Fabric Studio's Online Catalog will make much of a difference in downsizing my Number 4~Letter B Collection, but....
...they sure do add a lot to the projects at Sue's Fiber&Fabric Studio.

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Janet said...

Love the buttons! I have a ton as well and should probably get rid of them or use them more often in my projects. Thanks for the reminder!


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