On The Button Wagon...It's Been 7 Days!

It has been 7 Days since my last Button Post.  
Really, it's been 7 Days since my last post, period....it just so happens it was on buttons.
As I look back over June's Archives, nearly EVERY post has been about buttons.
I'd say it was certainly time for a Button Break...or...a Break from Buttons!
Before the Button Bustin' Break, the Button Bins were Bulging after the Button Binge I was on.  I'm glad I photographed the overflowing bins....otherwise I wouldn't have anything to show you on this 'BackToThe Buttons'  post.  Hard to believe I haven't taken a single photo in the last 7 days.  I think I must have 'Binged Out'...if there is such a thing even for an 'OverDoer' like me.

Yep, from the looks of these last three Bins you are probably thinking
I really needed a 7 Day Hiatus from Buttons.
Whew, this looks like a 'CrapShoot'...I wonder if they take
'Buttons' at the Crap Tables in Vegas!
Not that it matters...since I'm still
'On The Button Wagon'.


  1. Busy Bee Button Binge was fun. What else to do? Churn Butter, look for Buttercups, Buy Balloons? Be Bemused? Have a good weekend

  2. I used to love playing "Button Button, Who has the button?" Now I know the answer will always be SUE.


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