WhatAMan...WhatABurger...WhatAMemorial Day


Since it's Memorial Day and I'm Honoring My Hero,
I thought it would be a good day to
Show and Tell on HiHoney!

His real name is Wayne.
Our Son calls him Dad.
Our Grands call him Papa.
Our Families call him Sue's Husband.
Some Folks call him Mister.
I call him HiHoney!

....we were a young couple and always addressed each other as Wayne and Sue and kinda rolled our eyes at other couples who Honey'd and Darlin'd each other.  Then David met and married Karen.  We spent lots of time with them as they were family and we loved them both. 
The First word outta their mouths when speaking to each other was....you guessed it...HONEY! 
"Honey, where's my hat?  Honey, where you left it.  Honey, where was that?  Honey, on your head."
Honey, Honey, Honey....we rolled our eyes alot and soon found ourselves mocking our Beloved Brother and Sister-in-law.
 So, that's how HiHoney got his EyeRollin, OhBrother name of Endearment. 

 Now, HiHoney, likes my cookin' and would rather eat at home,and is known throughout our FamilyLand for putting just about ANYthing between TwoPieces of Bread! 

But today, he's treating me to a WhatABurger Meal before we head out on our Memorial Day DriveAbout and PhotoShoot!

I offered to Share!

Our 'DriveAbout and ShootOut' started on the road to Dove Creek. 
HiHoney says it's a place often mentioned in Elmer Kelton's books.
I'll be telling ya'll about Elmer Kelton real soon.  He's one of HiHoney's favorite writers of Western Folklore, and San Angelo is honoring him as a Hometown Hero with a new Library and Mural in Historic Downtown San Angelo.

HiHoney's ShootOut Shot on the way to Dove Creek....WhatA Beautiful Texas Sky!


Thank-you Son-Brother-HiHoney-Dad-Papa-Sue'sHusband-Mister Wayne!

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WhatAMemorial Day

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My Bright and Shining Star

Happy Sweet 16 Birthday!!!

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Sweet 16 Birthday Party
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Pink Saturday Numbers, Faces and Birthday Cake

I've been Collectin Pink Saturday Posts since September 12, 2009.
This Pink Saturday Post will be my 28th. 
Now, I'm sure you are wondering what that's got to do with Pink Saturday's Second Birthday.
Well, it's all about the Numbers, Faces and Cake!
Let's talk Faces First.  Have you ever wondered about the Face Behind Pink Saturday?

Back in September 2009 this pretty face was on Pink Saturdays Sidebar.  I just assumed it was our Beloved Hostess. 
 A month or so of Pink Saturdays went by and I visited Backyard Neighbor and there was our Hostess Beverly's picture. 
 Now, I might have been born at night, but it wasn't last night, so I figured out real quick that Beverly had TWO Blogs. 
 Have I told ya'll about the Ocean Front Property I bought off George Strait? 
Good Grief, Sue, these folks are gonna think you were born last night and are blonde to boot! (no offense to blondes...a good friend pictured later in this post is blonde)

Finally, I figured out that Jeanne was not Beverly and that Beverly didn't have TwoBlogs, but Jeanne was Beverly's lifelong friend and not Beverly at all, but Jeanne of Backyard Neighbor and the second name on everyone of Pink Saturdays List of Participants...Beverly is always First...naturally.
Well, I said to myself, If Jeanne is not Beverly, then I wonder who Beverly is.

That's when I commissioned this cowboy artist to do Beverly's portrait.  I told him all about Pink Saturday, how it got started and what a neat gal Beverly was.

He was like, 'No problem, Sue, I've got a good idea of how she'd look.

He's not quite finished.  What do Ya'll think?

I wasn't so sure about Beverly's portrait by the Cowboy, so I asked Paris what she thought, and she was like, OMGosh, Sue, I love Pink Saturday.  I never miss posting,  reading and commenting on every single Pinkies post. 

Really, I said.  You are a Pinkie, Paris? 
Absolutely, but I don't use my real name. 
Noooooo! I said. 
Then she said... I use a fake name, but I can't tell you who it is because I don't remember until I sit down and my PC says 'Dingy'.

Sue, I love Pink Saturday so much I'm going to put Beverly's picture on my new CD to be released on Pink Saturdays Second Birthday.

Wow, Paris, she'll be really surprised.  Do you think that's a good likeness of Beverly?

Ya'll all know that Pink Saturday was Featured in Artful Blogging, but they didn't use Beverly's picture on the cover.  Even so, the article was amazing, and the pictures were fantastic.  I hear that VOGUE  is interested in Pink Saturday and plans to feature Beverly's picture on the cover.

 There's also a good chance for Ya'll to see Beverly's picture posted on every brick building and billboard in the world.    Pink Saturday has a whoppin' 273 Participants for the Second Birthday Bash! 
I had a really hard time picking out just the right Birthday Present for Pink Saturday and Beverly.
I know one thing she likes and does every Friday, so I hope she keeps track of how much time she spends putting this one together.

Happy Birthday Pink Saturday!
Now about 'The Numbers'...It's late, but I figured that Beverly has posted approximately 96 Pink Saturdays in Two years.  That's alot of Pink Stuff around your house, Beverly.

PS...It's really late, and Sue Paris says she definately needs to get her beauty rest so she can get up early and start on the 273 Pinkies List.  That is if she can find the ON button that goes Dingy.


HomeTown Heroes In SanAngelo, Texas

In my 'New Hometown' of SanAngelo, Texas, I took a 'WalkAbout' in search of a HomeTown Hero and found this message....
So to the REAR ALLEY off Twohig Street I walked....
...and discovered these Murals dedicated to Hometown Heroes of World War II.
And this one....
....depicting the Workers and Supporters of the War Effort.
The Alley Gallery buildings, street and city utilities have been preserved as the were in the 1940's.
In my mind, the Artists and Historical Commission are Hometown Heroes, too!

I've included this photo to give you an idea of the scale of the murals.

 I'm pleased to share this post with My Town's Friday ShootOuts.


Happy Birthday Spencer

 May 27, 1973,

Dear Spencer,
     Here you are already One Year old.  I can't believe how fast a year can go by and how much you have grown.  For your first Birthday Party all of the family will be here for cake and ice cream and to wish you a Happy Birthday.  What a difference you have made in Our Lives in just one year.  We Love You more than words can say.
Mom and Dad

Your First Birthday Party! 
 Here you are with your Grandpa Willard holding onto you.  You walked all by yourself to him for the first time that day. 
Then there's your Uncle Stacy, he was eleven years old and already a tall guy. 
Next is your Dad....there aren't words to describe how much he loves you!  I'm proud to say an old cliche'...Like Father Like Son!
Just look at your Beautiful MeMa....she was proud of you then and loves the memories of you growing up.  She's so proud of the man you have become and of your beautiful family.
Next it's me...'ThaMama'...as you once called me! 
And then there's Connie...you use to call her Mama, too.  I wonder why?

May 27, 2010

Dear Spencer,
     Here you are already 38 years old.  I can't believe how fast the years have gone by and you are now a grown man with your own family. You have been the greatest blessing of our lives.  We were talking today about how different our lives would be if you hadn't been there.  It's just unimaginable!  So, Happy Birthday, Son and we'll be over in a while with your favorite Birthday CheeseCake, XXOO's and a Crown!
Mom and Dad


NOT My Next 'Hired Girl'

If you ever owned one, you will propably recognize this item right away...or Not!

Here's a few hints....
~First introduced in 1907

~Made of steel

~'Hired Girl' was an Electric Model

~Used on Farms, in Basements and on Porches

How ya doin'?  Got this Vintage Thingie Tagged?

Here's a couple more hints....

~Time consuming to operate

~Hard on your Undies and Zippers

~Breaks buttons and arms

~Can still buy one today

~Parts can be found ONLINE

~Can be used as a Planter...

...Like this one.   Yep, you can forget callin' the Maytag Repair Man on this HIRED GIRL!

Maytag has this final thought concerning Wringer Washers of today....

People who live in nostalgia and who prefer to live off the grid can be the proud owners of Maytag wringer washer. Basically you have to make a choice between your time and your money.

HERE's the Maytag Repairmans FIRST Ad on TV...he's a few years younger. 
Guess all these years of no Repair Work and lots of Card Playin'Stress finally got to him.

HERE's where you can find your Dream Maytag Wringer Washer of Today.  Be sure and watch the U-Tube Demo!

Wonder if Suzanne would like a new Maytag Wringer Washer.  I'll see ya'll over at her place for Vintage Thingie Thursday .

PS...Just a couple more Hint/Tips just in case you are one of the "OffTheGridders" and thinkin' about all the $$$ and water you'll save.
Maytag says this... If you start with washing the least dirty clothes, you can save this water for progressively dirtier clothing.
(Just pitched that in for the 'Nitty Gritty Dirt Band'.  Thanks guys for the WashDay Blues!)
My Mama said this...It worked just fine til it fell through the back porch!

Ya'll have a wonderful Vintage Thingie Thursday and Memorial Day Weekend!

I Don't Know DiddlySquat

Texas owes its name to the Caddo tribe - and the Spaniards. During the Spanish exploration of Texas in the 1540s, the Spaniards met the Hasnai Caddo tribe in present-day East Texas. the Native Americans used the word tayshas for "friends" or "allies." In Spanish, the translation came out as tejas. Eventually, Tejas became Texas.

Texas is also known as the Lone Star State, in reference to the state flag. The flag displays a single, five-point white star on a field of blue with an upper white horizontal stripe and a lower red horizontal stripe.

Texas declared independence from Mexico on March 2, 1836, to become the Republic of Texas. Texas was admitted to the Union on December 29, 1845, as the 28th state. Texas state government is divided into executive, legislative, and judicial branches. The governor is the chief executive of the state and is elected for a four-year term of office.

EVERYWHERE ya go in Texas, you'll see how folks are Proud Texans!

Like this shop in Gruene, Texas  where the LoneStar is featured right along with old bikes, cactus and a...Flamingo?   

Why we even name our kids after Texas...well, nickname anyway.  I really thought my 9-9-09 Grandson's middle name should have been Dallas.  We all call him BabyBubba...that's pretty Texan.  I bet when he's 21 he'd like Dallas better or maybe even Tex...he'll probably use his given name by then...Jackson Thomas...which we'll shorten to JT.   Poor BabyBubba!

I guess it could be worse...he could have been conceived in Leakey, Texas.

Before we leave the Month of May and my visit to NewBraunfels and Gruene, I want to share a few more  pictures of the amazing flowers that the April showers brought to Texas. 
It's been this NeatO'Nikon Gals 'PitcherTakin' dream come true.

Sister ConnieMarie has a 'GrueneGreenThumb' and loves her yard, garden, plants and dogs, BabyBo and CuJoe. 

 PS...See, ya never know who ya will meet in Texas!

Poor BabyBubbaJackson!

They shoulda named him Dallas!  At least we coulda nicknamed him 'BigD'.


Margaritaville, Texas...NoZip

How about a little Margaritaville with Alan and Jimmy?  Got your VolumeUp? 
Oh yeah!  It was a NEON Margarita Night for Two Sisters Raised in Texas!

Oh, and Yes, It was a Two Margarita Night....One for Each Sister!

And Ya'll thought I only took pictures of Wall Wild Flowers!


The FlipFlop 'PitcherTaker'

I had plans to 'Stop and Shoot' whenever and whatever as I drove through Eden, Brady, Mason, Fredricksburg and on into New Braunfels.
I knew it was time for the Thistle to be in Full Bloom, and time for the Bluebonnets to be replaced with Fire Wheels, Prickly Poppy and Prarie Fleaband. 

Ya'll impressed with my Texas Wildflower NameDroppin'?
Well, ya might want to cover your ears for this next one.

Pecker, TalleyWacker  Flower.  Whew!  I nearly didn't get that said.  I was a bit worried that the Wildflower Species Police from Google would Crawl all over Pecker and TalleyWacker and I'd get a 'REPORT ABUSE' Flag.  SoFarSoGood,so on with this Funny Lookin Texas Wildflower that has a real name...Ratibida or Mexican Hat.  I'll let ya'll be the judge. 

Onto safer species....The Fire Wheel and Caelifera Orthaptera or better know as Grasshopper!
What a surprise to see that little Wildflower Chomper....Ahhhha the Magic of Digital Photography!
Did you know that Grasshoppers have Five Eyes, no Ears or Nose and can Jump Twenty Times the length of their body.
 Just a little Grasshopper Trivia for ya.  HERE is more to keep ya hoppin'.

It's nice when 'Stop and Shoot' Plans work out so well. 
 Especially when the Jumpin Caelifera are busy Chompin and not interested in Jumpin on this GRIT.
I had on FlipFlops!

PS...See the Prickly Poppy at CollectInTexas Gal Photos!  It's my new Photo Blog!

See more Texas Wildflowers in the CoolPix Gallery!

See...This Girl Raised In Texas has gone 'Pitcher Takin' crazy with NeatO'Nikon.


There's No Place Like Home

There's No Place Like Home....say the Texans that live here.  It's just NOT this Texas Gal! 

There's No Place Like Home.  Say the Texans that USE to live here. 

There's No Place Like Home.  Says This Girl Raised In Texas!

PS...It's true what they say....
...Home is Where Your Heart Is...
For this GRIT...Home is Where HiHoney, Dolly and Ruby Are!!!

Home Sweet Home...I'm glad to be back.