Artful Plans for Artful Bloggin for Artful Pink Saturday

It’s a Special Pink Saturday! How do I know? Cause Beverly said so in her Tuesday Email which said…

…In case you didn't see my post this past Saturday, I want to let you know that Pink Saturday is featured in the Summer (May/June/July) issue of Artful Blogging in honor of our upcoming second birthday.
Oh Yay, a Party…and there’s more…
…Pink Saturday, May 29 we will be celebrating the second birthday of Pink Saturday. Start planning your birthday posts for fellowship and fun. I hope you will all post on this special day, and that we have a record turnout.
This GRIT promptly punched the REPLY button with…YES for Sue at CollectInTexas Gal!!!
…And started PLANNIN’!

Plan #1.…Go to Hastings and get ARTFUL BLOGGING.
 So, Sue, how’d that go?
Yep, went that very EmailTuesday to grab up my copy before they SOLD Out to all the Artful Bloggers in San Angelo, Texas. “Artful Blogging, hmmm, never heard of it, but I’ll check in the computer. Oh, yeah, we do have it. It’s right over next to the Gun magazines. Don‘t know how I didn‘t know that…I know all the Gun mags.”

Found the Gun magazines and sure enough there it was…Artful Blogging Spring 2010. That’d be Feb/March/April. Back to the CamoClerk who checked his artful computer…which shot out… In Transit!
Check back tomorrow said Rambo.

Plan #2... Get pictures of Pink Roses taken and ready to post. Just in case Plan #1 is a NoShow! HiHoney’s Artful Butcherin and Beheadin last Fall has really paid off in the most beautiful Roses from our Four Bush Rose Garden.

Back to Plan #l and Hastings. This trip I wear my Pink T-Shirt that without a doubt states I mean business! Rambo is not there and I start all over again with my Artful Blogging request. That was Wednesday. Did it again on Thursday and again today…that’d be Friday…the day before Pink Saturday!

I’ve decided that all publications of importance…at least to me…are distributed in Alphabetical Order. And we all know where TEXAS falls in the State Alpha-Order. Makes me wish I was a Gun Toten’ Alaskan.

So, Ya’ll, here I am without the Plan I had Planned On, but a Plan that I Planned just in case the first Plan didn’t Plan Out so well. Say that real fast!

Yep, my Backup Plan all along was to do a bit of ‘Artful Plifering’ off Karen at A Scrapbook of Inspiration. She must live in an AB or C State as she got her copy in time to do a Post for LAST Pink Saturday. So, Thanks, Karen for your generosity in the use of your photo, and congratulations on being included in the Pink Saturday Feature of Artful Blogging.
My Goodness, would Ya'll just look at that last name on the Photo Credits.  It's Girl Raised In Texas Sarah at Hyacinth For The Soul.  I'm so proud for Sarah and her lovely Blog.  Please visit Sarah, she is a Gracious Texas Hostess with Classic Tablescapes, Fabulous Foods, and Beautiful Photography.  Congratulations Sarah!

Congratulations Beverly at How Sweet The Sound and a big Texas Thanks for Putting Pink Saturday on the BlogWorld Map! 

Today there are 203 Participants, and  I bet the Pinkies will be keepin' the WWWeb Smokin' Hot visiting and celebrating!  I know this GRIT has Plans to do just that and make one more trip after Artful Blogging.  I just hope it's not to Alaska.  I'd rather go to Alabama...I know some Pinkies there!

PS...How do ya like my 'Little Pink Lady'?  Doesn't she remind you of Beverly's? 
PPS...Thanks Jeanne at Backyard Neighbor for the ShoutOut...Ruby is OK and says Thanks, too!

CollectInTexas Gal entry for Pink Saturday in Artful Blogging. 
Thankyou, Beverly, I was honored to be invited to participate.


  1. Happy Pink Saturday. Your rose is beautiful and I love your little pink lady.

  2. I couldn't find Artful Blogging in my part of Alabama...didn't think to look in the gun section though. So,I went online and ordered it. I can't wait to receive it! Enjoyed your post!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  3. Hey Sherry....No Artful Blogging mags in Alabama, huh? I guess that blows my Alpha-State Theory! I probably should have ordered mine, too...I'd have it by now or NOT...the Post Office has probably adopted of my Alpha-State Theory.

  4. Hi Sue! I've got May 29th marked on my calendar! I wouldn't miss it!.. As for your comment to my post today?.. You had me falling out of my chair laughing out loud! Yes, you just never know what I'll come up with for a Pink Saturday post, do ya now?!! I'll try to keep things a little lighter and more tastefully done for the 29th!.. Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you're enjoying this beautiful weekend! ~tina

  5. Happy Pink Saturday! Don't feel bad. I live in the C state and we haven't got it yet either. I think it comes from the east coast and eventually makes it out here to the western states....
    Have a wonderful Pink Saturday and good luck!

  6. Anonymous5/01/2010

    Hi Sue,
    I do like your pink lady! and I love your pretty blog header. Happy Pink Saturday~

  7. Hi Sue

    You're right, your little lady does remind me of Beverly's.

    And a very Happy Pink Saturday to you my sweet friend!


  8. As always thanks so much for stopping by. Love to hear from you on Pink Saturday! Hope it's a great one for you!!! Winona

  9. Sue, thank you for the "shout out"! I haven't seen a copy of the magazine yet either. None of the book stores here has the summer issue yet. I'm going to check again today. B & N said they should have it May 1st.
    Love that pink shirt of yours! Thanks for the thoughtful comments about Hyacinths for the Soul. I appreciate your kindness! And your little lady does remind me of Beverly's. Hope your Pink Saturday is special!
    Hugs ~ Sarah

  10. Sue,
    Thanks for the mention. I love your post, Congratulations on being chosen. Love Willy Nelson. Back in the late seventies I had to travel to Dallas for business all the time. I loved it there. You have a lovely blog too.


  11. I love your little pink lady! I have to get my copy at B&N this weekend!

  12. Congrats! That is great! Love your header on this blog. Thanks for visiting and come again. Kerrie


  14. I can't find it either... I'll look in the gun magazines.hehehehe..maybe I should get my son to produce one...He's been a gunsmith most of his adult life. Maybe he's hiding them all at the gunshop. :). Happy Pinks..and yes,little doll does look like Beverly's..

  15. Happy Pink Saturday. Love your posts. The roses are beautiful and I love the pink shirt.

    Hope you find the magazine. I'm sure it isn't available anywhere here in the country but maybe when we get to a big town. Maybe Louisville (after the Derby crowd has flown away)

  16. Howdy, Sue, thanks for stopping by on Pink Saturday...I agree that this has been an amazing spring for wildflowers. Even the air outside smells sweet! Your roses are beautiful and your search for the summer issue of Artful Blogging rings true for all us who are lucky enough to live in small towns...the good news is we don't have strings of big chain stores, but the bad news is that our locals don't always carry the inventory of the big boys...Happy pink Saturday.

  17. Good morning. What a lovely pink post you have and what a lot of work you did for Pink Saturday. Also thank you for your congratulations. I am so honoured.
    Riet, The Netherlands

  18. Hey Sue, love this post..I don't have my copy of Artful Blogging yet, I went online to the publisher website and checked my area of CA to see who carries the mag, and nothing within 30 miles or so..Heloooo..us in the Palm Springs area like to blog too folks!! but I see that Sarah says Barnes Noble..ahaha. might be hope..elsewhise I will need to ORDER it because I MUST HAVE.
    I digress...have a lovely weekend, thanks for stopping by!

  19. your pink lady is my fave! she is so pretty! and your roses too beautiful! happy PS!

  20. Sue, have I told you lately that I love you? And, I love this post, too. You are an absolute delight, and you always have smiles here to share with us. You GRIT girls are something special.

    Happy Pink Saturday. And, I need to buy a copy, too. I had planned to check B&N again this weekend, but didn't make it.


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