NOT My Next 'Hired Girl'

If you ever owned one, you will propably recognize this item right away...or Not!

Here's a few hints....
~First introduced in 1907

~Made of steel

~'Hired Girl' was an Electric Model

~Used on Farms, in Basements and on Porches

How ya doin'?  Got this Vintage Thingie Tagged?

Here's a couple more hints....

~Time consuming to operate

~Hard on your Undies and Zippers

~Breaks buttons and arms

~Can still buy one today

~Parts can be found ONLINE

~Can be used as a Planter...

...Like this one.   Yep, you can forget callin' the Maytag Repair Man on this HIRED GIRL!

Maytag has this final thought concerning Wringer Washers of today....

People who live in nostalgia and who prefer to live off the grid can be the proud owners of Maytag wringer washer. Basically you have to make a choice between your time and your money.

HERE's the Maytag Repairmans FIRST Ad on TV...he's a few years younger. 
Guess all these years of no Repair Work and lots of Card Playin'Stress finally got to him.

HERE's where you can find your Dream Maytag Wringer Washer of Today.  Be sure and watch the U-Tube Demo!

Wonder if Suzanne would like a new Maytag Wringer Washer.  I'll see ya'll over at her place for Vintage Thingie Thursday .

PS...Just a couple more Hint/Tips just in case you are one of the "OffTheGridders" and thinkin' about all the $$$ and water you'll save.
Maytag says this... If you start with washing the least dirty clothes, you can save this water for progressively dirtier clothing.
(Just pitched that in for the 'Nitty Gritty Dirt Band'.  Thanks guys for the WashDay Blues!)
My Mama said this...It worked just fine til it fell through the back porch!

Ya'll have a wonderful Vintage Thingie Thursday and Memorial Day Weekend!


Grannys Attic said...

Thanks for the memories! Our wash do in the old wringers was always on Monday! Blessings, Vicky

Mary Lou said...

That thing gives me a full body shiver!!!
My mother used one on the back porch, porch was falling in so it wouldn't work right. We hung soppy clothes on the line, it rained..you get the picture..

Coloradolady said...

I wish I had one just like this...for a planter!! Love it!!! This one is wonderful and seems to still be in good shape, and not too much rust! wonderful post! Have a great VTT!

Tara Beaulieu said...

That is really wonderful, I love it in it's new life as a planter, it's just perfect! Happy VTT and thanks for sharing!

Paulette said...

Oh, I remember my grandma's wringer washer! I remember watching it break a button or two as well. Yours looks fabulous in its new job as a planter. Wish I had one just like it!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Too funny. Don't remember those at all but love it with plants in it!

Unknown said...

"I want one.." no, i want two...one that works, and one for a planter. I love to wash on those old machines, and then hang the clothes out to dry...talk about vintage thingys...lol
I is one...

Carol Mae said...

Boy do I remember this, We used one on the farm all the time I grew up. Did a great job and your right about starting with the whites and ending up with the barn clothes. I can still smell wash day! what great memories. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Carol Mae

Anne said...

Ho! what a beautiful antiques I do remember how wringer washer was a thank you you are good.
The clothes are sometimes mixed in the rolls? clothes sometimes would get caught in it and wrap around the ringer
... Jullie

Pom Pom said...

Ugh! I guess wash day wasn't such a burden when people didn't have so many clothes. All old things are pretty, though. I hope YOU have a nice long weekend, too!

Dar said...

I'm off to the farm today to visit my Mom and I'm going to ask about the old wringer washer. I remember using one as Mom stood by to help me lift the heavy, wet jeans through the wringer. I still love to hang the clothes outside to dry...especially the sheets and pillow cases and cotton shirts...nothing is finer than that fresh air smell ta sleep to.
Thank You So Much for the Sweet Memories

Anonymous said...

My mom accidentally wrang/wrung? her hand through one of those back in the 50's... she had to reverse the direction of the handle to get her hand out, so her hand went through it TWICE! Ouch.


Unknown said...

HA HA!LOL! I loved the last comment! :)


Anonymous said...

I love that wringer washer as a planter, my thoughts wandered to how heavy it would be to pull it into the house for winter, and then I decided maybe I didn't want one for a planter. I remember my Grandma using one and always hearing the story of a relative who got her hand caught in the wringer and the horrors of it all, and how I didn't want that to happen to me! Great post!

Ulla said...

The sight of your wringer washer brought to my memory the smell of hot soapy water. We had a taller one, and I loved to wring the towels through it.

GardenOfDaisies said...

I actually have washed clothes in one of these... we had some friends who lived on a farm, way way out in the boonies, and this was the type of washing machine they had. Washing day was something to remember. :-)

Claudia said...

My mom had one of these when I was a wee girl.

The Maytag Repairman was played by Jesse White - who was a good friend of my husband - they met while acting in a play together.


LV said...

I loved our post today on the old washing machine. They way you presented it and its story was wonderful. A super job for VTT.

Michelle said...

My mother remembers having one of these as a young newlywed. She can attest to the work it took to use it, and was glad for an upgrade.

Your cactus seems pretty happy with its Maytag though. :-)

Unknown said...

I remember my Mom's (she had it until 1970) and more importantly, I remember my granny's. Never swing on the wringer....the machine WILL fall on you (good thing it was empty, lol).


Sally Annie Magundy said...

How fun! I can remember there being one of those in my childhood home!

Happy VTT,

Postcardy said...

I recognized it right away from the "tag" but I never heard it called a "hired girl."

Unknown said...

Wow, I wouldn't have a CLUE how to use this!!! :)

Thanks for the introduction :)


Miri said...

Loved your Mom's comment! I used a wringer washer when I lived in Japan...not bad but having to hang around to put the clothes through the wringer does take time (I used to read a book! :)

Your re-use of this wringer is terrific!


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