Road Warrior...Source of Darkness

Now, let me make sure I understand the plan.

 YOU want ME to chauffer your 'SkinnyPitcherTakinRear' to Christoval for shots of Sheep DoinDooty and then back in the totally opposite direction to Eola to shoot the Darkside!

Si, ObiJuan!

My kinda Woman! 
My kinda Road Trip!
We're kinda Warped!

Si, ObiJuan!

Talk about serious 'Twilight Zone' stuff....Rod Sterling Twilight Zone....that is! 
 I still can't quite get there with the VampireLoveBite vs Werewolf  WantsAWoman Twilight Zone.

Velcome to Eola, Texas.  The Darkside of Main Street. 
A, 'SkinnyPitcherTakinRears', DarkDreams come true and HiHoney's, the DarkRoadWarrior, worst Nightmare!  

Okay, ObiJuan!  You gotta come see this old tin ceiling!

I'll be Okay, DarkKnight!  I see a LIGHT....sorta....and I found the KEY!!!


Today is Friday ShootOuts at Our Town!

PS...I was Fearless.  Thanks, ObiJuan!


Connie said...

Sounds just like a jaunt with Love Bunny, sugar! Yep, he has that same little smirk on his lips that my sweet man has. This could be dangerous, ya know! LOL LOL Cute post, chickee!

SusanB-knits said...

I can just see you traipsing in old, dark, abandoned buildings to see the tin roof!! Be careful! lol!! you don't know what's in the dark (shades of Steven King!!!) that will jump out at ya.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh how fun would that be. Great photos I would love to see that place.!

GingerV said...

welcome to Friday shoot out.... I found you by searching Google "road warrior blogspot" - your link on mrLinky circles back to mr linky.... so please go by and enter it again.... using your home page url.... great post for this week....

Suburban Girl said...

Great job being brave in the dark side of town. Glad you joined the shoot out gang.

Beverly said...

ObiJuan take good care of Sue. Thanks, ObiJuan.

Chef E said...

I love you! I am a home grown Texas gal myself, and I cracked up at your beginning!

Love the old TV, and the whole thing to boot...

Welcome pard'ner- Mighty fine of you'se to come round here!

I was born and raised in Ft Worth, dad from West Texas past Breckenridge, and mom from Louisiana, so I am all mixed up :)

Unknown said...

fantastic Shoot out and very fun!!

Unknown said...

I LOVE WONDERFUL OLD BUILDINGS! Not as daring as you are, but sure wish I was. I always think about the movie Fried Green Tomatoes and what went on in these buildings before the were abandoned. Beautiful Stuff!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

I see the 7up sign, and it is pretty old, a bit like a old cow boy movie set?

NanU said...

Fabulous! LOVE the dialog, LOVE the pix. Especially that closed shop, and the old Zenith!

Ann said...

Thats quite an exqursion!! I'm sure you will do a great story on the building. So neat===

~JarieLyn~ said...

Welcome to the Friday Shoot-Out. I love a good texan. I have relatives there. Wonderful post. I love all of your photos. This looks like a place I'd like to venture into.

aurbie said...

Oh, I love that second shot. Great collection.


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