July and Summer Yarn

Where did June Go?  That should probably be the title to this post, but truth be known, I know exactly where my time in June went.  It's called a 'JOB', and even though I'm loving my part time job...it certainly hasn't left time to BLOG!  Sad, sad, sad...2 posts in June.  Can't promise July will be any different, but I'll try to at least log in and see what everyone else is blogging about.

So, besides the job and working/playing in Sue's Fiber Arts Studio, I've been crocheting with Summer Yarns.  They are light weight yarns and by using larger crochet hooks and patterns that have a lot of open work the result is perfect for cool summer evenings or as a cover up with Tank T's.  Course, it may be closer to start of fall before we have cool evenings here in Texas.

Here are a few of the Shawlettes...yes, a small version of a Shawl.  I've cleaned out several shelves at the LYS...local yarn shop...of Yarn Bee's Dazzling!  It was on SALE!  Notice the little white specks in the top picture...those are sparkles...so pretty when worked up and gives a bit of bling to the shawls.
Welcome July!!!