Here's My Totem Sign

The hanging sign at Studio 15 is eye catching...that's for sure.  However, for most shoppers FIBER doesn't relate/register as something they want or need...like broccoli.  FABRIC is a little more self explanatory, yet again, un-relatable unless you are a 'Material Girl'. 
I'm hoping the 'Totem Sign' clears up any misconceptions folks may have about FIBER&FABRIC. 
No broccoli served here!


Boomer Gloom and Doom

I thought I was done with knitting.  So done that much of my collection of 'fancy knitting yarns' are now for sale in my shop along with a good many knitting books and magazines.  I made the decision to 'NotKnit' when realizing I am better and faster at crochet.  To further justify giving up knitting and selling off  knitting stuff, I was patting myself on the back for downsizing the 'YarnArama' stash, emptying several shelves of books and magazines, and saving myself from 'Boomer Gloom and Doom'.

I am here to tell you that 'Boomer Gloom and Doom' is a real thing when you know your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and friends not of 'Boomer Age' DO NOT want your 'Knit Picks' or any other Pickings you have saved and treasured for....well, forever!

It's true, and I am not the only one on the planet who is facing the reality of my 'Stuff' being dismissed as Garge Sale Fodder, Craigs List Crap or even worse...Dumpster Divers Dregs!

Here I am a Boomer with Bunches, and what do I do to put off the impending Boomer G&D?
I take up knitting....again! 


Sewing Binge...A Matter of Necessity!

OverDoSue here.  Well, almost!  I caught myself just in the nick of time, and am patting myself on the back for working sewing smarter not harder. 

This last sewing binge was brought on by a trip to a 'Quilt Shop Hop Show'.  Although, I have been out of the 'Quilting Mode/Business' for quite some time and certainly have fabric to last forever, I am always ready to see what's new. 

Did I buy fabric?  Yes, one fat quarter!  Did I buy anything else?  Yes, an Apron Pattern!  And so began the sewing binge of  sewing theme aprons, quilting theme aprons, and gals gotta have aprons.  I think there are about a dozen done so far.  I hope to have a few more by the time they make their debut in my Shop on August 5th for First Saturday at The Chicken Farm Art Center.

Speaking of chickens, I had to replenish my inventory of Chicken Theme Microwave Bowl Warmers.  Of course I couldn't just do Chicken Warmers...no...I needed to re-stock just about every themed group except Southwest.

So, out came the stack of 'kitchen' fabrics and batting for a Bowl Warmer Sewing Binge. 

Good thing they are quick and easy to make.  They are one of my best sellers at Sue's Fiber&Fabric Shop!  It seems everyone can relate to burning your fingers when taking a hot bowl from the microwave.  Love the phrase 'Necessity is the Mother of Invention'.

Another thing folks relate to is shredded tissues in the bottom of your bag.  Somehow the cellophane wrapping just doesn't hold up to keys, pens, loose change and whatever else collects in one's purse.  Another 'Necessity Invention'.  Who knew these Tissue Packet Covers would fly off the shelf like they do.  Yep, it was the third sewing binge item made this past week.  Now, these are the quickest and easiest things I make...especially when assembly line cutting and stitching on the Serger.

Time to take a Sewing Binge Break...It's a Matter of Necessity!


Scrambled Rick Rack...What a Sew View!

My collection of Bias Tape, Rick Rack and a variety of other trims was once neatly wrapped, packaged and organized by color, size, and type...like seam tape, lace tape, double fold, single fold, etc. etc..

These days of 'Use It or Lose It' and 'Making It for Money', all that organization has flown the coop...so to speak.  Now all sizes, colors and types of tapes and trims are nesting in a basket. 

Not all separation/organization has been abandoned...Rick Racks have their own basket....

Now you have seen and heard it all...Scrambled Rick Rack.
But, you know what?!!! 
It works for me!
Here's a sneak peak of my New Line of Aprons!
So excited to Use It...not...Lose It
Un-Scramble Rick Rack!


Summer 2017... Project Patio and Pups

One thing leads to another.  At least that is how things go at our house.  First we were picking out paint for exterior trim and before we knew it we were measuring for windows to close in the screened in porch.  I knew we should have started the exterior trim painting at the front of the house where we spend less time on a daily basis.  As it is, we come and go through the back and spend a good part of the day on the porch even on the hottest day of the summer...110 degrees. That was the deciding factor to replace screen with windows and Mother Natures hot air with AC.
First thing lead to the next thing...painting the new enclosed porch. 
Then...of course...Re-Decorating...the FUN part!
What made decorating so much fun was 'Making Do' with what we had!
FINALLY...a use for crochet dollies and embroidery hoops!
RE-PURPOSED...Quilt Rack, Baskets and Greenery, Metal Wall Art.
The Repurpose Mode continued to the back yard walk way with my 'Pink Booth Tent' erected as an outdoor covered patio.  Afterall, we still like to sit outside...just not when it's a 110 degrees.  The tent support poles are curtained with a repurposed king size sheet.  Same goes for the bench...repurposed and reused seat cushion and thrift store pillows.  The only thing bought new were plants, and they were from the 'NearlyDead/Bargin' rack.  Yay for resurrecting my 'Green Thumb'.  This view of the Pink Tent Covered Walkway  through the now 'Plexi-glassed' inside screen door. 
Enough about Project Patio!  Here's the Pups!
Meet Cookie and Sugar!
They are almost 5 months old and are...believe it or not...Litter Sisters and Rescue Pups!
Dolly wonders...'What were Ya'll thinking'?
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Sideways Sidebar Marketing Strategy

Onward and Upward Sideways in the world of Online Marketing.  Upward would apply if I had stepped up to a Website Builder/Host that offers Freebies for this domain or that number of Gigs, etc. etc..  The professional Templates are tempting with their polished graphics, drag and dropping options and scrolling Headers.  But, after researching and scratching my head over the Not Really Freebies and the Not Really For This Price per Month and the Reality Fine Print, I decided to make my move Sideways...
....to the Sidebar!!!
Your next Sideways-Sidebar click is another Sideways move to a Blogger ForReal FREE Blog...
So...You can get there from here and You can get there from
 Either 'Sideways' you get there...You get the Coupon!


Scrap Around The Clock...It's What Quilters Do

As with my Fabric Stash, I have been working on my 'UseIt-or-LoseIt' philosophy with the Bead and Button Stash.  These 'Quilt-Sew' charms have been hoarded saved for ages and, I'm sure by now, can be considered vintage collectibles.
I can't begin to tell you how long I've had the Roman Numeral Clock Disk, or how many times I have tried to 'UseIt'.  Finally, I think it works for this 'Scrap Around The Clock' necklace.

Once I sit down at 'The Jewelry Station' in my Home Studio, and the jewelry juices begin to flow, it's easy to get into a 'Beading Binge'.  When that happens, my inventory grows and two more issues become the next problem to solve....displaying and marketing.
Marketing...Sue's Fiber&Fabric Studio at The Chicken Farm Art Center.
  Sue's Fiber&Fabric Studio page on Facebook (Online Shopping Available).


July Flag Flashback

While searching photo files for Red White and Blue's, this 'Flag Pin' surfaced.   I wear it every July.  As a matter of fact, I wore it day before yesterday...July 1st...for First Saturday at The Chicken Farm.  It was pinned on one of my Patriotic shirts...of course.

The thing that caught my eye on this pinning was the strap it was pinned on.  It was a flashback to last years July when this apron strap hung around my neck for the last time. 

Yes, it has been one year and one week that my Hancock Fabrics Apron was retired to the Apron Collection. 

In the year since the closing and loss of my job as 'Supervisor Sue', I often think of and miss my co-workers, the customers and my special section of fabrics everyone called 'Sue's Cotton Patch'.  Most likely, I'd still be working there had they not closed...but then I wouldn't be doing this.....

So, from Me and Modella....Happy Fourth of July 2017!!


Tank Tops and Flip Flops Top Fabric, Fiber and Quilt Tops

Featuring Patriotic Fabric, Quilts, Jewelry and Tunics on July 1st at The First Saturday Event may not have been as timely as I anticipated.  Even with Saturday as the beginning of a long Fourth of July Weekend, folks either already had their 'Fourth' gear, have been saturated for months with Big Box Stores Red White and Blue Bargins or simply out of the 'Patriotic Mood'.  Can't say I blame them with all that is going on in Uncle Sam's Houses.
There is quite a difference in stocking a Quilt/Fabric Shop as opposed to a Fabric/Fiber Studio.  First there is the space difference and secondly, folks are 'Quick Pick Shoppers' in Studio/Vendor shops.  If they are Fabric or Yarn Crafters, they are more likely to pick up a Coordinated Bundle of Fabric or a Yarn Kit rather than a bolt of yardage or individual skeins of yarn.  So, I am learning and adjusting my marketing strategies. 
Then there is the 'Dog Days of Summer Sales'.  Yep, when it's 90 to 100+ degrees it's hard to think about quilting, knitting, crocheting or much of anything that requires more than a tank top, shorts and flip flops. 
Next year's 4th of July Feature!!!
Welcome July!!!