Buzzard Bait

Yep,  that's what I felt like on Mothers Day!

There I was, on my way down the yellow brick road to see Son PuterWizzard and family.  Runnin' right on time, with a Lemon Cake, bucket of Ice Cream and New Nikon CoolPix.  Oh yeah, it's a picture takin day.

 Actually, the paved road was lined on both sides with a solid blanket of Yellow Daisies, and at 45 mph...know that well...been WARNED...it was easy to see I needed to pull over and practice my ZoomZoomZoom lens...the ice cream was frozen solid.
So, out of the car, eyes focused on flowers and snapped this shot...

...and zoomed this shot.

Major Zoom on this shot...stood up with Nikon raised to the fully leafed mesquite trees  and... 



Gotta Go...the Ice Cream is Meltin'!


  1. Those birds are huge! I like your snaps! They are lovely, lovely, lovely! Don't you love your camera? I appreciate mine so much.
    Here's wishing you a day full of joy, my Sue friend!

  2. Wow such great shots! Glad you stopped and took these great photos!!

  3. Love your photos - great shots! Oh, those birds look huge and slightly scary!


  4. Anonymous5/11/2010

    Great pics! But I do think it was to leave--they might have been thinking "h-m-m taste time!!"
    Glad you had a great mom's day! Love you!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! It's always nice to meet other bloggers in the area. Those photos are beautiful!! I don't know if I would have stopped by all those birds though :).

  6. Great pictures! good thing you left the ice cream in the car so it wasn't buzzard bait too!

  7. I love the flowers but those big birds just scare the poo out of me. Just hate the dang things. I have a bird. A colorful Sun Conure and she ranks right there with them!!! Tries to bite the hand that feeds her. Hugs, Mollye

  8. Hi Sue I have been in Atlanta over the weekend so visiting has been late this week. I scrolled down to see the posts I have missed. Your mother is beautiful in her photos and your post about her is so sweet. I too loved my mother sooo much. I miss her beyond words.

    Your photos are beautiful. You sure know your way around a camera. We just signed up for Photo shop classes. I am looking forward to improving my photos. Your Texas pics are fun and interesting. Those buzzards are scary and the flowers are stunning.

    Last your photo with your son and grandson is precious. A handsome family. What would we do without our darling children and grands?

    I better close, this is beginning to sound like a book. HA!
    Hugs, Jeanne

  9. Boy those buzzards are very intimidating! Your new camera will really get a good work out, you take gorgeous pictures already. The yellow is so beautiful. Hope you had a great time, bet the lemon cake was scrumptious.

  10. You are one brave gal to shoot away at the flowers while the buzzards decide whether or not to 'buzz' you. Good thing the ice cream was melting! LOL


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