Sorting Saturday - Old School FileClerk

This is my Photo Filing System.  I know it doesn't look 'Old School', but in my head I'm still a File Clerk back in 1968.  You know, before colored file folders, sticky notes and yes, even Archival paper and storage systems. 

The only 'System' around then was the ACFC System..Ancient Cranky File Cabinet.  As the 'Rookie Clerk' it was my good fortune...said the 'Senior Clerk'...to traverse the stairs, find the skeleton key, locate the keyhole and enter the crypt.  Did I mention the spiders and webs?

Sure makes me appreciate my HPPC System and NeatONikon.  'I've Come A Long Way, Baby!
I feel right at home here in my HPPC System with the manilla file folders and better than ever IBM Selectric Keyboard.  Talk about 'What will they Think of Next'.  Anyway, it sure makes Sorting and Filing in the safety of my office a huge improvement over the ACFC System.

I don't want you to think I've abondoned all the the Old School Ways.  No Siree, I still have Folders...colored ones now, tape-acid free, clips-also colored, magnifyer and the rest of the stuff a Gals gotta have to be among the '21st Century WithIt File Clerks'...or as we are called these days, Executive Assistant to the Crypt Keeper.

I don't know if you noticed it or not, but next to my HPPC System I still have a remnant from my Old School Clerkin' Days.  The Magic Wand!  

I keep it around in case the 'Google Magician' needs help sorting through the InterNet.  HiHoney, my husband, still reads the newspaper the Old School way, and he thought Doonesbury's cartoon in last Sunday's Funnies fit me to a T!  I thought Ya'll might enjoy it, too, and it gives me a chance to show off my 'Saturday Sorting Skills'.

So through the Magic of Google Sorting...without help from the Wand...here's Doonesbury on :

Welcome Sorting Saturday GeneaBloggers


  1. You should see my desk - I still have real manila folders as well as virtual ones - just took stock..there's a flash drive, a car phone charger, two empty frames, three pens, a coaster, an extra wireless mouse, a square of cross stitch cloth, a book, a note book, a tassel, the laptop and a tasteful rooster-theme lamp. It's not a big desk, but it's crowded!...oh and a lovely and inspirational wee painting from a fellow blogger.

  2. Oh, you are so brace moving forward! I just stick with the good old fashioned way of everything except the mouse & a computer ... they are a daily challenge. I like to open my drawer, see a file ... stacks of paper on my desk ... pencils & pens & stapler still beside me.

    Take a peek at my write today ...

    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~

  3. My desk is a treasure trove some weeks but I have many old files and a few new ones. I like the floral ones.

  4. I am technically clueless with so many things today! Two of my kids have I phones! I want one but first I want to travel to Phoenix to watch my baby run int he Nike race next month, Hugs Anne

  5. I'm fine with a mouse and keyboard. I still have that weak side on the touchscreens. I still use file folders (physical ones) and archive my files by folders. Although Dropbox and Evernotes also became great online tools. There things you can use that improves your archiving and the same time your office interior.


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