AtoZ RoadTrip...My HomeTown's Million Barrel Oil Boom

Oil Booms are not new to me or to my HomeTown of Monahans, Texas.  I grew up during the 50's and 60's Oil Boom.  Then when it hit again in the 80's, I was there to say, Hey, Ya'll, you know what follows a Boom....a Bust!!!  Another thing I always say is History repeats itself and What goes around comes around.  I love being RIGHT!!!  The Oil Boom History is definitely repeating itself in West Texas and in my hometown.
The Million Barrel Museum is what is left of the 1928 Oil Boom.  I wasn't there then, but during the 1950's and 60's Boom, I knew plenty of people who added their names to the five acres of cement walls.  Back then it was called 'vandalism'...today it's called 'Graffitti Art'.  Just so you know...Sue is not one of the names spray painted there today...I'm sure it faded years ago.  Just kidding....why my Daddy would have had me out there with a tooth brush cleaning the entire five acre cement bowl for just those three little letters....S U E.
Here are some links about the History of the Million Barrel and how it's has been restored and thrives today as a
Museum, a Tourist Attraction and an Event Location.
I hope you enjoyed traveling with me on the AtoZ RoadTrip. 
 Here are some AtoZer's I visited.
It was a West Texas Windy Day at the Million Barrel, but I withstood the wind and caught this stalk of blooms and pods in a relatively still moment.  It's from a Yucca variety desert plant, and this is the time of year they bloom.  Pretty, huh....even when they are crawling with ants!   It's one of my favorites, and now that Xeriscaping has become popular these beauties...ants and all...are seen in more landscapes than ever before.
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  1. I love traveling through Texas! We have kids in the FT. Davis area. I know we would both enjoy this museum as it is history and that is what we are both addicted to!
    ♥ Jil

  2. Anonymous5/31/2013

    I'm sure the BOOM times were exciting times to be in your part of the USA.....too bad for the BUST times, huh? LOVE the variety of Yucca!!! We had a coupld of the white blooming Yuccas in our front yard when I was growing up (in MO).

    Have a great PS...and keep your hands off those cans of spray paint! ha ha!


  3. I've been to Monahans, but didn't have time to do much. Last year on our way to Dallas I recall seeing the museum and the Sand Hills. Maybe next time we should stop.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  4. Sue,
    Such interesting information. This Yucca Plant is very striking. Since Texas is so large it has such a variety of ecosystems.
    Visiting from Pink Saturday-

  5. Understand your oil boom story very well.Love that sign. Also, I am a flower lover, so enjoyed seeing your blooms,

  6. We had yucca in our yard when we lived in Albuquerque. Some people grown them here too. Love the color of the blooms. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  7. ah Sue, my family were part of the oil boom too in East Texas. Boom and Bust for sure ! I still have a bit of an oil well left to me in Texas, it's a bit of a bust right now : ))

  8. I've never been to Texas, but I do have relatives there. Maybe I'll get out to visit them someday.

    That plant really is beautiful!

    Have a happy weekend. ☺

  9. Looks interesting..may have to check it out next time I come to Texas to visit family.

  10. I was so glad to see you, Sue! And I have to laugh because your daddy and mine! Daddy would have had me clean it with a toothbrush, worn me out, and then made me clean it again! LOL



  11. Hi Sue, I would like to see the Million Dollar Museum. I know I would love the history. The sign is awesome.

    The unusual flower is beautiful. Is it a cactus bloom?

    Have a great week.
    xo, Jeanne


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