Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors...Introduction

Among the family names emerging through the mists of time from Holland and Belgium was the ancient posterity of Pittman.
The distinguished history of this surname is closely entwined within the colorful tapestry of the ancient chronicles of Britain.
Pittmans sailed to North America aboard the 'Armada White Sails' and settled in New England and Virginia Colonies in the mid 1600's.

The focus of this Genealogy Study begins with John I. Pittman and wife Mary Polly Rowe Pittman,
settlers in St. Pauls Parish, Georgia, along Kiokee Creek prior to 1770.
As in all Family Trees, there are many branches, stems, twigs and leaves.
This 'Direct Lineage Branch' will follow
John Ichabod Pittman, Jr. (1752-1831) 2nd Son of John and Mary Polly
George Washington Pittman (1843-1938) 2X Great Grandson, 
 and their descendents born and raised in Georgia.
CollectInTexas Gal's Georgia Direct Lineage
John I. Pittman and Mary Polly Rowe Pittman
5X Great Grandparents
John Ichabod Pittman and Lucy Marshall Pittman
4X Great Grandparents
Ichabod Byrd Pittman and Frances Stone Pittman
3X Great Grandparents
Rene Marion Pittman and MaryAnne Howell Pittman
2X Great Grandparents
George Washington Pittman and Emma Howell Pittman
Great Grandparents


  1. That is wonderful you have found out so much info on your family

  2. Wow, I'm amazed you can trace roots so back in time. And that sure is one of the coolest coat of arms I've ever seen.

  3. Wow Sue,

    I have some neighbors who also can trace their families back that far as well! I wonder if at some point in your family line you'll connect with my any of my neighbors? Wouldn't that be something?!

    That is truly fascinating to me as the granddaughter of immigrants.

  4. A woman I worked with went back to the 15th century with Vasco de Gama the explorer on one side of her family. Of course, she was attending the LDS church and had access to their unlimited info. Amazing!

  5. Hi Sue .. fascinating to be able to go so far back .. and I love the early John's name Ichabod - that must mean something ..

    Cheers and I'm so pleased you're able to find out so much .. and connect the dots .. Hilary


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