Hitchin' A Ride on the AtoZ RoadTrip

What a surprise to see the AtoZ Road Trip sign out in the Middle of Nowhere, Texas on 
Highway 190 between Ozona and Eldorado.
Just in case you haven't traveled down this two lane highway before, I'm tellin' you it's a long
70 miles of pretty much what you see in this photo I snapped last weekend.
Those *'Three Smiley Gals' have a headstart on me, but
seeing that sign inspired me to get going on my own AtoZ Road Trip.
*Smiley Gals...Shannon The Warrior Muse, Tina Life Is Good and Nicole The Mad Lab Post
I did mention that Hwy 190 was 70 miles of the SameOle~SameOle scenery...right?
I get bored shooting the SameOle mesquites, roadside weeds and asphalt.
Windshield Road Kill makes for a nice change.  I call this one 'Splat'.
Okay...back to the AtoZ Road Trip.
Before I could get on the road, I had a visit from a Fellow Texan
 who I hadn't meet during the month of April on the Challenge.
She popped in on my Mother's Day Tribute To Ancestor Grandmothers and left a comment.
I returned her visit and found her on the AtoZ RoadTrip with a Trail of MapLinks she had visited.
CollectInTexas Gal was there...Thanks, Bethie...along with several others I have not yet met.
So, I decided to 'HitchARide' with Bethie and follow her Trail of AtoZ Blog Links!
(she started at the top of THIS list...in case you want to check it out)
Did I mention that it was 70 miles from Ozona to Eldorado with Nada-Zip-Nothing between but
mesquite, scrub brush, cactus, weeds, rocks, jack rabbits, skunks, buzzards and these TWO??!!!
I heard him say to her as we drove by....
"Are we there yet?"


  1. Hi Sue .. great promotional post - love it - and those smashing-mucky windows are pretty grotty! But I love travelling and seeing the countryside ...

    I've kept it open to check in on those links .. cheers Hilary

  2. I hate those kind of roads. It's terrible because I get all drowsy with the heat and the monotony of the view. If you're not the driver, you may sleep but if you're the one behind the wheel...it just sucks. Too bad dragons can't just openly fly from one point to another. Secrecy is vital for us.

  3. So you're saying the scenery is wonderful, right?

    Hey, you know what "Splat" said right after that picture was taken? "I wish I had the guts to do that again."

    (I'm sorry.)

  4. At least it was a shorter trip than the one to El Paseo. Gee, HOURS of the same cactus and scrub bush.

  5. Love the photo! I have been on that road, but it's been over 30 years ago I guess. These days when I pass through Ozona it's whizzing by on I-10, though sometimes we'll stop there for gas or food. We never linger though.

    A Faraway View

  6. Are these places no longer towns?~Ames

  7. Never been to that part of the country for a road trip, now you've got me tempted!

    Great that you've have the get up and go to do this series. Thanks for the comments about my no good laptop. Yesterday your comment ended up in my spam folder..it's been rescued!! Not sure if the Google Gods are on your side :) I sure know the computer Gods are mad at me. I'm thinking of getting on the stairs with Linus for a nap ;).

    Happy travels gal!

  8. SOmetime a long lonely stretch of road can clear the mind! But I don't like to travel on too many of them! Have a great evening!

  9. I've been on that road. Not much to see, I agree. Thanks for the link! I'm enjoying the ride, for sure. Getting through the list is a little like driving through Texas--long, but worth the trip!


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