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There are not many if any subjects/topics/images from AtoZ that can't be represented through needlework...specifically for me and the LoneStar Quilting BeeGals...QUILTING. Therefore, it will come as no surprise that The Zodiac and it's symbols have been stitched into many quilts.

In Rags To Riches I showed you a piece of Zodiac fabric from the 1960's....suposedly the Age of Aquarius.  During the 60's, the Zodiac was a new study for me, and being a curious Aquarian, I had to see what it was all about.  You can read about that in what has become my All Time Popular Post...The Age of Aquarius...Here's My Sign.

Through the AtoZ Challenge, It has been my pleasure to introduce Ya'll to the 'BeeGals'.  They have shared their quilts, quilting stories, and pieces of their lives that speak of women with True Grit and characteristics to be admired regardless...or in spite of...their Zodiac Sign.

The BeeGals Quilters Signs and Horoscopes

Alma...ARIES ~ March 21-April 20...Aries are adventurous and energetic quilters.  They are forever looking for new ideas.  The whole world to them is a palette of endless possibilities.  Always confident, they use colour schemes that others wouldn't dare consider.  Being impulsive by nature, they generally don't bother reading the instructions for designs.  Of course, as far as they are concerned the patterns are just to give them more ideas.  Aries have a talent for the arts and make excellent designers.  They don't follow techniques; they invent them. 
Irene...TARUS ~ April 21 to May 20...Taurus is the quilter who always finishes a project, as they are persistent and determined.  They follow patterns to the letter and can become greedy when it comes to their stash, as they know the value of every piece of fabric and scrap.  They are warmhearted and loving to such a degree that they have given away nearly every quilt they ever made.  They are gifted artists, excelling at sewing, patchwork and quilting.  The stitching in their quilts is of such high quality that their quilts will endure for eons.
Bea...CAPRICORN ~ December 22 to January 19...Capricorns are precise fabric calculators, prudent and practical in their estimates of yardage, and always looking to be cost effective.  They are extremely organized, disciplined and take as much care in the storage of their stash as they do in the quality of their work.  They see themselves as sensible and perform a regular clear out of suppllies and materials.  They are not the type to horde anything and do not own more than one type of tool. 
Sudie...Gemini ~ May 21 to June 21 
Diane...Libra ~September 23 to October 23
Flo...Sagittarius ~ November 23 to December 21
Josephine...Scorpio ~ October 24 to November 22
Read their Quilters Horoscopes and Yours on The Quilters Horoscope Website
Are you wondering if MINE fits ME?
Sue...AQUARIUS ~ January 20 to February 18...Aquarius is very gifted and produce exceptionally original quilts.  They are known to invent new techniques that enhance the art form.  They are friendly but their independent nature leads them to prefer to spend time quilting by themselves.  Although you can find them in a quilting class, they are the most likely of all signs to choose tolearn from books or a video.  However if you ever have a patchwork or quilting dilemma they are the kind of person that you can turn to for help and advice.  They are nice and will be thoughtful when making a quilt for friends or family.  They will create the quilt with careful consideration of what the individual would like.
See Ya May 3rd for 'The Reflection Post"


  1. Hi Sue .. congratulations on finishing the A - Z .. it's been a pleasure meet you ... I've loved the quilting stories and look forward to more as we go forward.

    I'm glad you featured Bea - that's me .. cheers Hilary

  2. The Aquarius horoscope fits you perfectly. I read mine: Gemini. Yeah, it sounds about right, particularly the twin-aspect of loving the various styles of quilts even if they are contradictory to one another.

    We made it through another AtoZ Challenge, Sue. I can't wait to get my survivor badge!!

  3. My Virgo sort of fits. I am fussy about the cuts. I've enjoyed your blogs and wait for further posts.


  4. Sue, I've enjoyed your theme so much! Thank you for all your comments on my posts and on my haikus. Both really meant a lot.

    Happy Tuesday!

  5. Anonymous4/30/2013

    Congratulations in completing the A to Z Challenge.


  6. One of my best friend's is Acquarius. Congratulations on finishing the challenge, Sue!

  7. I'm an Aquarian too; I think we are pretty amazing, if I may say so myself!

    Congratulations on having made it!


  8. Congratulations on finishing, Sue! It's been such a pleasure to 'meet' you this month! I've so enjoyed your stories and admit to being a bit jealous of your talent!

    AJ Lauer
    #atozchallenge helper minion
    Twitter: @ayjaylauer

  9. Hello, just saw your blog, clicking through to visit as many as I can. I, too, am a quilter, albeit, I machine quilt. My mom and sister were hand quilters. I was born a Taurus, and I am always determined to complete mine, and always give them away, never keeping any for myself. Go figure, huh? Ha, best regards to you, my friend. Oh, and I, too, reside in Texas, near Ft. Worth and Dallas. Ruby.

  10. Sue, Now I'm going to be singing The Fifth Dimension song(Age of Aquarius) for the rest of the night!

    I have enjoyed this theme and your posts so very much. Congrats on completing the challenge with such success :)


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