Confessions of A YarnAholic...AtoZ Letter Y

When Alma turned the key to her 'Skeleton Closet' and revealed her Knitting Habitat, I was never so relieved in my life.  My first thought was...Here is a woman with a worse addiction than mine.  Here is the result of a lifetime of  'OverDoNess'....and yet, she is seemingly free from FiberPsychosis.  

Right then and there, I took a 'silent vow' to come to grips with my own Fiber Psychosis, and regain the 'Comfort and Calm' it once was for me.  I'm sick and tired of worrying about what will happen to 'All My Stuff' when I'm gone.  I knew talking with Alma would help.  Here is her story testamony confession....

In the beginning, I had no idea that a couple of sticks and a piece of string would culminate in a life of Knitting Stuff Addiction and a constant state of FiberComa.  Most folks have an idea of how Yarn gets from Sheep to Shop, but only fellow knitters truly understand the implications of knitting and starting a Yarn Stash. 

It's a full time job maintaining a Yarn Stash where at least 2 to 4 skeins of every color known to woman kind is right at your fingertips.  In those colors it's imperative to have a variety of weights like Fingering, DK, Sport, Sock and Worsted.  Then there is the yarn content....one can't use 100% wool for everything.  Therefore, the stash must have silk blends, acrylics, cottons and whatever else is the latest in the YarnArama world.  If that's not bad enough, there are the horrible side effects of YarnAholicism....the tools, gadgets, bags, books and STUFF. (I approve this confession to be used as Sue sees fit.  Alma)

After counseling with Alma, I began to re-evaluate my condition.  The thing is, I never intended for my Yarn Thingie to get to the Coma and Addiction Stage.  It's not like I haven't been there done that!
Before I became a Yarn Junkie, I was a Quilt/FabricAHolic.   
I was the Queen of QuiteALot of Everything Quilty!
Some might say I still am, however after lots of
Fabric DeTox and ReFocus Therapy
that Stash is what I call Busted!
Now I am ReFocused on managing my YarnArama.
~SuKnitWitty...knitting blog...is incorporated into CollectInTexas Gal.
~I Group-Knit one afternoon a week and on occasion in the evening while watching TV.
~I belong to only one Knitting Guild which meets once a month...down from the National Guild and a dozen or so Online Guilds.
~My knitting is confined to two shelves in a small corner of the Sewing Studio...down from two rooms and a living room nest.
And yet, I am still plagued with thoughts of my DaughterInLaw's solution for downsizing and dispensing...
Craigs List and Garage Sales.
Sue to Alma
How did you overcome your Knitting Addiction?
Alma to Sue
I took up Quilting!
See Ya Tomorrow for the Last Letter 'Z'...Quilters Zodiac


  1. I too love yarn as well as fabric,and find myself in thrift stores looking for wool as well as fabric. I even unpicked a sweater I knitted last year and didn't like the fit. I knitted it up for my granddaughter and it was too small,so i've unpicked it again and am knitting it for myself again. I just hope I have enough now to complete it. I love Alma's collection. I could go mad in amongst that stash. :)

  2. Knitting books can be addictive as well. I envy you your two knitting stitch books. They are the ultimate!

  3. Oh, so you know about Yarn Stuff Addictions, Deborah? Hmmmmm, that doesn't surprise me in the least. Those TWO ULTIMATE Books are 'Treasures' for sure. First Edition Hardbacks found Junkin' for $1 each...to me...PRICELESS!!

  4. Ha ha ha! There are some things we can pare down and other things we don't have to if we don't want to, right? Every now and then, I send a few books away and I AM going to clean out the basement closet this summer. That's it.

  5. Ahh, we knitters, we are all alike, comparing our stashes to see whose is bigger and better.
    For instance, WEBS is having their anniversary sale in April and May. Now mind you I do not need another skein of Cascade 220, but it's on SALE! And there is only one day left in the April part of the sale. I hope they still have a skein or two left for me.
    I totally relate to your post. I have to say, though, knitting has been so good for me, really, a sanity saver.
    Stopping by from the A-Z Challenge.

  6. LyndaGrace...It is written...somewhere...Need is NOT the reason for adding Cascade 220, but SALE makes for all of a sudden NEED.

    Knitting has been 'Good' for me, too. Altho, I'm not a great knitter, I've made some Great Knitter Friends who keep me sane and my FiberPsychosis in check. They are also in my YarnWill...no Craigs List for my Yarn Stash!!!!

  7. All the scientific and medical terminology makes this story so much fun. I love how Alma's "cure" brings the story full circle.

  8. I grew up surrounded by yarn. My mom loves to crochet.

    My addiction is books. I need to get rid of some because we've run out of room in our small house, but yikes! It's a hard thing to do.

    Have a great Monday, Sue.

  9. I remember my mother haveing lots of yarn, she seem to be alway knitting.

  10. Wendy...Yep, my BS MD gives me all kinds of liberties in MedJargon. I'm always surprised to find out that my BS Terminology is 'SpotOn' for others.

    Alma's cure is Medically sound and has worked for me, as well.

  11. I don't suffer from yarn addiction but I did have to move a skein to turn on the scanner. If anything, I suffer from addiction to family history research which gets in the way of my quilting and knitting. Great post with all the "medical" terms.


  12. Ann...I've been in ReHab for FamiliArexia and GrossGeneaolgical Syndrome for several years now. It's been one of the hardest addictions to give a rest after many years of intense OverExposure to Ancestritis.

    I have just recently come to the point of 'Keep Calm...Your 5xGreat Grandmother is Not Going Anywhere'. Then again, I'm collecting Research for the next phase of 'Tracks of My Texas Ancestors'. I'll be having a 'ReHab Relapse' around June 1st.

    BTW...I'll have to dust off my scanner with the UFO sweater that's been there just in case I could work in a row or two. Thanks for the reminder and for visiting.

  13. All of these new terms - yarnoholic, fiber coma ... you crack me up.

    Happy Monday Sue!


  14. lolol! "I took up quilting" Too funny. I think they call that transference or something like that. lol. I really understand the concept! lol

    Wonderful post! :-)

  15. Teresa...I too, understand Alma's concept...all to well. Transference cycles through my life everytime I get bored and 'Take up a New NeedleCraft', but it seems I always come back to being a Material Girl!

  16. Sue what's life without a few vices? Yarn, quilts, material, maybe buttons?

  17. Jen...Oh for heavens sake, I forgot about my BUTTON Obsession! Now how am I going to work that in with only the Letter Z left?

  18. My fabric stash is bad enough. Thank goodness I don't knit or crochet, too. Does it count that I'm bringing a friend 53 skeins of baby yarn next week? Yep, another thrift store find, all brand new! She's into baby blankets lately. Gee, until I hand this over, I, too, have a yarn stash. Oh well.

  19. Hahaha, takes one addiction to quit another. I would agree on that.

  20. Oh my Dear Girl - you are Too Far Gone for rehab. I think that the only thing for you to do is to embrace your addiction and turn it to your advantage - give workshops in Yarn Addiction. You could make a bundle and then spend it on......more yarn.

  21. Pondy...What a great idea...Yarn Addiction Therapist! Surely my BS MD will be sufficent for hanging out another shingle.


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