Prolific Patchwork Pattern Piecer...AtoZ Letter P

Several weeks ago, as a Newbie at the LoneStar Quilting Bee, I took a 'Silent Vow' to go slow, get to know these ladies and give them a chance to know me before I revealed my 'OverDoSue' self. I think I've done a pretty good job of containing myself.

I mean, I've offered my 'Teaching Expertise' just once...No Pain~No Jane. Given One modest Quilt Show, believe me when I say it could have turned into what others might consider an 'EgoFest' with entries from just one walk-in-closet.  I've given only one report based on my extensive research and knowledge of quilting...Heart Healthy Stitching...and that was totally off the cuff and solicited.

I came close with Modern Marvels, to showing my 'Prideful and SmugSide'.  Really, Sue...TWO Featherweights and so insensitive to a dear friend's heartfelt wish for just one....I'm very sorry Cheryl...let me make it up to you.  Next time you are in town and need a sewing machine, you can borrow one of my Featherweights.  I'm just thankful no one has asked me, "Sue, how many sewing machines do you have?"

I guess, the closest I've come to 'OverDoDisclosure' was the day I fell to my knees in The Grand Jury Room.  I look back on that day with a tinge of redness and remorse for my sacriledge.  Quilt Goddess!!!...phaleeze, Sue!  BeeGals...forgive me, it was just such a shock to see a Fabric Stash to equal mine.  I do plan on donating a goodly amount of yardage to the Grand JR Stash.  I am, if nothing else, generous to a fault and eager to share my fabric stash....except for The Scraps.
Now that I've cleared the air, appologized, and given you a glimpse into my 'OverDoPsyche', I feel more confident in talking about being a 'Prolific Patchwork Pattern Piecer'.  You see, it's the result of what I hinted about in the Letter 'O' post...Obsessiveness. 
I'm not going to go so far as calling it OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
because to my way of thinking it's simply a 'SideEffect' of too much Patchwork Pattern Piecing.
  It will go away when my Fabric Stash is depleted or when...
Pigs Fly!!!
See Ya tomorrow for Letter Q...Do ya think it might be about QUILTS?


  1. Haha! Love those last two words. That about sums it up right there. ;)

    Have a happy Thursday!

  2. I am having to get rid of some stuff to make room for my sewing machine obsession! I only have 8, but I am looking to buy 2 industrial sized treadles! LOL If I had had the money I could have bought a featherweight at a very good price a couple of weeks ago.

  3. Haha! I sew a little. Well, I sew fleece (it stretches and forgives) ;-) I don't do zippers or buttons. No risk of me ever going to a quilting bee. BUT, I understand how we get way too much fabric stockpiled. There are dozens of reasons to buy more fabric. lol. I LOVE your quilts. (adding to your ego) they are stunning!

  4. My grandmother used to quilt. I've only ever cross-stitched. Well, and needlepoint, but I like cross-stitching much more.

  5. Dana...As you might guess...it's not my first time to use those 'Two Words'. They do pretty much sum it up!

    Missy...Only 8? You machine poor thing! I really enjoy seeing your machine collection. The last ones you posted were great. I need my Treadle worked on. Are you available?

    Teresa...I don't do zippers or buttons either. If you can sew fleece your way ahead of me. Do you stockpile it?

  6. I loved that my Mum collected lots of fabric and threads, it was all treasures to me.

  7. Prolific patchwork pattern piecer,try saying that ten times!! Great post Sue :)

  8. Gotta love a patchwork quilt! I'm glad you showed some of your prolific patterns.

  9. I might just have to bring you some scraps next time I come, since you sew generously offered to let me use a Featherweight while I'm there. Oh boy, maybe a mini retreat. What fun!


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