No Pain ~ No Jane...AtoZ Letter J

It's the day after the Spring Fling Show. We are busy putting the Frame Chamber back in order with the Three Frames in their proper horseshoe and everyone's 'Nests' all feathered and fluffed. As soon as Alma had stored the VCR away with the 'Cranky Remote', she clapped her hands together with a series of quick whap whap whaps, "Okay, ladies, let's get to the 'Post Show Meeting'. First let's have the treasures report."

Several reports and a few 'Thanks for a Job Well Done' later, Alma asked for the sealed envelope which held the votes for the 'Peoples Choice Award'.  "Now, you all know that non-quilters do not have the knowledge of quilting like a 'Bonafied Quilt Show Judge', and this award is based strictly on folks' personal likes and dis-likes". 

"DrumRoll please....And the Blue Ribbon and $50 Gift Card compliments of the LQS...local quilt shop.... goes to SUE!"  I was speechless....and for a split second so was everyone else, but we all recovered quickly, and I went forward to accept the Award.   Afterwards, we all got busy stitching and spent the rest of the morning in subdued peace and quiet.

During the 'PotLuck Lunch' break, Diane asked, "Sue who is Jane, and what does "Finished is Better than Perfect" mean?"  I was really glad to have the opportunity to explain about my less than traditional quilt with it's collage style layout, latest quilt technology photo/lettering printout, and reference to Dear Jane.

Jane Stickles was a quiltmaker from the Civil War era, and 'Dear Jane' is all about the Revival of her 225 Block Quilt.  Every block was a four inch square with intricate piecing of precise geometric designs, like the star within a star block on my quilt. 

I discovered Jane and her amazing quilt while doing research on my great grandfather and the Civil War.  Then several years later, I was fortunate to take a class taught by the lady next to me in the photo transfer.

As you can imagine, making 225 four inch blocks is a daunting task for even an advanced piecer.  So, I made a much smaller version incorporating Jane Stickles '1860's piecing techniques' and  todays computer technology to emphasize Brenda's slogan, "Finished is Better than Perfect".  "AMEN", chorused the lunch bunch. 

"If you would like, I'll do a demo or even a class, on the photo transfer technique.  I've been dying to take part in a class in the Grand Jury Room.  I will donate the $50 Gift Card to cover the costs of  the photoprint paper for fabric transfer and anything else we might need.  What do Ya'll say?"

With their postive and ethusiastic "NO PAIN...NO JANE!!!", I felt like the Peoples Choice was now the Members Choice, too!
About the 'Dear Jane Quilt'....Links
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See ya tomorrow for the Letter K


  1. The more I see and read about quilt the more I admire you, Sue. Such a masterpieces that speak of patience and determination!

  2. Al, is right. You're an artist. I'm so enjoying these posts!

  3. I am really loving what your blog has to offer! Reading your entries has become a highlight of my day. :)

    - Patricia

  4. I love how the People's Choice Award and the Jane block came back together at the end of this story. I am also glad you featured this quilt today because I remember seeing it at the Quilt Show yesterday!

  5. Yay Sue!
    You have SO much to share!

  6. Great story, and the quilt is beautiful.

    Rinelle Grey

  7. Hi Sue .. how interesting to read about Jane and those early quilting days ..

    Cheers Hilary

  8. Sue, you could turn this series into a book! I'm amazed and impressed with you and the others who are publishing daily posts for the A-Z challenge. You're nearly halfway there. Well done so far!


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