TeXas Our TeXas Quilt...AtoZ Letter X

As Josephine and I are nearing our final days of working on her Texas Our Texas Quilt, I can't help but think back to my first time stitching on this Texas Quilt.   It was Monday, April 1st, with the Letter A post...The A Frame. 

I remember being really nervous about my hand stitching skills, but Josephine was patient and didn't mention my #9 Fence Post Needle and the less than perfect stitches I made on her quilt.  I also remember my feeling of deja vu and Jo calling me Janie.  So today, when she commented on how much my hand quilting had improved and how she had enjoyed our time together, I asked her about calling me Janie.  I was blown away with what she said....

When you started stitching on Emily's Yellow Rose block, I told you her story and how I learned to sew and quilt from her.  I kept thinking you would ask if she also did the 'Mockingbird' block, but when you didn't, I just let the story of how it came to be in this quilt pass.

I'm glad you asked about my calling you Janie.  The moment you sat down here at this quilting frame, I had the strongest feeling of deja vu and that I knew you...and not just casually, but in my soul.  From somewhere deep inside a voice spoke for me when I said, "I'm glad you're here, Janie".  It surprised me, and when you didn't react or correct me, I just let it go. 
Later, as I thought it over, I realized how much you reminded me of my great grandmother Josephine's oldest daughter Martha Jane who everyone called Janie.  I was very young when we would all gather for Family Quilting Bees, and I remember her mostly from my grandmother Belle who was Janie's 18 years younger sister.  Anyway, to keep this from being a long family lineage story...Janie was in her late 80's when she stitched the 'Mockingbird' block.  And that is the only reason I can think of why I called you Janie.  Can you think of anything?

As I listened to Jo's story, the strangest feeling of what I can only describe as an 'epiphany' came over me.  It was not the first time I had heard that I favored a woman named Martha Jane.   In reply to her question I asked,
"Josephine, what was your great grandmother Josephine's last name?"
The 'epiphany' exploded, "No wonder we feel so connected".
"I am Janie's great granddaughter!!!"
Josephine to Sue
Okay, so what does that make us?
Sue to Josephine
2nd Cousins 1x Removed
Josephine to Alma
Meet our Cousin Sue!!!
See Ya Monday for The Letter Y


  1. Hahaha, so you were actually related! Awesome. :)

  2. What a wonderful story! You were certainly meant to be sitting there stitching together.

  3. Aw, great story! I agrew with Pondside: you were meant to be sitting next to her. :)

    Have a great weekend.

  4. I love this Sue, not kissin cousins but quiltin cousins...what could be more perfect!

  5. Wow! I got goosebumps from that story!

    How incredible to have made such a connection without ever having before made the biological connection!

    Great post--and that quilt is so fantastic! :-)

  6. I loved that story, and you could write a book about that!! Loved it, and read it twice! Thank you for a fabulous post! I am Sandy from sandysanderellasmusings, and you left a lovely post in my comments...I now remember too, it was Aunt Martha's!! ha ha Nice to meet you!! Sandy

  7. You tell the BEST stories and that quilt is WOWZA ! (())

  8. What a wonderful story. And great quilt... I'm envious!


  9. Quilting and family history -- perfect blend!

  10. I'm having trouble differentiating truth from fiction, is the relation part true? :)

  11. Missy...You just made my day!!!!

    I'll just say this about the truth in fiction....Josephine and I share a great great grandmother Josephine whose oldest daughter Janie was for very real my great grandmother. And more truth is I do have 1st cousins 2x removed named Alma and Josephine who were my great grandmothers great nieces.

    And that is 'The Fictional Truth'. Seriously, thank you so much for your comment...what a compliment to my story telling.

  12. Oh, and Missy...one more thing...wouldn't you just love to meet an unknown cousin over a quilting frame? I sure would!

  13. Your creative heart and quilting talent amazes me each time I see your work!


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