Obsessions Over Odds and Ends...AtoZ Letter O

No matter what you call them
...Bits and Pieces, Left Overs, This and That, Odds and Ends...
when you get right down to the Nitty Gritty or the Bottom of the Barrel...
they are still just SCRAPS. 
Quilters have been known to:
Organize and categorize Scraps more efficently than the Dewey Decimal System.
Cut up perfectly good YARDAGE to make scraps.
Salvage and save 'Salvages' as well as miniscule pieces from the dustpan.
Scrounge Estate Sales, Garage Sales, Barns, Attics, Antique Shops and Flea Markets for Scraps.
Beg Borrow Barter for Scraps....Oh Okay...that (steal), too.
Stand on the corner with this sign:
 Quilters will tell you that Scrap Quilts are their FAVORITE Quilts to make and the hardest ones to part with,
unless it's for someone extra special.

This quilt is made of cloth and thread
To place upon your little bed.
It's not an heirloom just to keep,
But to lay upon as you count sheep.
Or perhaps the floor's the perfect place
For a doll and and teddy picnic space.
This quilt can be anything you can dream,
From superman's cape to the robe of a queen.
Pretend it's a raft adrift at sea,
Or just cuddle up when you watch TV.
So use it up and wear it out, I promise I won't yell or pout.
Just tell me when its days are through,
And I'll make another, just for you.
(author unknown)
As you may have already guessed...I'm an Obsessive Odds and Ends Quilter!
See Ya tomorrow for Letter P...Patchwork (another name for scraps...LOL)


  1. I can see how those quilts would be hard to part with. I've always wanted to make one from my kids' baby clothes. I love the clothes and the memories they hold and have been having a hard time getting rid of them. I think a quilt would be perfect and meaningful—but first I have to learn how to sew! LOL

  2. Absolutely! Nothing worse than having to stop everything to go to the fabric store to buy the minimum yardage just to cut a tiny circle or 1" square. I thoroughly endorse your addiction er habit er uh thrift.

  3. I am becoming a scrap quilter also, although I do make a lot of controlled scrappiness, my husband has dared me to make a string quikt where I just pull the scraps out of a bag and use them without worrying about placement or anything. LOL

  4. Cute...I've made a few quilts, though not with a specific stitch and not with scraps. Well, maybe sorta.

    I relate though totally with yarn and my knitting and crocheting.


    I have 2 blogs with crafts, but above link is one of the 3 in the a-z, the craft ones aren't, but feel free to swing by those too.

  5. That poem is so beautiful. I can imagine one of those quilts in my dragon cave. They look so comfortable!

  6. What an adorable poem! You know what sue> I think most people feel that way when they're creative. My nana felt the same way about her buttons, her material, and her yarn/threads. Each and every little thing was put away because you just never knew when it might be needed no matter how small.

  7. will work for scraps...so funny! that's one reason I always like the Turning Twenty quilt...no scraps -grin-.

  8. I love scraps and I don't even sew! But I want to ... does that count? :) Just ask how many sewing machines I have. LOL


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